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June 19, 2013 Updates

According to league sources, the Celtics are refusing to move off their last request for two first round draft picks and DeAndre Jordan for Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett. The moves are separate, with the Celts allowing Rivers out of the remaining three years of his contract and allowing him to sign with L.A. in exchange for the picks, and Garnett being sent west for Jordan. But they are intertwined, in that the C's would not deal Garnett for Jordan alone. Boston Herald

With a full understanding that free agent Chris Paul wants this deal completed, the Los Angeles Clippers re-engaged the Boston Celtics on the Kevin Garnett-Doc Rivers negotiations on Wednesday afternoon, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. The Clippers walked away from the talks on Monday morning, insisting that Boston's asking price of DeAndre Jordan and two first-round picks was too steep of a price for Garnett. Yahoo! Sports

The Clippers have negotiated a five-year, $35 million deal with Rivers that could be worth as much as $8 million annually with incentives, sources said. Garnett will waive his no-trade clause to be a part of the deal. The Clippers would have to pay a $3.5 million trade kicker on Jordan's contract. Behind the scenes, there have been several factions trying to restart the talks, and everyone involved – the Clippers, Celtics and Rivers – have been waiting for someone to make the first move, sources said. "The money is not a hang-up in this right now," a league source told Yahoo! Sports. "It's about the draft pick." Yahoo! Sports

June 18, 2013 Updates

While the Clippers appeared willing to give up center DeAndre Jordan and two first-round draft picks in exchange for Garnett and the right to sign Rivers,a person with knowledge of the deal said only one pick was made available to the Celtics. By the time the talks ended mid-day Tuesday, the Celtics were unclear of the specific sticking points in the negotiations and were simply told the Clippers no longer wanted to do any of the many deals that had been discussed. USA Today Sports

The financial investment in this deal for Los Angeles is unprecedented for the franchise, and it could be giving it 11th-hour pause. The Clippers must pay a $3.5 million trade kicker on Jordan's contract and finalize an agreement with Rivers on a five-year deal worth approximately $35 million, league sources said. Yahoo! Sports

June 17, 2013 Updates

Chris Mannix: Boston isn't exactly giddy about DeAndre Jordan, either. He's an overpaid center who can't score or make free throws. Twitter @ChrisMannixSI

Discussions over a blockbuster deal reached an impasse on Saturday when Boston general manager Danny Ainge held firm that Bledsoe had to be a part of package that included DeAndre Jordan and a first-round pick, but sources say that Boston has shown a willingness to find another asset to supplant Bledsoe and complete the complicated deal, sources said. Yahoo! Sports

June 16, 2013 Updates

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