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Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose accompanied the team on their road trip to Orlando and Washington, D.C. -- the first time he has been with the team on the road since he tore the medial meniscus in his right knee on Nov. 22. Rose has already been ruled out for the season by the organization, but his teammates and coaches are happy to see him around again. "The crutches are gone," Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau said before Wednesday's shootaround. "He's been moving around a lot better. So, it's time." ESPN.com

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Deng said he wasn't surprised he was traded because of his stalled contract talks. Even so, he thinks he wouldn't have been dealt if Rose hadn't gotten hurt again. "I'm sure I still would be there because we would have had one of the best records and Derrick would have been the story with his comeback," Deng said. "You don't want to make any trades and all of the sudden the team goes the other way and the talk is that 'I was healthy, I came back and I tried to win a championship but ya'll moved guys.' There would have been that pressure. Unfortunately, I think the injury changed a lot of stuff." Yahoo! Sports

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Derrick Rose has real concerns these days, but those have nothing to do with returning from his latest round of major knee surgery. Rather, his concerns center on his team’s future makeup. Rose has told several confidantes that he is worried that the Bulls will start to let the team hit the skids by allowing key players to leave via free agency, forcing him to go through a rebuilding program that he wants no part of. “Derrick is worried that the Bulls are going to lose what they have,” said a league source. “He doesn’t want to go through rebuilding.” New York Daily News

Harrison's stock isn't plummeting; if the draft were held today, he would likely still be a top-10 pick. But NBA executives' love affair with the 6-foot-6, 215-pound playmaker has cooled down. Fortunately, Harrison plays for a coach that has been highly successful developing point guards (Derrick Rose, John Wall, Brandon Knight, among others) and Calipari-coached teams have a history of improving as the season goes on. If Harrison's jump shot improves, he could be back challenging Smart for the nation's top playmaker by the end of the season. SI.com

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