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Most of the Spurs appeared to be in good shape at Friday’s practice, including relatively thin forward DeJuan Blair. “They’re not ready to play a game,” Popovich said, “but nobody came in like Two-Ton Baker, or anything like that.” San Antonio Express-News

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Although he was in Pop's "doghouse," to Blair's credit he did drop some weight prior to the 2011 NBA playoffs but saw limited time on the court. And now with the extra time off due to the NBA lockout, it seems Blair is not gorging on burgers and has been shedding some pounds. Blair made an appearance at a Pittsburgh high school football game and apparently he has slimmed down. Blair looked good. Actually, looked in great shape. He must be working out a lot during the NBA lockout. "I'm not fat any more," he joked. ProjectSpurs.com

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By comparison, communication between the union and rank and file has flowed at a slow trickle. Though Davis, during an interview with the Herald last week, sounded irritated by his limited communication with player representative Paul Pierce [stats], he said yesterday he didn’t blame the Celtics captain specifically for the problem. “I don’t think I’ve been kept in the loop as far as what’s going on and how things are going on,” he said. “I want to be kept in the loop, but when I say that, they say, well, come to the meetings. “It’s not just Paul making that decision. It’s also Derek (Fisher) and Billy Hunter. I talk to players, but my friends are guys like Paul and (Kevin Garnett) — guys who are in a different stage of their careers from me. “I don’t talk to a lot of the guys who are more in my stage, like Carl Landry and DeJuan Blair.” Boston Herald

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With that being said, Blair recently made his debut in Russia for Krasnye in typical fashion with a double-double. Blair recorded 23 points and 11 rebounds in a win for Krasnye. Playing in Russia is a good thing for Blair. Sure, Spurs fans may be nervous about Blair or any other Spurs playing overseas suffering injuries but for Blair, this gives him an opportunity to keep in shape, and sharpen his skills on the court. ProjectSpurs.com

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Happy Walters: YES, as I have had many messages askin' bout Dejuan Blair and his contract in Russia. It is true. He has signed there. He will be playing against some great teams and will use the extra minutes to get ready for the season, stay in shape and work on new areas of his game. Twitter

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Spurs center/forward DeJuan Blair has a contract negotiated and ready to go that would allow him to spend the NBA lockout in Russia, his agent said Wednesday. Happy Walters says Blair is likely to make a decision on whether to play with Krasnye Krylya, located in the Russian city of Samara, “in the next couple of days.” “I would say we have a contract negotiated,” Walters said. “If he signs it, then he’ll go. The ball is in our court.” San Antonio Express-News

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