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March 18, 2015 Updates
March 17, 2015 Updates

But Melvin Hunt is in the way. He keeps the Nuggets playing hard and playing to win, and he's making the jobs of Denver executives harder — both in regard to getting a high draft pick and hiring a coach. They have to give him serious consideration, right? "As an organization, we have all been impressed with the job Melvin has done thus far," general manager Tim Connelly said by phone Monday. "When the season concludes, he will be one of the candidates as we begin an exhaustive search to find a head coach." Denver Post

The Nuggets have rested players for two straight games. On Monday night, those players just happened to be three of the team's four leading scorers and the leading rebounder since the coaching change in a season that team brass — and many fans — hope ends with a high lottery pick. Not everyone is pleased, though. Forward Wilson Chandler was asked if he expected a full roster Thursday with the long rest between games. "I have no idea what they are going to do," Chandler said. "Whoever is on the court just has to keep playing. It's the nature of the business. I'm not a GM; I don't know what's going on. It's tough when you're fighting together but you're getting set up for failure." Denver Post

Asked if he had ever been part of a non-playoff team that suddenly employed a rest rotation as the Nuggets have done, Hunt said: "Yeah, but we're in a very unique situation here, having come off what we did last year with so many injuries. We had players with ACL injuries; our owner's dog had an ACL injury. We had a little bit of everything going on. We have to be very, very careful. We have to be really wise, given the situation that we are in." And yet, Hunt isn't making the decision to sit players. He's just having to coach through it and then talk about it. And the players, banged up like most other players in the NBA this late in a season, aren't sitting themselves down. Asked what he thought about sitting, Faried said "no comment." Denver Post

March 15, 2015 Updates
March 12, 2015 Updates

Jusuf Nurkic said he remains a "couple of days" away from returning to the court as he recovers from a sprained right ankle. The 7-foot rookie center has missed seven games due to the sprain. "You know, it's still so sore," Nurkic said. "I try and practice when I can. I think in a couple of more days I'll be fine." Denver Post

March 9, 2015 Updates

While there was plenty of blame to go around, the bottom line is that when the relationship breaks, things go into the crapper at warp speed and there is little chance of fixing it. For the Nuggets, it seems likely that major changes will result from this. Good chemistry is almost impossible to pull from a bad situation like this one. A new coach will naturally want to remake the roster, so look for the Nuggets to be bad for a while. It’s a shame for a team that was so close to getting over the hump. The team didn’t contend again in LA until they reworked the roster after getting Shaq and Kobe. In Orlando, the Magic weren’t good again until they gutted the roster and built around Dwight Howard. SheridanHoops

The Magic tried to trade for Quincy Acy at the deadline and the Knicks wouldn’t take back any salary to make a deal happen. As for Faried. I wouldn’t touch that contract yet. There are a lot of things that Faried does that I like, but there are as many as I don’t. I wouldn’t tie that much cap space up in Faried in Orlando, he’s very unpredictable and hard to coach. Basketball Insiders

Though the Nuggets may not begin looking for a long-term candidate until after the season, ex-Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni is expected to be a front-runner despite his first Denver stint not ending rosily with owner Stan Kroenke. However, according to a person familiar with his thinking, D’Antoni enjoyed living in Denver, where he coached during the 1999 lockout season, more than in Phoenix. He coached the Suns from 2003-2008 before joining the Knicks. New York Post

March 8, 2015 Updates

If the front office wanted to separate from George Karl ball, will Hunt be saddled as being more of that, much in the same way that being perceived as a "triangle offense guy" hurt Shaw in his initial attempts to get a head coaching job? The question of what kind of basketball the Nuggets want to play will be central in the search. In early conversations with insiders, the issue of experience is a common theme — in specific, the belief that the Nuggets will now move toward a person with previous coaching experience after just trying the hot, up-and-coming assistant route. Working in Hunt's favor is running a system that has proved to work — especially in Denver's thin air. Hunt coached under Karl when those same general managers were naming Denver's offense the best in the NBA in 2011-12 and 2012-13. And there is this question: Was it the system that wouldn't work in the playoffs or not enough high-caliber players running it? Denver Post

March 5, 2015 Updates

Now, what Shaw is going to have to work on is his ego management — and I'm talking of his players, not himself. In every situation he coached before coming to Denver, he had no-nonsense players. They approached every day on the job with the professionalism and hard work expected of players at this level. What he got in Denver was a locker room with too many individuals who had to be continually ridden to do the right thing. And then his brutally honest words didn't sit well with those guys. Denver Post

In fact the Nuggets voted to reinstate morning shootarounds last weekend. But I suspect they would have been reset anyway under interim coach Melvin Hunt. So, they're back to the traditional morning shootaround, which is what most players' bodies are used to anyway. They get used to the routine of getting up, having shootaround, going home to get a nap and then coming in to play at night. Now, that routine is restored. Denver Post

March 4, 2015 Updates

On Tuesday morning, former Nuggets coach Brian Shaw got in a few final words with his team before leaving the Pepsi Center for the last time after being fired. On Wednesday, he released a statement through his agent, Jerome Stanley. "Having been a part of 5 NBA Championship teams, I know how difficult it is to make the commitment necessary to achieve that goal," said Shaw, who began by thanking Stan and Josh Kroenke as well as Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly and Nuggets fans. "It takes sacrifice for the greater good ... and time, for a club to get to the championship level. Players, coaches, management and ownership all must share that commitment and build toward that goal. It is not an easy task. I am very proud of the effort that my staff and I put in while coaching the team. I also appreciate the support that I received from the KSE group. Finally, I believe that the Nuggets will grow to be a championship level club and give the fans in Denver a much deserved Championship. In time." Denver Post



Carmelo Anthony is way up there, but can't beat two legends from the run-and-gun teams of the 80's.


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