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April 19, 2014 Updates

One of Loyer's bigger challenges internally was keeping point guard Brandon Jennings engaged after Cheeks was fired. Jennings regarded Cheeks as a father figure and as he failed to adapt after the change, Loyer found himself turning more to backup Will Bynum, one of several Pistons who later ended the season injured. Booth Newspapers

Loyer said he ultimately went to Jennings to encourage the guard to rediscover joy in the game. He said he appreciated how Jennings responded. "Any time you have a coaching change, any time you have a management change, it's going to affect different guys in different ways," Loyer said. "It's your job as a coach to kind of figure out who it's affecting, either adversely, or whether it's someone you need to help a little bit to get back on path. "There are some guys who are affected by both things (the Cheeks firing and, earlier this week, the reassignment of former team president Joe Dumars), so you try to get them back on path. I thought Brandon, the path he has taken is a winning-type path, and I've really enjoyed coaching him." Booth Newspapers

The Pistons went on to win their first NBA championship that season, then repeated the feat in 1990, and the rest was history – or was it? “That was 25 years ago, yet you sound today just as angry as you were 25 years ago,” Dery told Dantley. “Is that accurate?” “Well yeah; I mean, It’s not that I’m angry, it’s just that there’s no need for me to get involved with that,” Dantley responded. “Yes, I guess you could say that I’m just the way as I was 24 or 26 years ago.” Boston Herald

In the “Bad Boys” documentary, Jack McCloskey, the Pistons’ general manager at the time, denied that Thomas had a say in moving Dantley to Dallas. Dantley argues he did. “Of course (McCloskey’s) going to say what he had to say,” Dantley told Dery, then later said: “If I was kissing Isiah’s ass, I would have never got traded.” Boston Herald

Later in the radio interview, Dery jokingly asked Dantley if he thought Thomas should be the next Pistons president and general manager after former “Bad Boys” teammate Joe Dumars stepped down as president of basketball operations earlier this week. “Con man,” he replied. “He has a way of tricking people, and he tricked a lot of people.” Boston Herald

April 18, 2014 Updates
April 17, 2014 Updates

After slowly and steadily becoming more vocal over the past two years, he’s become more guarded, reclusive and admitted it was by design this season — the one where the expectations were highest and the team fell flat on its face. “I’ve censored myself, just because of the whole, so much speculation and so much stuff going on,” Monroe said. “I just tried to make sure I was as productive as possible. That I kept a straight head and kept it as positive as possible.” Detroit News

Monroe is one of a few in the locker room who wouldn’t rock the boat publicly, and with seeing a coaching change after 50 games, along with the man who drafted him stepping aside, speaking out wasn’t going to be viewed as a positive. “I just think that, looking at all the stuff that may have been said, all the stuff that’s happened, with a little bit of change with me, I didn’t want it to sound like I was speaking from frustration,” Monroe said. Being a good character guy can work against players, but his production has been steady this season. He knows character only takes him so far. “In this league, it’s about production,” Monroe said. “Being a good character guy is a plus, I don’t want to say it’s not a good thing but if you’re producing, that’s what really matters. If you’re not producing it doesn’t really matter.” Detroit News

April 16, 2014 Updates
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The Bad Boys beat the stars from Larry Brown's 2004 team at the top of the ranking.

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