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Facing the Los Angeles media before the game, Fisher said the Lakers never reached out to him after last season, and the Knicks were the only offer he had to become a head coach. There were rumblings the Lakers had some interest in Fisher. A prevailing theory is Lakers president Jeanie Buss put the kibosh on it so her fiancee Phil Jackson could hire Fisher after the public-relations nightmare of getting spurned by Steve Kerr. “I never had any conversations with the Lakers of coaching the team,’’ Fisher said. “This was the only one. It doesn’t disappoint me in any way. I never pretended to run the Lakers or make decisions for them. I did the best I could when I played. They don’t owe me anything. I don’t owe them anything.’ New York Post

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The numbers didn't seem to bother Fisher. The rookie coach shared a laugh with rookie forward Travis Wear near the scorer's table with the Knicks down by 18 points late in the game. "It's been difficult," Fisher said of the losing, "but that doesn't define our life and whether we're good people or whether we know how to play basketball just because we're not winning right now. It just means you have a lot of work to do." Los Angeles Times

Before his Clippers sent first-year coach Derek Fisher and the Knicks to their NBA-high 29th loss on Wednesday night, Rivers talked about enduring a 24-58 campaign in Boston in 2006-07 before the Celtics turned things around quickly and won the NBA title the following season. “I’ve gone through it, a lot of coaches have. It’s no fun,” Rivers said before the Clippers’ 99-78 victory. “It’s very difficult to not win. I don’t care what you’re in. You play tennis, golf, basketball, as a player or coach, no one wants to lose. And it’s hard, really hard on the coach. I’ve been thr.ough it. It’s very difficult and you have to try to stick to your guns, teach, and you almost are trying to teach a culture over winning. And that’s hard. None of us are built that way. I know I wasn’t. New York Daily News

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But Aldrich fouled out on the first possession of overtime and Kings center DeMarcus Cousins brutalized the Knicks inside for 39 points and 11 rebounds in 32 minutes to secure the win. Cousins’ signature play came with 53 seconds left when he split a double-team and drive in for a monster dunk to put the Kings up by five points. “The effort is more important than the result on a night like this,’’ Knicks coach Derek Fisher said. “They remained committed to each other as teammates no matter what the circumstances were. They just kept fighting out there.’’ New York Post

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Derek Fisher’s job of developing the Knicks into a cohesive unit has been compromised by two-thirds of the roster being in the final year of their contracts, according to the head coach. “That’s a reality of this game,” Fisher said on Sunday. “You have a number of guys that are thinking about how they’re going to provide for their families and where their career is going and whether they’re going to be here or on another team and all the ramifications of those decisions. “So that’s not easy stuff to process. And then on top of that they’re being asked to sacrifice more and do less in order to win so it’s not a great combination for cohesion and team chemistry but I do think there are enough guys in the locker room that want to do it the right way and so that’s why we’ve had a chance a lot of nights to win. But I don’t think anybody’s giving up on what we’re trying to do at this point.” New York Daily News

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It would be easy, and human nature, for the rookie coach to let doubt creep in and wonder what he got himself into. But Fisher remains steadfast in his commitment to the goal and big picture. “You can’t waver on becoming successful,” Fisher told reporters on Wednesday. “You’ll never get there if you waver or give up. That’s what we have to expect as a group.” “Losing affects everybody,” Fisher added. “But you must take something from it and learn something from it if you want it to change. We have to take our lumps and accept what it is at this moment, but not necessarily accept that it’s going to stay that way.” ESPN.com

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A source confirmed an ESPN report that Anthony, along with several other Knicks, is frustrated in the triangle offense which is the preferred system of rookie head coach Derek Fisher. Coincidentally, Phil Jackson’s first choice to coach the Knicks, Steve Kerr, is not running the triangle with the Golden State Warriors, who own the best record in the NBA and have won their last 13 games. New York Daily News

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