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"A lucky shot," is what Schroder, 21, called it afterward. When this was mentioned to Piece, 37, he chuckled and thought the kid had mixed reality with some video game. "He's a little young," Pierce responded. "He hasn't been able to see it for 17 years. He probably missed with me, playing (NBA) 2K." USA Today Sports

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What’s interesting is that while most teams experience lower efficiency rates with increased attempts, Atlanta has actually become a more efficient driving team this season — improving their 41.9 percent drive conversion rate (25th ranked in 2013–14) to a 46.1 percent clip (14th ranked in 2014–15). This can best be explained by Dennis Schroder’s emergence as one of the league’s most prolific drivers. Schroder is the only player in the league who plays less than 20 minutes per game yet still has attempted more than 350 drives for the season. He also converts his drives (48.8 percent) at a higher rate than All-Stars Kyrie Irving, Jeff Teague and Russell Westbrook. Medium

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Dennis Schroder will join teammate Jeff Teague in the Skills Challenge as part of NBA All-Star weekend. The Hawks second-year guard announced on social media Thursday that he will participate in the competition on All-Star Saturday night in New York City. “Excited to Compete in the Skills Challenge with My Speed Brother,” Schroder tweeted. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Did she encourage your mayo consumption too? I hear it’s high. Dennis Schroeder: I love mayonnaise. In Germany, we put it on French fries, chicken, eggs, it doesn’t matter. I grew up like that. Before a game, I always eat a turkey burger with mayonnaise. The players say it’s disgusting, but I’m not changing. Coach doesn’t care. Grantland

Tell me about your blond streak. Dennis Schroeder: My mom told me to make my whole head blond a few years ago. I was like, “No!” So she told me to just do a little part of it. I did that in Germany. Since then I’ve had it. My homeboys — the Flex Gang — they do too. And my brother. They represent for me. The Flex Gang? Dennis Schroeder: Some friends of mine. We’re putting together a clothing line — T-shirts, hats, hoodies — but I’m not sure when it’s gonna be out yet. Until then, everyone can just start with the blond streak. Grantland

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Schröder is a headstrong type who got to dominate the ball for a mediocre team in Germany before bolting to the NBA, and he had trouble adapting to Budenholzer’s system of constant passing and motion. Just a few weeks ago, he was riding the bench — and pouting about it. “All players tend to pout a bit and get frustrated when they’re not playing,” Budenholzer says. “Young players maybe aren’t as good at hiding it. But this season, if someone told Dennis he was pouting, he was at least more open to hearing it and saying, ‘Hey, maybe I’ve got to change this.’” Grantland

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Schroder’s team option is for $1,763,400. His contract also calls for a team option for the 2016-17 season of $2,708,582 for the first-round pick from last year. Schroder is second on the team in scoring through the two preseason games at 11.5 points. He is 6 of 13 from the field and 1 of 1 from 3-point range in 45 minutes. The point guard has a total of seven assists and seven turnovers. It’s likely the Hawks will pick up Schroder’s option as it’s too early to give up on the potential they saw in taking him with the 17th overall pick last year. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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"Coach this summer worked with me a lot on that (getting to the rim on drives). He told me to use it in the game, get my teammates involved on kick-outs or finish by myself," Schröder acknowledged. "But I have to keep working on it. Still working on it." The six turnovers were sloppy, but the defense the young guard played at times on Russ Smith almost looked predatory. Schröder seemed to smell the fear on Smith and got into the young Pelican, almost right as Smith got to halfcourt. "Yeah, for sure,"Dennis laughed as I asked him about smelling fear on Smith. "Jimmer, too, I could do that. I feel like (when it's like that) I can take them full court, do it every time when it's a dead ball, free throw or something." Peachtree Hoops

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