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April 17, 2012 Updates

DeShawn Stevenson is as close to Deron Williams as any player on the Nets, bound by their mutual respect and connection to Dallas. Not a day goes by without Stevenson asking Williams about his future. The answer has never strayed from undecided. “I don’t know. I ask him everyday. It doesn’t change,” Stevenson said. New York Daily News

With a roster full of expiring contracts, the fear is that the lineup from Monday's loss to the Heat will too closely resemble opening night in Brooklyn. Avery Johnson understands it’s going to take more than a shiny new building to resurrect the franchise – “if we can get healthy, get Deron re-signed and add some veterans to help out team. …. Stevenson agreed, and then emphasized, “the key is that we get D-Will back.” Stevenson revealed some positive news for the Nets. He said the plan is for him and Williams to train at the PNY Center in East Rutherford during the offseason, even though both will become free agents. It gives time for Williams to see the Barclays Center sprout to near completion before choosing his next team. New York Daily News

March 16, 2012 Updates
March 7, 2012 Updates

But even in defeat, DeShawn Stevenson never seems to pass up the chance to land a shot on the King. This time, Stevenson it came in the form of a not-so-subtle postgame dig, when Stevenson was asked the difference between the Heat of this year and the Heat that lost to Stevenson’s Mavericks in last year’s Finals. “I think we were just a better team than them,” Stevenson said. “And then obviously LeBron didn’t play like he should have played [in the Finals].” Bergen Record

But mixed in with his dig, Stevenson also had plenty of praise for the Heat. “I just think they have more confidence,” Stevenson said. “LeBron has more confidence, Dwyane Wade always played well. And I think Bosh even he’s stepping up big. They’re just a solid team. And whenever you’ve got LeBron playing like that, they’re going to win the championship.” A moment later, Stevenson said he believed the Heat would win this year’s championship. “I think so,” Stevenson said. “I really do. … They’re a great team, a team that went to the Finals last year. That’s the same pieces with even more additions. They play the right way. They picked us apart. Just a great team.” Bergen Record

March 5, 2012 Updates
February 11, 2012 Updates

DeShawn Stevenson said he had a blood spinning treatment on both knees during the last week and the results have been amazing. He said his knees feel the best they have since "probably 2004." Stevenson said the procedure is the same that Kobe Bryant underwent in Germany, and several other athletes, notably Alex Rodriguez and Fred Couples, have also undergone. The procedure involved taking blood out of the veins in his arms, freezing it, spinning it, and then injecting it into the knee a day later. The procedure was performed in New York by the surgeon who had been the assistant to Bryant's surgeon. Newark Star-Ledger

Johnson said Stevenson, who has missed six games before tonight, will be back at practice next week. "He’s going to practice with us and go through the full practice and see where he is," Johnson said of Stevenson. "But this has been a good time for him to get in better shape, get his knee together. He went through a procedure that we signed off on and the procedure and treatment seems to have helped, so we’re going to look forward to getting him back. We’ve had stretches when he was in the lineup playing for us, we’re actually a much better defensive team. We could sure use him, especially with (Keith) Bogans gone now." Newark Star-Ledger

February 10, 2012 Updates
February 6, 2012 Updates
January 23, 2012 Updates

So given the convergence of a remarkable group of injuries, late signings, trade acquisitions and whatever else has befallen the Nets, the search for chemistry and continuity has been near impossible. “It’s going to be tough,” said Stevenson, who signed several days before the season began. “The first game we played in Washington, Coach Avery said the only starter guaranteed a spot is D-Will. We have a team where some lineups work and some don’t and he’s going to switch lineups and we’ve got to be ready for that. We don’t have it going that well where we have the opportunity to have the same starting group every game. So everybody has to be ready.” New York Post

January 17, 2012 Updates

The Nets' DeShawn Stevenson admitted his flagrant foul on Blake Griffin was an attempt to send a message to the Los Angeles Clippers’ power forward after Griffin had been pushing the Nets around and throwing down dunks at will in the first half. “He was dunking all over the place,” Stevenson said of Griffin, whom he bumped from behind when Griffin went up for another one of those lob passes with 3:22 remaining in the second quarter of today’s 101-91 loss. “I didn’t try to foul him hard, but when he’s up in the air like that there was no way I could give a foul but to bring him down.” Newark Star-Ledger

Stevenson said he wasn’t trying to hurt Griffin, last year’s rookie of the year and Slam Dunk champ. The Nets seemed to appreciate the effort. “I think it just showed that you can’t just let (Griffin) dunk all over us,” Deron Williams said. “There were a couple plays where it was just one dribble and dunking on us and there’s no help. Things like that don’t happen with playoff teams.” Newark Star-Ledger

Still, DeShawn Stevenson, who has served as Brooks' mentor said he will talk to the rookie about leaving that stuff to veterans. "He shouldn't. I'll talk to him about that. He was just frustrated at the time. Everyone was frustrated that game but out veteran leadership has to talk. Myself, D-Will, Okur, even A-Mo. We're the ones who have to take on the challenge of talking to you [media] guys and getting on the players," Stevenson said. "Everyone was pretty much down that night. He's going to learn that things you say can bite you in the butt." New York Post

January 15, 2012 Updates

DeShawn Stevenson is in his 12th season in the NBA. MarShon Brooks is a rookie. Yet the two players are virtually always on the first bus that brings the Nets to the arena on the road. At home, they often are first in, last out at practice. It is just one of the ways Stevenson is mentoring Brooks as he navigates the NBA minefield for the first time. “He’s helped me in every way,” said Brooks who after his third 20-point game of the season Friday had a nondescript 11-point effort last night in the Nets’ 107-94 loss to the Jazz in Deron Williams’ Utah homecoming. “DeShawn is in the little things. He’s been through the bumps and bruises so he’s just trying to help me. Basically, with defensive calls, that type of stuff. He’s a very good defensive player. New York Post

“In June, he was drinking champagne and smoking cigars and having a great time at a parade later on. So I think for him, it’s been tough, when you’ve won a championship,” Johnson said. “But he’s been the best. He’s really handled it well and he’s been a positive influence on our other players.” Stevenson has really taken to the role of veteran mentor. “I won a championship. I look at people like MarShon. If they could just get a little sense of what a veteran has, it could go a long way,” Stevenson said. “I try to get him to come here early, get shots early, just be a professional. I think it’s been working out, he’s been playing his butt off.” New York Post

January 9, 2012 Updates

During Monday's championship ceremony at the White House, Obama credited the Dallas Mavericks' team-oriented style of play last season as the key to their run to the franchise's first championship, and dumping that little team down in Miami. "Nobody gave them much of a chance," Obama said. "People said that Jason Kidd was too old -- and I will say that this is the first time I’ve been with some world champions that are my contemporaries -- they said J.J. Barea was too small, that Dirk Nowitzki was too slow -- they said you had a great jump shot, but… -- they said DeShawn Stevenson was too crazy. They said the Jet was terrific, but they weren’t sure whether that tattoo was such a good idea. ESPN.com

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