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September 29, 2014 Updates
September 28, 2014 Updates

Q: You played for a bargain contract last year. Does your new contract compensate for that? Chris Andersen: “I was playing at a bargain last year? I thought I was getting two checks [one from Miami and another from the Denver Nuggets for amnestying him]. That’s actually what they called me in the locker room. They’d say, ‘What’s up 2 Checks?’ and I’d say, ‘What’s up man?’ You know what I mean? I feel what I’m worth is what you’re going to get. That’s why I dumped 5-10 pounds and want to be in a little better condition this year and be able to run and jump as high as I was two years ago.” Palm Beach Post

The Denver Nuggets are actively pursuing free agent forward Alonzo Gee, sources with knowledge told RealGM. Despite dealing with the adversity of three offseason trades and his release from the Sacramento Kings on Thursday, Gee has worked out diligently on his overall game, including improving his jump shot, daily training sessions and getting into the best basketball shape of his career. RealGM

September 27, 2014 Updates

Gallinari said he believes he has conquered the challenging psychological aspects of returning from an injury of this magnitude. Physically, he said he is happy with how the knee has responded as he’s incrementally increased his workload. He said he will be close to participating in all aspects of practice when training camp opens next week. “I’m not at the same level that I left basketball because I haven’t played a game in a while,” Gallinari said. “The more I will play games the better I will feel. I’m very excited. I think I will be ready for the first game of the preseason; we are very close. Everybody is very excited. We all cannot wait to start this season.” NBA.com

September 26, 2014 Updates
September 25, 2014 Updates

In the locker room, where they dress and tease and bond and strategize, it’s all about chemistry. Except when it’s about technology. “Say we have a shootaround or a team meeting that starts at 9:30. Guys start trickling in at 9:15,” Denver coach Brian Shaw said the other day, talking about these modern times. “We used to come in and sit around and talk to one another face to face. Now these guys have their devices and they’ll all be sitting at a table and nobody’s saying anything to anybody. They’re just punching buttons and looking down, and there’s no interaction.” NBA.com

“It’s a big challenge coaching now,” said Shaw, who — when he was an NBA rookie in 1988 — needed a quarter and a glass booth if he wanted to fiddle with a phone at the Boston Garden. “There are so many more options for them, so many more things to take their attention away from what you’re trying to do as coach. You have to constantly bring them back in and keep them engaged.” NBA.com

September 24, 2014 Updates
September 23, 2014 Updates

They like Timofey Mozgov, but the Nuggets have shown no inclination to deal him. There doesn’t appear to be a trade available for any sort of rim protector right now, so the Cavs may look to bundle the trio of players they received from Utah (John Lucas III, Erik Murphy and Malcolm Thomas) in exchange for a trade exception to be used later. Akron Beacon Journal

As much as the players need to learn how to deal with their money, so do their parents need to learn how to deal with their suddenly superrich sons. In a prelude to the Rookie Transition Program, some families attended a seminar on that very topic during June draft week in New York. The N.B.A. played video from the reality television show “Mom’s Got Game” featuring Pamela McGee, the mother and business manager of JaVale McGee, whose contract with the Denver Nuggets is worth $44 million over four years. In the clip, JaVale is shown eagerly going to a car dealership with some friends. After his mother arrives, he tells her he wants to buy a $433,500 Maybach. She throws a huge bucket of cold water on the idea. “First of all, it’s a MY-bach,” she says, correcting his pronunciation. And then she snaps: “This ain’t how we spend our money.” New York Times

September 22, 2014 Updates

Free agent Marcus Williams has reached agreement to sign a one-year contract with the Denver Nuggets, a league source told RealGM. Williams played collegiately at Arizona, where the 6-foot-7 forward played a starting role and averaged 16.6 points and 6.8 rebounds as a sophomore. RealGM

September 21, 2014 Updates

Lawson says he returns to the team in similar shape as what he played in last season, when he set career highs in points and assists per game. "I'm probably over by about four pounds," Lawson said. "But that's all. I always come back and work it off in one or two weeks and will be ready for training camp." Boulder Daily Camera

September 17, 2014 Updates

Faried is a high IQ player who knows his calling card offensively and is very efficient in producing in those areas – away-from-ball cuts, post situations, and transition. In cutting situations, Faried is converting at 1.315 points per possession, ranking him near the top of the league. And most of those cuts are finished with the thunder he brings to the game. Sure, two points are two points, unless they continuously lead to momentum runs that break the game open. Faried also thrives in the open court in transition situations. 6-foot-8, 230 pounds of Manimal coming at you full steam with reckless abandon to rip the rim off. Yeah, tell me you would step in the way of that. In transition, Faried is converting at a field goal percentage of 67.8 percent and is getting to the line an astounding 24 percent of the time. The area of Faried’s offensive development that I have been most impressed with is his low-post scoring ability. His development in the post is a strong indicator on why I believe he will be able to develop his mid-range/wing game. Last season, 19.2 percent of Faried’s offensive touches were in post-up situations, where he ranked in the top 77 percent of the league. HoopsHype

Compare that to the 2012-2013 season, where he rarely felt comfortable in the post (only 5 percent of his offensive scoring opportunities) and for good reason (converting at only 0.565 points per possession). Think about that for a minute; going from treating the post like the Bubonic Plague to being comfortable and highly effective in the same spot in only a year’s time. That’s like going from not knowing how to play the piano to being Beethoven’s understudy in 12 months. He is extremely effective on the right block turning over his left shoulder (ranks in the top 87 percent of the league), which is usual for a right-handed player. But what stands out most is the rate at which he develops and how quickly and efficiently he learns. Faried already ranks in the Top 30 in player efficiency at 19.9, placing him ahead of other global stars such as Tony Parker and Serge Ibaka. HoopsHype

September 15, 2014 Updates

For the 10th consecutive season, each singly-affiliated NBA team will have one NBA D-League team to which it may assign its players. The Fort Wayne Mad Ants, the lone independent NBA D-League Team, will be affiliated with the remaining 13 NBA teams (Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets, Charlotte Bobcats, Chicago Bulls, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Orleans Pelicans, Portland Trail Blazers, Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards). To accommodate assignments to Fort Wayne, a flexible assignment system will be utilized when an independent NBA team assigns a player at a time when the Mad Ants already have either the maximum of four NBA players on assignment or two assigned players at the position of the NBA player who is being assigned. In either event, the NBA D-League will identify to the assigning NBA team any singly-affiliated NBA D-League team that is willing to accept the assigned player, and the independent NBA team assigning the player will choose a team from among those teams to assign the player. If no singly-affiliated NBA D-League team is willing to accept the assigned player, he will be assigned to one of the non-NBA-owned single affiliate teams pursuant to a lottery. NBA.com



Carmelo Anthony is way up there, but can't beat two legends from the run-and-gun teams of the 80's.


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