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September 20, 2014 Updates

Mason has since shed his basketball persona for his true passion, being an artist. In his return, Mason filled Axis’ Pioneer Square gallery with abstract works on various mediums for a private exhibition benefiting the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound. In the center of the 18-piece collection was a new piece specifically for the show titled “The Irony of Darks and Lights.” The abstract painting on wood panel looks as if peering through thick evergreens to view Lake Washington. “It has a very serene and soft feel,” Mason said. “I miss driving across the lake on the 520 and getting into downtown and seeing the Space Needle. Even though it was busy and a lot of traffic, for me, it had a serenity.” Seattle Times

After Mason’s debut, his next seven shows sold out, making his retirement from the NBA in 2009 a smooth transition. His family of four is based in Oklahoma City, and he holds an average of eight exhibitions annually that span the globe. Unlike his debut in 2004, returning to Seattle and seeing his work sell for $4,000 to $10,000 assures Mason he’s on the right path. “I understand what basketball gave me the opportunity to do,” he said. “It gave me a platform to display my art on a high level. But no one is going to buy a painting from Desmond Mason for $15,000 just because he played for the Seattle Sonics and Milwaukee Bucks. There’s a limit. Now, it’s not so much about me playing basketball. It’s more about they love what they’re looking at.” Seattle Times

August 3, 2012 Updates
July 11, 2011 Updates

Desmond Mason once won the NBA's slam dunk contest. Now he's lost his sanity, sort of. Mason said he has been cast to play a resident of an insane asylum in a movie being filmed in Oklahoma. "Just Crazy Enough" is a family-friendly comedy about identical twins separated at birth. According to the film's website (tulsaworld.com/justcrazyenough ), one twin becomes a prominent psychiatrist and the other a lifelong mental patient. The psychiatrist ends up swapping places with a twin he knows nothing about. Tulsa World

Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Chris Kattan will play the lead role and is adding to what Mason says is a funny script. Tweeted Kattan on July 3: "I was waiting for a physical comedy vehicle like this for a loooong time! Thanks Oklahoma and timing and universe." Mason described his role as a "pretty big part." He said his character speaks only in cliches and won't hold a normal conversation with anyone. "Throughout the course of the movie, they are asking me a bunch of questions and we are going through a lot of stuff and I am answering with random cliches that mean nothing," he said. Mason is excited - and intimidated - by his first acting job aside from commercials. Basketball players get accused of acting if they "flop" while trying to draw offensive fouls, but Mason contends he doesn't have that kind of acting experience. Tulsa World

September 28, 2010 Updates

Midtown Renaissance announced September 28 that NBA player Desmond Mason is the winner of its Plaza Court Retail Contest. Mason’s proposal for an art studio, which he will use to produce works and host events, was selected for its potential to enhance the creative energy of the district. OKC.biz

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