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Jordan has heard it before. You look at his contract and then you look at his stats and you shake your head. Perhaps the only figure that has weighed him down more than his free throw percentage over the past two seasons was the four-year, $43 million contract he signed before the 2011-2012 season. At the time of the deal Jordan was 23 years old and hadn’t been a full-time starter in the league but was suddenly being paid like an All-Star. Whatever learning curve he should have been afforded, quickly went out the window as soon as the ink dried. “I don’t care what other people think about me to be honest with you,” Jordan said Wednesday at a “Call of Duty: Ghosts” multiplayer reveal event. “I know what I do. Nothing against them, but they’re not in the gym with me, they’re not running sand dunes with me at six in the morning. People can only go off of what they see and what they read but I’m working my (behind) off. I really don’t care about the contract. I’m trying to win a title. That’s the most important thing to me.” ESPN.com

Jordan has been working on his free throws daily this offseason with shooting coach Bob Thate, and says it’s slowly becoming second nature. He worked with Thate last season too, but never got comfortable with the new mechanics of his shot. Griffin’s free throw percentage improved from 52 percent to 66 percent last season under Thate’s tutelage; Jordan’s dipped from 52.5 percent to 38.6 percent. “I think it was such a culture shock last year of having to change my shot,” Jordan said. “But what I’ve been doing for the past however many years hasn’t been working so I have to change it. … I’ve been focusing on one shot now and I’m going to shoot that same way and I’m going to get ton of reps up and they’ll start to fall.” ESPN.com

When he walks around Los Angeles now, the old Clippers jokes he once heard have been replaced by questions about one of his many dunks that have gone viral or, more importantly to him, talk about the Clippers winning a championship. “The culture has changed so much,” Jordan said. “It changed when we got the No. 1 pick and everyone knew we were going to take Blake. And then it changed again when we got Chris. And it changed again when Doc came. “For a coach like that who won a championship in Boston to want to come all the way to Los Angeles to coach this team, it’s humbling. I think it’s going to be great season and I’m looking forward to doing some big things.” ESPN.com

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In DeAndre Jordan’s mind, interest from other NBA teams meant he was desired in a way perhaps the Clippers didn’t feel as well at times this offseason. As the Clippers pursued Kevin Garnett, Jordan was ready to move on if they pulled off a deal – and he took all the supposed interest as respect out of other franchises. “If I go, that just means that, honestly, somebody else wants you,” Jordan told RealGM on Tuesday. “As long as someone else is interested, and you’re wanted, you can’t feel negative. I never listened to the s--- on the news or the radio. I just wanted to get better and be ready for the season. Whatever jersey I had on, I really didn’t care to be honest with you. And if I got traded, then s---, so what? I’m still going to be in the NBA. I’m still going to be playing the game that I love, just for a different team.” RealGM

Clearly, the USA Basketball officials believe in Jordan’s physical, defensive presence inside, and the 25-year-old mostly will use this week’s minicamp to take in a level of competition that he wouldn’t find anywhere else now in the summer. “This camp is educational, learning a lot not only from the Hall of Fame coaches, I’m learning a lot from the players as well,” Jordan said. “Just getting that real NBA bump. I know all of us are going to have great seasons next year. If you’re back at home, you might get a little competition. No respect to the European guys who are playing overseas, and college guys, but this is the top of the line NBA competition. This is the highest level – with younger guys. This is where you need to be.” RealGM

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Q: Doc, you've been a part of big splashes before, and I have to imagine that as Chris (Paul) and those guys were introduced (at the Wednesday press conference in Los Angeles) that the presser with KG crossed your mind at some point. Does this experience remind you of that one at all in terms of the major makeover and instant expectation? Doc Rivers: "Well, Chris is going to be a Hall of Famer, and so should Blake (Griffin) and DJ (DeAndre Jordan), hopefully, but we were getting (surefire future Hall of Famers). Paul was and Ray and Kevin are, so in that terms, that day is bigger just because of those three guys. You just don't bring those three guys together very often. This was neater in one way in that it was more about the key guys, signing Chris back, bringing Matt back, and getting Darren Collison and JJ Redick and Jared Dudley, it's more that we're building this team, and that was a great message … I couldn't have asked for a better day." USA Today Sports

Q: For all the talk of the new additions, there are plenty of folks who feel like Blake's ability to keep improving will be as big a factor as there is for you guys. What's your early read on him and do you have much of a relationship with him? A: "I don't have a relationship with any of them. I'm having relationships with them now. I'm taking DJ out to dinner tonight, I'm going to meet Blake tomorrow, so my impressions of them so far have been fantastic. I met with Blake and DJ yesterday, and they've come in and worked every day. Just talking to people around the organization, you find out about Blake that his work ethic is just unbelievable. It's incredible. And to me, that only goes one way and that's a positive way. You have a worker, and he's talented, then it's going to work out. That's what you know." USA Today Sports

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The Clippers, though, have been lukewarm on Toronto's pitches so far, sources say. The Raptors have been openly shopping out-of-favor forward Andrea Bargnani and have likewise pitched a trade scenario in which L.A. would receive both Bargnani and shooting guard DeMar DeRozan, but sources say that new Clippers coach Doc Rivers -- who was also named senior vice president of basketball operations -- continues to express interest in not only hanging onto Bledsoe but also keeping center DeAndre Jordan. ESPN.com

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In his first formal public remarks as Los Angeles Clippers head coach, Doc Rivers praised Chris Paul and talked about forming one of the best defensive frontlines in the NBA with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Of the trio of players, there was little doubt on who ranked highest. "I like players that have the fire about them so I've always liked Chris because of that," Rivers said on Wednesday at the Clippers' training facility. "Obviously, he's a priority so obviously that's important." Yahoo! Sports

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Jordan has been in the league for five years already, but he is still a month away from his 25th birthday. As a bulky (6-11, 265) center who is still developing, it is a surprise that L.A. would be willing to part with him. But Jordan has had his problems with coaching, and with the Clippers last year, he wanted to be more involved with the offense. A source close to the situation said that coach Vinny Del Negro was reluctant to do that, in part because he wanted Jordan to be in better shape, and also because Jordan’s abominable free-throw shooting (38.6 percent). This did not come as a surprise around the league, because one reason that Jordan fell into the second round of the 2008 draft was because of his clashes with then-Texas A&M coach Mark Turgeon. Sporting News

If the Celtics were to wind up with Jordan, his approach to the game and work ethic would be Job No. 1. The source close to the Clippers said that Jordan actually did a lot more work with assistant coaches Marc Iavaroni and Dave Severns in the past year, and that he had begun to show improvement. Sporting News

A long proposed swap of Garnett for Clippers center DeAndre Jordan had been given second priority during the Rivers discussions. But Garnett, who has veto power over any trade, may not have many other locations he will approve. The Clippers made sense to the 37-year-old center because of his home in Malibu, and the chance to continue playing for Rivers. Asked if this could mean a Garnett return to the Celtics for next season, the source said, "KG in Boston is a very good option." Boston Herald

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