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DeAndre Jordan makes about $139,514 per game, and strippers are getting exactly none of that cash -- the Clippers star tells TMZ Sports he doesn't spend any money in gentlemen's clubs! DeAndre's Clips teammate -- Matt Barnes -- recently told S.I. that Allen Iverson used to drop 30k to 40k ... EVERY TIME he went to the strip club. So, we asked Jordan -- who was with Odell Beckham Jr. at Katsuya in Hollywood -- about A.I.'s spending habits and his own. His response is pretty shocking for a pro athlete. DJ also talked a little about Thabo Sefolosha's controversial arrest. TMZ.com

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April 9, 2015 Updates

Byron Scott sees DeAndre Jordan as the league’s top defensive player. Scott said before playing the Clippers in the second of two straight games that Jordan scares everyone who drives into the lane, affecting the game in a unique way that can’t show up in a stat sheet. “It’s a luxury to have a big that can clog up the middle like that, as athletic as he is, and also can block shots and rebound the ball the way he rebounds,” Scott said. “I think he is Defensive Player of the Year.” NBA.com

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Jordan had a monster outing, finishing with 14 points (7-of-7 shooting), 10 rebounds and five blocks. He scored most of his points on rim-rattling dunks as the Knicks let him get behind the defense for a series of alley-oops. Asked if he’d consider joining a Knicks team despite its current 14-58 record, Jordan said: “I love New York City. I love the city. But right now I’m not thinking of free agency. I’m thinking about finishing our season off strong and focusing on the playoffs.’’ New York Post

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Not only is Jordan getting acknowledgement from his peers and coaches but he is also in line to get a max contract this offseason and said he plans to sign a long-term deal instead of taking a one-year deal despite the fact that the salary cap will take a big jump for the 2016-17 season. “I’m not going to be greedy and sign a one-year deal,” Jordan said. “Nah. I’m just focused on getting it over with and focusing on playing again. I'm just trying to win here." ESPN.com

March 19, 2015 Updates

Be honest – do you yearn for the days of Blake Griffin dunk gifs? Do you miss guys in Clippers’ jerseys dunking on people and debating whether or not those dunks were, in fact, actually dunks? Or are you fine with the New World where DeAndre Jordan does weird stuff everyday? Are you better off than you were four years ago? Do you wish you had re-elected Blake Griffin’s health and KIA commercials? Why did you change horses midstream? If you had stuck with #teamblake we’d be looking at a dunk right now instead of DeAndre Jordan barking during the Clippers win over the Kings. The Big Lead

March 17, 2015 Updates

In a chat with Amick, DeAndre Jordan discusses his chase of Wilt Chamberlain’s field goal percentage record and how his team, the Los Angeles Clippers don’t necessarily have a headstart in the race for his services. “I mean I’ve obviously been here seven years, and the past two have been great,” he said. “Doc (Clippers coach Doc Rivers) has been my biggest supporter and the best coach I’ve ever had. The team is great. The guys are great. We have great camaraderie. But the free agency process is definitely going to be a fun one.” For The Win

March 14, 2015 Updates

But Jordan drained a shot from behind the three-point line on Friday night against the Dallas Mavericks. With the shot clock running down in the first quarter, Jordan realized he had space, so he stepped into a three-pointer and nailed it. According to Dwain Price of the Forth Worth Star-Telegram, it was the first three-pointer of Jordan's career. Bleacher Report

March 13, 2015 Updates

So yes, he'll tell you, he badly wants to win the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year award and considers himself deserving. And yes, with the next challenge coming Friday against the Dallas Mavericks and an ABC game at 3:30 p.m. Sunday against the Houston Rockets, he would love to keep hitting his shots at such a ridiculous rate that he tops the great Wilt Chamberlain and sets a new mark for single-season field-goal percentage (Chamberlain set the mark of 72.7% in the 1972-73 season with the Los Angeles Lakers, and Jordan is currently at 71.5%). But Jordan, a man of Christian faith who has scripture tattooed across his chest and a smile typically on his face, isn't about to lose sight of what truly matters. Not with the lesson he learned by losing a friend he'll never forget. USA Today Sports

"I feel like the positive in (Griffin's absence) was for everybody to learn how to play without certain guys," Jordan said. "Our second unit is going to definitely benefit from this the most … Everybody has had to step up a lot. That's why it's a team. "I don't think there was any panic (when Griffin went down). I feel like there may have been guys who were a little worried, but like I've said before, when Chris went down last year (with a shoulder injury and missed more than a month) it was kind of like the same thing. We were used to it. We were used to one of our MVPs going down and everybody having to step up a little bit to pick up the slack … There wasn't a sense of a panic, just more of a focus on guys having to be ready." USA Today Sports

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