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Despite averaging 17.3 points in the final 29 games of the season and 20.3 during the Celtics' six-game playoff run, Jeff Green did not receive an invitation to Team USA minicamp, that features hopefuls for 2016 Olympic team. Other emerging players such as Golden State's Stephen Curry and Utah's Derrick Favors were invited. Boston Globe

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With 9:23 left, the Grizzlies’ Marc Gasol scored from the lane, cutting Utah’s lead to 71-67. As he turned, Derrick Favors accidentally stepped on his heel and Gasol lost his shoe. Gasol angrily motioned at the closest official, perhaps thinking Favors had intentionally flattened his tire. Play continued, however, and Favors ended up driving to the basket on the ensuing possession. Gasol reached around and whacked him with his shoe. A non-shooting foul was called, and the Jazz inbounded. "I didn’t know he had his shoe," Favors said. "I thought it was his hand or something." Salt Lake Tribune

Favors knew he had stepped on Gasol’s shoe, "but I didn’t do it on purpose. It just kind of happened. ... I think he was mad at the refs because he didn’t have his shoe. I don’t know." Corbin laughed when reminded of the incident prior to Sunday morning’s practice. "I’ve never seen a shoe foul," he said. "I thought it might be a flagrant, but I guess they didn’t see it that way. He hit him pretty good with his shoe, though." Salt Lake Tribune

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The Jazz view themselves as a playoff contender, and as long as that remains the case dealing a player like Millsap or even Jefferson remains a low-priority items, according to sources. Of the two, Millsap seems to be the easiest player to trade, mainly because Jazz reserve Derrick Favors is clearly ready to play a bigger role. Moving Al Jefferson is a bit of a different story because his back up, Enes Kanter, isn’t nearly as evolved. Several of the Jazz players that spoke with HOOPSWORLD said they believed Favors was clearly ready for a bigger role, although Kanter, while having shown flashes of ability this season, still has more work to do, especially on his body. HoopsWorld

December 14, 2012 Updates

The Utah Jazz are in the playoff hunt and have two starting big men in the last years of their deals in Millsap and Al Jefferson. Utah also has two talented young big men in Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter. Any big move by new general manager Dennis Lindsey, however, could disrupt Utah's playoff hopes. "I would think they would more likely trade Millsap over Jefferson because he is going to be harder to keep," one GM said. "He's made less money than Jefferson and he will go to the highest bidder." Yahoo! Sports

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If you have to deal Harden in exchange for financial breathing room, the dream scenario is to land a sure-thing player in the beginning stages of his rookie deal. A big man trumps a guard. Presti likely started with Anthony Davis before mulling over names like Klay Thompson, Utah's young bigs (Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter), Bradley Beal, Jonas Valanciunas (with Jose Calderon's expiring deal), and maybe one or two others before landing on Houston.1 Thompson would have been an especially nice fit. It's not hard to argue the Thunder could survive the loss of Harden if in return they received an elite shooter capable of some ballhandling duties and at least average defense on the wing. Subtract Harden, and the Thunder don't have much outside shooting on the floor at once; spacing can become an issue for them. Grantland

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