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Billups' first order of postseason business is to return to Denver, wife Piper, and their three daughters. Cydney, the oldest, is a heavily recruited 16-year-old high school soccer standout who is completing her sophomore year and intends to attend the University of Texas, her father said. Ciara and Cenaiya are aspiring dancers. "I'll just go catch up with them while I kind of reflect and see what direction I want to go," Billups said. Booth Newspapers

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The legal case involving former Nuggets center Chris Andersen has yet to be resolved, a Douglas County Sheriff's sergeant said, but Andersen's attorney went public Thursday, reiterating a claim made last May that his client was duped and then extorted by a woman claiming to be of legal age. The Douglas County investigation involves possible Internet crimes involving a minor. "What I'd like to communicate is, this had nothing to do with children," attorney Mark Bryant told The Denver Post on Thursday. "This had to do with an individual who represented herself as legal age and then some, and by the way, is and was at legal age." Denver Post

Last May and Thursday, documents reviewed by The Denver Post confirmed that the woman making a claim against Andersen repeatedly represented herself to be of legal age and that her family later demanded payment from Andersen. Douglas County Sheriff's Sgt. Ron Hanavan said authorities investigating the former Nugget, released from the team this past summer, have received results of forensic laboratory tests of electronic devices and other evidence and are processing the information. "The investigation is still ongoing," Hanavan said. "Detectives are continuing the investigation." Denver Post

Through Bryant, Andersen gave The Denver Post a statement Thursday: "I appreciate everybody that's supported me, and I don't want to say anything bad about anybody, it's everybody's worst nightmare, but I just want to thank everyone that supported me and knew this was a lie from the beginning. They know how I love people, they know how I love kids and they know where my heart has been in this community." Bryant said he and his client have been cooperative with authorities, answering any questions asked of them. But there are still "clouds out there," Bryant said, because of what he deems an unfair public perception of his client's involvement with children. "It was never about little children's pictures or pornographic sites or enticement of children," Bryant said. "Never. ... We want to get this stigma off of it." Denver Post

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Smith, making a base salary this season of $6.03 million, is due to become a free agent July 1, although any progress then could be delayed by what happens due to the collective bargaining agreement expiring June 30. He told FanHouse on Monday nothing has changed from his end in wanting to remain long-term in Denver. "I want to be here,'' said Smith, acquired by the Nuggets from Chicago in July 2006. "My main goal is being a Nugget. I'm not really focused on anything else but being a Nugget and bringing this city a championship. ... Definitely, I don't want to go anywhere (else).'' FanHouse.com

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Adding two more titles to his haul since the charges in Colorado has paid off nicely for Bryant. He signed a contract extension in April worth nearly $90 million over three years to become the highest paid player in the NBA, and Forbes magazine estimated that his total annual earnings come close to $50 million when endorsements are figured in. "Yes, Kobe Bryant had an incident," said Ronn Torossian, president of 5W Public Relations in New York. "But the incident didn't define Kobe Bryant. He has recovered, just like many others have recovered." USA Today

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