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“I’m not Phil Jackson, that’s for sure,” Fisher said Friday in Tarrytown. “I am not going to try to be or even pretend to be. I’ve for sure taken a lot of the basketball experiences and knowledge and life experiences and knowledge from working for Phil for so many years. So there will for sure be some things I will try and channel.” “At the same time, I’ve learned a lot from other coaches, other men, other people that inspire me, other great leaders, other great athletes, great people that I’ll also channel.” New York Post

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Phil Jackson: I’m not on the floor coaching this team. I would imagine that at some point [coach Derek Fisher] is gonna pull that out. I don’t want him to have to read it in this paper (chuckle) to pull it out, but it was something that told you about, “OK, I’m divorcing myself from my personality for a while to become coach. And you are submitting your ego and your personal desires to follow this coaching aspect that we’re gonna go through this coach and player relationship.” So I admire guys who can get that done. New York Post

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Phil Jackson was mum and Derek Fisher measured his words carefully, on the heels of the Daily News reporting that Carmelo Anthony is expected to announce Thursday that he will be staying with the Knicks. “I haven’t been told anything about that at this point. That would be great if it were to happen. I’d be excited if I am told that,” Fisher said after running the Knicks’ summer-league practice Wednesday morning at a local high school. “At this point I don’t know everything, per se. We’ve been busy here all morning. I guess we’ll wait and see if that report is confirmed, and we’ll go from there. I’m the basketball coach, and that’s what I’m focused on every day,” Fisher added. “Those types of questions are probably more for Phil.” New York Daily News

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Derek Fisher said his message to Carmelo Anthony when Knicks officials met with him last week was that the team will win and hopes that got through to him. But, like everyone else, the new Knicks coach is waiting for Anthony's decision. "It's about winning from what I could gather," Fisher said Tuesday after summer league practice. "He wants to win. He wants to be successful, and so in the time I had to visit with him, I just shared with him that we'll be a better basketball team because we'll play the game in a better way. We'll play as a team, we'll play with a system with the format that allows the game to be easier for him and easier for his teammates. "I'm not sure if we hit home, I guess we'll find out, but hopefully we'll find out soon." Newsday

New York Knickerbockers President Phil Jackson announced today that the team has named Kurt Rambis associate head coach. The hiring reunites Rambis with Head Coach Derek Fisher, with whom he spent 10 seasons with at the Los Angeles Lakers. “Together, Derek and I have started assembling a coaching staff to lead this team on and off the court,” Jackson said. “The three of us are similar in our philosophies and our approach to the game.” NBA.com

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