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Jeff Hornacek will be a head coach in the NBA, probably — but not certainly — somewhere other than Utah. It’s a matter of time, and that time is growing short. The Jazz know this. They know it enough to worry about it, to suffer heartburn over it, but not enough to immediately or automatically alter their current course. "He’ll have some choices, either this year or in the coming years about where he wants to be in his career as a potential head coach," said general manager Dennis Lindsey. "He’s very capable … obviously a great basketball mind, a natural." Salt Lake Tribune

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The following is a statement from Utah Jazz President Randy Rigby: Media reports of Kevin O’Connor’s departure are inaccurate and he is not stepping down. He is fully engaged in Jazz preparations for draft season. The working relationship between Kevin and Dennis Lindsey is unchanged as both individuals provide valuable expertise, knowledge and perspective toward building a championship-caliber team. Kevin will be a member of the Jazz family for a long time. No further comment is needed. NBA.com

Jazz’s vice president of basketball operations, Kevin O’ Connor, has been the primary voice and architect of jazz personnel moves for 14 years, but this summer he will give all those responsibilities to General Manager Dennis Lindsey. When Dennis Lindsey was hired last summer it was clear that he was the heir apparent, but it was assumed with someone to share the workload O’ Connor, who is in his mid-60s, might be in charge of for another 3-5 years. Instead, 2News has learned this summer he will transition into a consulting role. Insiders say the decision is driven by Kevin’s intensity. In August of 2009, his wife, Linda, told the Salt Lake Tribune, “When Kevin is watching an away game the dog gets a little scared sometimes. She runs upstairs and hides … For Kevin, it’s pretty much basketball all the time.” KUTV

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Utah's willingness to slide back into the lottery, and its patience with young players. Dennis Lindsey is Utah's new GM, fresh from San Antonio (and Houston before that), which means things will start changing slowly in Utah. Among those changes: Multiple league sources who dealt with Utah ahead of the deadline insist the Jazz presented themselves as willing to take a step back next season and snag a solid pick in a loaded 2014 draft. That is in part Lindsey's influence, those sources say. And while that runs counter to the Jazz's desire to make the playoffs this season, this roster was already set when Lindsey arrived over the summer, and new front offices are sometimes cautious in flexing their muscles. Grantland

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The D-League also is useful to those with goals of gaining employment in the NBA, and that includes those such as Marks and Dell Demps, the former Spurs assistant GM who runs the New Orleans Hornets. “Being GM of my own team is a dream, for sure,” Marks said. “I know I have a long way to go, but I have a great stepping stone now with the opportunity I have had to learn from Pop, Danny (Ferry), Dennis (former assistant GM Dennis Lindsey). “The way R.C. handles it is amazing: He says, ‘Here, have fun with it; it’s your team, run it. He doesn’t micromanage, and until he gets sick of me asking question after question, I’ll keep picking his brain.” San Antonio Express-News

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They've assembled the deepest young frontcourt in the NBA with Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson, Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors, who is the most promising of them all. The problem is money. Millsap and Jefferson, both 27, are going to be free agents in the summer. Can the Jazz afford to maintain their frontcourt in an expensive market that will pay Millsap and Jefferson eight figures each per year? "The possibilities are always there," said Dennis Lindsey, in his first year as GM of the Jazz. "Is it realistic? We'll find out in time." SI.com

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