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January 25, 2014 Updates

Cousins missed out on many of high school’s rites of passage. “He didn’t do a lot of things outside of basketball,” Hughley said. Cousins went to an all-star camp instead of prom. He practiced instead of attending his school’s football games. “He never really got to do the normal things other kids did, like dating,” Monique Cousins said. “He basically sacrificed everything to play ball.” Grantland

After the T, the game deteriorated for the Kings. At one point, Miles Plumlee blocked Cousins’s shot, and later tripped him as he ran upcourt. These are the moments when one might expect Cousins to explode and get ejected. But something was different this time. He held back. “The more you stay quiet, the more you treat them with respect, the more they treat you bad,” Cousins said after the game, his voice barely above a whisper. “It’s the same story, as you can see. No calls, just the same story. If anything it’s been worse. And then if I react any type of way, it’s an automatic technical, just because of my reputation. “I try to keep it cool, but they show me no respect. None whatsoever.” Grantland

The Kings hired Hughley as an assistant in hopes of smoothing the transition, but Cousins said he found an antagonistic atmosphere awaiting him in Sacramento. “It was terrible, to be honest,” Cousins said. “When I’m talking about people being gullible, my own organization was. I came in and it was, You got to do this, you’ve got to do that. You’ve got to lose weight. It was everything negative before I even played my first game. It was rough from the beginning. I’m thinking I’ve got to go to battle with these guys and they don’t even believe in me in the first place.” Grantland

Malone often finishes addressing the team by asking if any players want to add anything. He then specifically asks Cousins if he wants to speak. In one of their best performances of the year, the Kings upset Miami in December, but Cousins used his monologue to criticize the team’s defense in the first quarter. “When he’s locked in on defense and when he’s executing the coverages and playing in a stance and not taking the easy way or the shortcut or the lazy option and actually defending the right way,” Malone said, “he’s a very good defensive player. And now he becomes even that much of a better player and more dominant player because now he’s on both ends of the floor. I think that kind of goes along with his ability to lead. It can’t just be about one end of the floor. It can’t just be one day you lead. It’s got to be every day you lead. It’s got to be both ends of the floor you have to play.” Grantland

Cousins maintains a rivalry with the Clippers, and Paul in particular. “It’s just, some players I don’t respect,” Cousins said. “Just their playing style of basketball. I don’t respect it. I feel like it’s basically cheating and I don’t respect a cheater. If that’s your tactic to winning, I don’t respect you.” In November, he memorably yanked Isaiah Thomas away as he attempted to shake Paul’s hand after a close loss. “It was [him being competitive],” Thomas said. “At the same time, I told him, ‘Everyone looks at everything that you do. So they may take it a different way than what you were trying to do. You’re mad we lost. You don’t want to shake hands with them, but you didn’t have to pull me away to make it something that it wasn’t. You made everyone say, “Oh, he’s a bad guy because he doesn’t want to shake hands.”’ Everybody doesn’t shake hands after games anyways. But they single him out because of how he did it.” Grantland

Cousins knows he needs to shake that rep. It eats at him. “Absolutely it bothers me,” Cousins said. “It’s not that they’re getting anything wrong. It’s that they’re putting out what they want to put out. They’re building you up to be what they want you to be. Some of these guys that they got — the clean-cut, the good guys of the league — they’re complete assholes. Assholes. But you’ll never know that because of the way they portray them, they’re just the perfect role model. “I believe I’ve been mature, but that’s the title I got stuck with. I got drafted at 19. I’ve got millions of dollars in my pocket, I could have lost my damn mind. I don’t see how you could consider me immature. You think about yourself at 19, having millions in your pocket.” Grantland

January 24, 2014 Updates

Kings center DeMarcus Cousins and forward Rudy Gay, both injured during the first half of last night’s contest against the Houston Rockets, were examined today in Sacramento at Kaiser Permanente by Dr. Jason Zemanovic. Cousins was diagnosed with a sprained left ankle and is currently listed as day-to-day. He is averaging a team-leading 22.6 points (.488 FG%, .721 FT%), a team-high 11.6 rebounds, 3.0 assists, 1.78 steals, 1.20 blocks and 32.0 minutes per game in starting all 40 games he has played in. NBA.com

January 23, 2014 Updates

Sacramento lost forward Rudy Gay to a left Achilles tendon injury and leading scorer DeMarcus Cousins to left ankle sprain against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night. Gay, who tied a career high with 41 points on Tuesday night, was injured midway through the first quarter and limped off the court and to the locker room. Cousins was injured on a hard foul by Patrick Beverley that drew a technical in the second quarter. Both players missed the rest of the game and Sacramento lost 119-98. ESPN.com

USA Basketball announced Thursday its 28-player pool for the next three summers that features a wide variety of American standouts, stretching from Miami's reigning MVP LeBron James to mercurial Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins to Atlanta Hawks shooting specialist Kyle Korver. The pool, chosen by USAB chairman Jerry Colangelo and coach Mike Krzyzewski, is headlined by well-known stars such as James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony -- none of whom are expected to compete at the 2014 World Cup of Basketball in Spain. It also includes a number of the game's rising talents while also keeping injured Team USA vets Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook in the fold. ESPN.com

Returning to national team roster after capturing gold at the 2010 FIBA World Championship are Chandler, Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors); Durant, Iguodala, Love, Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls), and Westbrook. Completing the USA National Team roster are NBA standouts LaMarcus Aldridge (Portland Trail Blazers); Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards); DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings); Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons); Kenneth Faried (Denver Nuggets); Paul George (Indiana Pacers); Gordon Hayward (Utah Jazz); Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers); Kyle Korver (Atlanta Hawks); David Lee (Golden State Warriors); Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs); Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers); and Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors). NBA.com

January 22, 2014 Updates
January 19, 2014 Updates

The talented Sacramento Kings center has a habit of tuning people out when the harsh truth is being told, meaning he'll probably see the headline on Twitter and hurl his cell phone as if it's a full-court heave. The next move - per his personal pattern – will be to send word through various channels that there's another media member to put on his ever-growing black list. USA Today Sports

At some point midway through the second half, Cousins heard something from a fan whose seat was behind the Kings bench in the lower concourse that he clearly didn't appreciate. It's unclear exactly what was said by the fan, although one account at the time on Twitter indicated that the fan yelled at him to pass the ball. According to eyewitness accounts of two people on hand that night, the 23-year-old franchise centerpiece who was given a four-year, $62 million deal in late September reacted by allegedly grabbing his crotch and shouting a gratuitous expletive that was, to put it mildly, an inappropriate sexual suggestion. The dozens of patrons who heard it had a raw and unforgettable reaction – in synchronized shock, they swayed back in their seats as if a strong gust of wind had torn through the building. It was, in hindsight, a manifestation of the unwelcome surprise that was palpable from half a football-field away. USA Today Sports

Forget the fact that the Kings never reported the incident to the NBA. Because Cousins had managed to avoid the camera that night, and because the fans who are so famously-forgiving didn't make enough noise with the organization's brass in the days that followed, this was never brought to light because of the shared interest in continued progress and perceived harmony for all involved. These are the sorts of things that can happen in a small market like Sacramento, where the relative softness of the media spotlight is perfectly suited for someone like Cousins. USA Today Sports

When asked about the incident after the Kings' 44-point win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cousins not only chose not to speak on the situation but called the question "ridiculous" and waved his arms upward as if shooing a pesky fly. His shirtless back turned toward the inside of his locker, Cousins brooding in his chair, he would eventually break the uncomfortable silence by calling for the help of a Kings media relations employee to stop this 90-second interview. USA Today Sports

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