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March 4, 2014 Updates

Your best season was probably in 2001 with the Spurs because after that you ended up getting a six-year contract worth $48 million with the Portland Trail Blazers, right? Derek Anderson: Yeah, I had a great season, great team, great teammates... The general manager at the time was very disrespectful. The coach, teammates were great, the city and the fans were supergreat... I just didn't like the general manager at all. The GM you're talking about is RC Buford. DA: Yeah. I think he learned, after I left, that you can't be rude to people and expect them to stay [laughs]. HoopsHype

I think that's the very first time I hear some criticism towards Buford. Seems like he's always making the right decisions. DA: Yeah he does now. But look what he did. He had to learn. They won a championship during the lockout and I came two years later. David Robinson was retiring, Sean Elliott... they were losing the core and they had to start all over again. They had to get people in there. Again, when you have a core team like we had and a coach like [Gregg] Popovich, they would have won against the Lakers every year if you had me. HoopsHype

Who was the toughest player for you to guard during your career? DA: There was a couple. When I played it was tough. I was a tough guard but think about it, you had these shooting guards: Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller, Mitch Richmond, Latrell Sprewell, Allan Houston, Steve Smith, JR Rider... Just naming those guys, you knew you had a tough night every night and if you watched on TV you said 'Man, this is a great game!' Now you can't name me five apart from Kobe [Bryant], [James] Harden and maybe Joe Johnson... It was fun back then. Mario Elie, Allen Iverson was a two-guard back then... There was a bunch of talent. Now? There's nothing. HoopsHype

You played with the Blazers for the most part of your career. Those Blazer teams had tons of talent but at the end it seems something was missing to get to the top. DA: Cohesiveness. You need a coach to bring everyone together, and at the time Maurice Cheeks just started coaching... You see now, he just got fired recently from Detroit. That's the whole point, you can't have a coach not prepared for that. Cheeks is a great guy, but coaching is a different animal. You have to know that. HoopsHype

Anderson spoke in a wide-ranging interview on 750-AM The Game talking about his childhood, growing up abandoned and poor, and his time with the Blazers. He said the infamous incident in 2005 in which he apparently blew off a Blazers game, sitting out with a toothache, and was spotted in the McDonald's drive-thru was a case of the organization throwing him under the bus. Listen to the full podcast here. Oregonian

The guard said he asked for a trade in 2005, and said he didn't want to be in Portland anymore. According to Anderson, team president Steve Patterson told him, "Go home, we'll come up with something." The toothache was a fabrication by the organization, Anderson said, intended to make him look bad. Said Anderson: "When Steve told me, I told him I don't want to be here, all the players were like, 'Let him go, trade him.' Rasheed asked to be traded. Damon sat on the end of the bench and asked to be traded. Everyone was trying to get out of there, but because I'm the nice guy and they figure, 'Hey he won't go to the paper and say anything, he won't cuss us out and flip us off in the stands, let's make him a scapegoat.' "That happens to all good guys who are in a bad situation. They make him a scapegoat. If i would have choked the coach and did everything else, then what? Now, people try to reward people with attitudes and it's not right. Not one of my teammates would ever say anything. They forget, I am a man. No one has ever tried me or disrespected me. You know how the newspaper works. They were trying to look for a scape goat and a story, who else could they go to? Everyone else had been in jail." Oregonian

August 23, 2011 Updates

In interviews, Cunningham's claims even go as far to try and implicate former University of Kentucky and pro basketball player Derek Anderson as being involved in some way in the drug running cash flow. Butler: "Was Derek Anderson ever present when you all bought narcotics?" Cunningham: "Nah, he stays away from you know, he's just the money and he's not going to get around any of it but, that's who funnels the money." Anderson has never been charged with a crime in this investigation. His name has only come up in statements Cunningham gave police. WAVE 3 News

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