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April 8, 2015 Updates

Arguably one of the most underrated players in NBA history, Lever had 46 triple-doubles in his career with the Nuggets, more than two-thirds of the total triple-doubles in franchise history. He was a triple-double threat every night. In six seasons with the Nuggets, Lever averaged 17.0 points, 7.6 rebounds and 7.5 assists and 2.5 steals per game. He was named to the second-team all-defense in 1988 and is among the Nuggets' top 10 all time in steals (1,167), assists (3,566), field goals made (3,304) and rebounds (3,621). Denver Post

"When you're playing, you really don't pay attention to it that much," Lever said. "As I look back now, and every time someone throws a stat at me that I wasn't aware of now sticks out. The triple-doubles come up more now because of (Oklahoma City guard) Russell Westbrook. If I had that kind of athleticism I'd still be playing. But at the same time it's one of those things where you remember it, you enjoy it and then you move on. And then you try to share some of those experiences with someone else — your family, your kids, people that I run across. "I enjoy it." Denver Post

April 6, 2015 Updates

Will you be playing this summer with the Italian national team? Danilo Gallinari: Yeah. We will be playing together so hopefully we will be able to achieve or accomplish something together. ProjectSpurs.com

Jeff: So about Marco’s nearly naked photo, what did you say to him? Danilo Gallinari: (laughing) It was a fun thing to do, he had a lot of fun. He was just saying it still looks ugly even though it was on a GQ cover. I was just kidding with him. I’m happy for him because when he plays basketball, he has a chance to have fun doing that kind of stuff. It was great. And hopefully they didn’t do a lot of Photoshop because his body looks pretty different. ProjectSpurs.com

April 4, 2015 Updates

He credits the remaining staff, who have all taken on added responsibility, for keeping things together over the last month. “It’s a lot of stuff, but it’s manageable. I think when you put things in perspective, and you prioritize things and you have good people working with you — I’ve got Noel Gillespie who has a wealth of experience, I’ve got Patrick Mutombo, who is a quick study. “Our new video guy – Brian Boyle – has been great, figuring it out on the fly. John Beckett has been great. Al Harrington and Corsley Edwards, they’ve been my muscle. They bring a different edge. And then, the foreign guys, they lean on (Ognjen Stojakovic). So this really helps me as a coach. I don’t feel overwhelmed or that there’s so much coming at me at one time because my guys are catching a lot of that, and that helps.” Denver Post

He arrived on the pro scene as a firebrand. He left as a drug user. “Spencer Haywood had his issues,” said Colangelo, the former Phoenix Suns’ owner and perhaps Haywood’s biggest advocate to get into the hall of fame. “But I think he has come full circle. … He’s paid his dues.” Haywood said that he’s learning to let it all go, realizing that constantly hoping he’ll be recognized — by the hall, by today’s players, by the Nuggets franchise — is an unfulfilling pursuit. “In time, it’ll come,” he said. Denver Post

“Denver was so exciting, and still is,” recalled Haywood, who got his first taste of Colorado playing at Trinidad State Junior College. “When I decided to come back to (Colorado), well, I was just like a rabbit being thrown into the briar patch. “I loved Denver. I grew up in Denver.” This is how he remembers a city he still calls home, despite having been raised in Mississippi and now owning residences in Michigan and Las Vegas. After all, playing in Denver led to him becoming one of the greatest professional basketball players in history. A pioneer. Denver Post

April 3, 2015 Updates

Lafayette “Fat” Lever is being honored by the team on Wednesday, April 8, the night the Nuggets face the L.A. Lakers. Lever had 46 triple-doubles in his career with the Nuggets — three of those coming in the playoffs. That total is more than two-thirds of the total triple doubles in Nuggets history. And trust, he was a triple double threat every night out. In six seasons with the Nuggets Lever averaged 17.0 points, 7.6 rebounds and 7.5 assists. A defensive force, Lever averaged 2.5 steals… for his career. He was named second-team all defense in 1988. Denver Post

The Nuggets discussed Lawson deals at the deadline, and sources at the time said Denver wanted multiple first-round picks. The 11th pick alone might not get it done, but if Utah included another asset — Hood, two future second-rounders, something — the Nuggets might think about going head-on into a full rebuild. Grantland

April 2, 2015 Updates

Q. Since Carmelo Anthony left, in 2011, it seems like star players don't view Denver as a top destination. Are you surprised by that? Dikembe Mutombo. "I'm shocked to hear that. It's not like I left Denver on my own. This is really a beautiful city. It's a great basketball town. We sold out; it was really tough to get a ticket to a game in the '90s when I was playing here. I think it's just about the commitment of the player and their personality. It's something the city and the fans and the owner need to look at: What can we do as a community, a business, as people to ensure that those who come here to Denver appreciate the city and get a chance to enjoy it. You see the success the Broncos have, you see the success the Nuggets had in the '90s — I don't see why we cannot bring the momentum back. I think the moment will come for this city to have a great basketball team again. Denver Post

Q. You said earlier that the ending to your time in Denver was "one of your regrets." A. "It's one of the regrets of my career because my choice was to stay here. When was I was playing here, the success I was having here — the success I was having off the court and on the court — gave me the opportunity to be in the playoffs and playing with some great teammates. There was no envy on the team. Everybody was just happy to be a part of the Denver Nuggets and wear the Nuggets uniform. "I didn't get an offer. Today we see the superstar of a team getting an offer even before the season is done. But the Denver organization said, 'You know what, we thank you for your five years, but we don't want nothing to do with you again.' It was shocking. Denver Post

Q. Did you want to play your entire career here? A. "Yes, I was very happy. It was great, because I end up falling in love with nature. Colorado offers you that. You get a chance to see the summer and the winter in the same day. And you can escape to the mountains, you can go to Vail, Boulder, you can go to the casinos, Steamboat - you have all of those great cities here." Denver Post

The Denver Nuggets and Orlando Magic are the only NBA teams currently employing an interim coach, but sources say both of those clubs plan to have Donovan on their list of targets once they began more expansive coaching searches after completing their respective regular-season schedules in April. Donovan is also likely to be pursued by teams that make changes after the regular season or playoffs. ESPN.com

Arthur described his injury as being similar to what Los Angeles Clippers standout Jamal Crawford has been dealing with. Crawford has missed 15 consecutive games and is not expected back until next week. Should Arthur be forced to miss that kind of time, it would end his season. Hunt remained optimistic. "If we were in a different situation, he would fight me and make me let him play," Hunt said. "But given the situation that we're in right now, it just doesn't make sense to force it, to push it. Because one of the big things for him is I definitely want to make sure he is able to finish the year active and playing." Denver Post

And, of course, outside of Hunt there is Mike D'Antoni, who definitely wants back into coaching and would play the fast style fans have come to like. Alvin Gentry is also in the mix, currently with Golden State, who likes an uptempo game as well combined with more defense. Those are the main names, but expect there to be a wildcard or two included in the bunch before it's all said-and-done. Denver Post

March 31, 2015 Updates
March 30, 2015 Updates

Ian Clark underwent a cram session on the Nuggets' playbook on Monday afternoon, knowing that his stay will last beyond the final eight games of the season. "It's like a new start for me," Clark said. "That's how I look at it." The plan for Clark, a 6-foot-3 guard the Nuggets were awarded off of waivers last week, extends into the summer. He said he'll be part of the Nuggets' summer league team. Clark has spent the majority of his first two years as a pro bouncing between the Utah Jazz and their D-League affiliate, the Idaho Stampede. He was let go by the Jazz on March 26. Denver Post



Carmelo Anthony is way up there, but can't beat two legends from the run-and-gun teams of the 80's.


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