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It remains unclear how the Lakers' roster will look now up through their season opener Christmas Day against the Chicago Bulls. The Lakers have plenty of unsigned players, including Shannon Brown, Devin Ebanks, Derrick Caracter, Joe Smith and Theo Ratliff. They can exercise the so-called amnesty clause by shedding ties with Metta World Peace (three years, $21.5 million) or Luke Walton (two years, $11.46 million). Free agency beginning on Dec. 9 will also contribute to the frantic environment leading to opening day. Still, Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak told The Times' Mike Bresnahan that both rookies Darius Morris and Goudelock "probably deserve a chance to be looked at, and [they] have promise." Los Angeles Times

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Four second round picks won't fix what ails the Lakers. Remember how excited everyone got over Derrick Caracter and Devin Ebanks? Those guys will be ahead of whoever they draft next year. I think the Lakers will be very active this summer. If they won't trade Bynum ... Gasol is their next best chip. ESPN.com

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A back-up forward for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team was arrested and jailed early Sunday for hitting a pregnant waitress at a downtown International House of Pancakes while drunk, according to police. Derrick Caracter, 22, was arrested about 1:18 a.m. Sunday at the IHOP in the 800 block of Canal Street, said New Orleans Police spokeswoman Shereese Harper. New Orleans Times-Picayune

He "started grabbing and pulling" a pregnant waitress, prompting the manager to go outside and flag down a police officer, Harper said. The female officer tried to defuse the situation, Harper said, but Caracter remained obstinate. The officer arrested him. He was handcuffed and taken to Orleans Parish jail and booked with one count of battery for hitting the waitress, as well as one count each of public intoxication and resisting arrest. Each charge is a municipal violation, police said. New Orleans Times-Picayune

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In an effort to get their rookie power forward some playing time, the Lakers assigned Derrick Caracter to the Bakersfield Jam of the NBA Development League on Tuesday. Caracter, a second-round pick (58th overall) out of the University of Texas El Paso, played in just 40 games this season for the Lakers. Los Angeles Times

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You think the Lakers will make a trade before the deadline, perhaps on a smaller scale. I think we're stuck with Ron "I jump a 3 inches off the ground." Artest.... Chad Ford (1:17 PM) They're looking too. But like Dallas and Chicago -- what do they really have to offer. Kobe and Pau aren't going anywhere. Neither is Odom. Andrew Bynum is the obvious answer, but it sounds like Jim Buss' mancrush on Bynum will prevent the Lakers from moving him. If they Lakers aren't willing to move those guys -- you have to start thinking about the Shannon Brown's and Derrick Caracter's as their assets. There will be some interest, but those guys are unlikely to net the Lakers another difference maker. ESPN.com

February 9, 2011 Updates

There is some substance to the reports that the LA Lakers made a pass at Denver regarding Carmelo. It was reported that the Lakers had offered up Andrew Bynum in exchange for Carmelo, but informed sources told HOOPSWORLD early yesterday that the talks actually centered on Lamar Odom and rookie Derrick Caracter, who the Nuggets have had eyes for, for some time. A player like Luke Walton would have to be included to get the salaries to work and the Lakers' Traded Player Exception would likely come into play as well with the Lakers taking back salary Denver doesn't want. HoopsWorld

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Mike Trudell: Rookie Derrick Caracter was tasked w/bringing burgers (26) on the plane for his teammates/coaches/staff prior to Phoenix flight. Two years ago, Sun Yue held up a flight due to a long delay making the burgers/fries/shake run. Caracter made good time tonight. Twitter

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Phil Jackson said Sunday that he would like to see Ebanks and Caracter get more experience in the Developemental League this season, a real possibility when Andrew Bynum returns. Bynum, who continues to rehab his surgically-repaired knee, is expected back in the lineup around Thanksgiving. “I expect to move them aound a lot, but not until Andrew comes in,” Jackson said. “We’ll have to have that full roster right now.” Orange County Register

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With backup center Theo Ratliff laboring because of a sore left knee, Jackson may have to turn elsewhere to find relief for Gasol and Odom. "It is what it is right now so Derrick is going to have to find some time out there on the floor," Jackson said. "And we're going to have to extend Theo to what he can do." Caracter has played in five games, a total of 22 minutes. He's averaging two points and 1.4 rebounds."Obviously with Andrew not being there, I'll have more time to be out there and prove myself," Caracter said. Los Angeles Times

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