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May 6, 2015 Updates

Chicago Bulls star guard Derrick Rose says he has no pain in his right shoulder and doesn't expect to have any problems going into Game 2 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rose sustained a "stinger" in his shoulder late in Chicago's 99-92 win over the Cavaliers in the series opener on Monday night. Rose says he's "not sore or anything, so that's a good sign." He scored 25 points with five rebounds and five assists, showing flashes of the player he was before being slowed by knee injuries the past few years. NBA.com

May 5, 2015 Updates

Ethan J. Skolnick: Derrick Rose says his shoulder is not sore. Good to go for tomorrow. Derrick Rose says he will spend his day recovering & "maybe watching documentaries." Twitter @EthanJSkolnick

Fresh off a 25-point, 39-minute performance as the Bulls stole Game 1 over the Cleveland Cavaliers 99-92, Rose used words like "appreciative" and "honored" when considering where he's at, both in his career, and specifically in this series. His words carried even more weight after suffering a momentary scare, later described as a stinger, while fighting through a screen late in the game. "I just felt something, felt my nerves, like, tingling going all the way from my shoulder to my finger tips, it was just something I'd never felt before," he said. "It went away in five or ten minutes. It's something that I'm not that worried about." USA Today Sports

May 4, 2015 Updates

Iman Shumpert, Kyrie Irving and partly Matthew Dellavedova will be primarily responsible for keeping Rose in front of them. Nonetheless, if Rose is getting off, you might see James call for a defensive switch and that goes for anyone else who may catch on fire. "I think it's a different time. It's a different situation. If need be, will I need to guard Rose at times? I can do it," James said. "I can guard anybody on their team one through 15 if need be. But the time, the score, the game, the situation will dictate itself." Cleveland Plain Dealer

May 2, 2015 Updates
May 1, 2015 Updates
April 28, 2015 Updates
April 26, 2015 Updates

The Bucks and the Bulls played a chippy, close Game 4 Saturday. The score was tied, 50-50, at the half — plus, the the Bucks were up 87-79 with under five minutes left, and the Bulls cut their lead cut down to a 90-90 tie. However, Milwaukee pulled it out at the last possible moment: Bucks guard Jerryd Bayless caught Derrick Rose off-guard in the paint and hit a buzzer-beating layup. For The Win

Improbably tied at 90 after the Bucks coughed up a six-point lead in the final 1:42, Rose had a chance to seize the series. He dribbled to the right, swerved and cut back to the middle, only to lose the ball yet again, the last of the Bulls' nightmare giveaways. "I felt like if I would've got a shot off that it was going to go in," he said dejectedly from the locker room. That set the stage for Bayless, who compounded the turnover into an even more costly mistake. "I put that all on me," Rose said. "I wasn't paying attention. I don't feel bad for myself, I feel bad for my teammates. Knowing that we could've forced overtime. I messed things up, but I swear I'm good for it." USA Today Sports

The play worked just as it had been drawn up, which head coach Jason Kidd credits to Dudley as much as he does to Bayless. "Everybody talks about the shot, but it is the guy who throws the ball in that has to have the nerve to throw that pass," Kidd said. "Duds made a heck of a pass. Bayless did the important thing by putting it in, but I think he sold the cut very well on Rose." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

April 25, 2015 Updates

They are little things, but they are big things because they speak to maturity, commitment and responsibility. That’s what’s enabled Rose to return as a game changing player while the Bulls hope to change what’s been their destiny without Rose. “Derrick, it’s not that he’s old; his best years are coming,” maintains Thibodeau. “He’s had to navigate through adversity; it’s made him a lot stronger mentally. Now we have a chance. The challenge is not only bringing the best out of himself, but to bring the best out of all his teammates. He’s probably doing that as well as he ever has. He had several plays he had dribble penetration into the lane, the kick out to Mike or Tony (Snell) or Jimmy that led to high percentage shots, great chemistry with Pau (Gasol) on the pick and roll. He’s a little more patient, but he’s also bringing the best out of his teammates.” NBA.com

April 24, 2015 Updates

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