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May 31, 2013 Updates

West signed a two-year, $20 million deal with the Pacers before last season. He was asked if he’s had any talks yet with Indiana officials about re-signing. “I don’t think we can officially,’’ said West of the free agency period starting July 1. “But these guys know that I’m with them (for the future).’’ FOXSports Florida

"Always have my guard up. Protect my knees. Just try to concentrate on the game," West said of what he learned from playing Battier and the Heat in last year's conference semifinals. "He's got this funny way of moving into your knees. We're very conscious of that. We talk about making sure we protect our knees. It's an irritant…I'm doubly conscious of it having an ACL [surgery] a year and a half ago. I just know the way he plays. He's trying to make an impact any way he can. We just have to guard against everything." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

David West said NBA will review Chris Andersen’s altercation with Tyler Hansbrough and see if he gets suspension. “It’s not my call to make,’’ West said about whether Andersen should be suspended for Saturday’s Game 6. “He did what he did, but we got to move on with it. All the reviewing the NBA does, I’m quite sure they’ll review it and whatever happens, happens.’’ Sulia

May 30, 2013 Updates

David West accused Heat backup forward Shane Battier of dirty play, a point brought up by Hibbert after Game 1 of the series. Battier, who played at Duke, is one of the NBA's most well-spoken players, but has a reputation for dirty play. A Sports Illustrated poll of the league's players last year ranked him as the 13th dirtiest player. “He's got this funny way of moving into your knees,” West said Battier. “We're very conscious of that. It's an irritant. It's something you're always conscious of. I'm doubly conscious of it having an ACL (injury) a year-and-a-half ago. It's something we talk about, being prepared for anything and everything.” NBA.com

The league announced Thursday that Indiana's Lance Stephenson and David West as well as the Heat's LeBron James each have been fined $5,000 for flopping during Tuesday's 99-92 Pacers victory that tied the Eastern Conference finals at 2-2. In addition, West has been assessed a Flagrant 1 foul for a hard hit on Heat guard Dwyane Wade that was called a common foul during Tuesday's game. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

May 29, 2013 Updates

To make sure Game 4 wasn't a repeat of that, Stephenson turned to tape, watching plenty. He listened to his teammates, too, who rode him hard these past two days, willing him to return to his best form. "After the Game 3, we were in his ear," Pacers forward David West said. "Yesterday, we were all over him. This morning, we were all over him. Before the game, we were all over him. The bottom line is: We've been able to get to this point because everybody on this team has done his job and done it well. He's been a key part of that. "For us to continue to play, he's got to play well for us. He's got to be aggressive. He's got to be engaged every single play. He knows that. That's what we expect from him." USA Today Sports

May 28, 2013 Updates

The NBA has handed out four fines for flopping this postseason, none to Heat players and one to Pacers reserve Jeff Pendergraph. Yet, at least one reporter Monday made it clear he believed the Heat put on their best flip-flops in Game 3, even saying to Pacers forward David West, “I’m sure you saw some of the same things I saw in the third quarter.” “Yeah,” West said. “It’s always been a part of the game. Guys have always found a way to trick the refs and fool the refs. I guess the new rule is an attempt to try and curb it. I don’t think you’ll ever get it out of the game.” The Palm Beach Post

May 27, 2013 Updates
May 23, 2013 Updates

Norris Cole could have been a little more subtle about this low blow to David West. It was the culmination of an extremely physical Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers. For The Win

May 21, 2013 Updates

Among the immediate concerns for the Indiana Pacers heading into the Eastern Conference finals against Miami is the state of David West's right calf. One of the longer-term worries, though, is West's forthcoming free agency. The Pacers' veteran leader openly loves his situation in Indiana, which certainly gives Indy justified cause for optimism when it comes to re-signing the 32-year-old this summer. Yet the whispers are already swirling that Chris Paul's Los Angeles Clippers, in particular, are going to make a hard run at West in the offseason. ESPN.com

Indy will certainly have the ability to pay West more to convince its locker-room sage to stay, given that the Clips would presumably have to structure an offer with the $5.15 million midlevel exception available to non-tax teams. But you have to figure that the former Hornet -- who rose to All-Star prominence playing alongside CP3 -- is going to want to hear the details of a proposal pitching a reunion with his old point guard ... as long as Paul himself, of course, has decided to stay. If Paul re-signs with the Clips as most league insiders continue to expect, L.A. will then be seeking to add the final piece or two to cement itself as a contender with some staying power. ESPN.com

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May 13, 2013 Updates
May 12, 2013 Updates

Does he expect the franchise to be able to pay him his market value, whatever that turns out to be? “I don’t know,” he said. “I haven’t given it much thought. Just trying to make sure I focus on finishing this year as well as we can. I’ll just deal with all that when it’s time to deal with it. When it’s on the table, we’ll eat.” Pacers.com

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