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Jordan has been in the league for five years already, but he is still a month away from his 25th birthday. As a bulky (6-11, 265) center who is still developing, it is a surprise that L.A. would be willing to part with him. But Jordan has had his problems with coaching, and with the Clippers last year, he wanted to be more involved with the offense. A source close to the situation said that coach Vinny Del Negro was reluctant to do that, in part because he wanted Jordan to be in better shape, and also because Jordan’s abominable free-throw shooting (38.6 percent). This did not come as a surprise around the league, because one reason that Jordan fell into the second round of the 2008 draft was because of his clashes with then-Texas A&M coach Mark Turgeon. Sporting News

If the Celtics were to wind up with Jordan, his approach to the game and work ethic would be Job No. 1. The source close to the Clippers said that Jordan actually did a lot more work with assistant coaches Marc Iavaroni and Dave Severns in the past year, and that he had begun to show improvement. Sporting News

A long proposed swap of Garnett for Clippers center DeAndre Jordan had been given second priority during the Rivers discussions. But Garnett, who has veto power over any trade, may not have many other locations he will approve. The Clippers made sense to the 37-year-old center because of his home in Malibu, and the chance to continue playing for Rivers. Asked if this could mean a Garnett return to the Celtics for next season, the source said, "KG in Boston is a very good option." Boston Herald

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The Clippers' Jordan, in an appearance on ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike in the Morning" on Thursday, said he understands "it's a business" and wouldn't have any hard feelings for the team that drafted him if he's shipped out. "I've been with the Clippers since I was 19," Jordan said. "That's all I know. I love L.A., I love the Clippers, I love my teammates and everything we stand for. [But if he's traded] I'll still be doing the thing I love, and that's playing basketball every day. No matter what team I'm on, I'll still be having a great time." ESPN.com

Wojnarowski said the deal makes perfect sense for Garnett, who has a chance to compete for a championship with the Clippers and does not have to play 37 minutes per night. However, he also said trading Garnett and his no-trade clause to the Clippers makes sense for the Celtics, who can use Jordan and the two first-round picks to help rebuild. “For the Celtics, I really think this is a win-win,” Wojnarowski said. “They wanted Doc to be their coach. They weren’t trying to run him out. But when he expressed his desire to do this, to get two first-round picks out of this, to get a young player, DeAndre Jordan, who they like but they don’t love him — I think everyone in the league feels his contract, he is overpriced. But I know DeAndre is excited about coming to Boston. He feels like maybe it has run its course with him and the Clippers. Maybe he will develop better in Boston. This is a situation where Boston is ready to do this, too. They are not sending Doc away angrily.” WEEI.com

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However, ESPN.com has learned the teams will have at least one more hurdle to clear even if they finally agree to a trade framework after days of talks and multiple breakdowns in discussions. Sources say the Clippers and Celtics, to push the trade through, will have to convince the league office that the deals were not contingent upon each other. According to NBA rules, side agreements or contingencies are prohibited in any trade or free-agent signing. Rules also prohibit coaches from being traded; teams can convey cash or draft picks as compensation to get a coach under contract released from those obligations. ESPN.com

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