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October 30, 2014 Updates
October 29, 2014 Updates
October 27, 2014 Updates

The Detroit Pistons announced today the club has requested waivers on Aaron Gray. The 7-0, 270-pound center missed training camp while rehabbing from a cardiac episode suffered following a voluntary workout in late August. NBA.com

October 26, 2014 Updates

Vincent Ellis: KCP (left knee strain) participates in practice today. SVG says he starting Singler at SF on opening night at Denver. #Pistons Twitter @Vincent_Ellis56

And though Dumars isn't in charge now, Laimbeer says it's pretty much WNBA or bust as far as his coaching career is concerned. "I'm hunting right now," Laimbeer said. "I live in Florida full-time. In the winter-time, I'll be down there fishing and playing golf. But I enjoy coaching, and I'll probably try to get back in the WNBA down the road. "I think the NBA has passed me by. I'm 57. And it'd take a while to be a head coach and I'm not going to be a lifer assistant. If it doesn't happen, I'm going to be retired and hang out." Detroit Free Press

The Pistons move on with Stan Van Gundy as head coach and president of basketball operations, and Laimbeer is optimistic he will succeed in Detroit. "I think he's going to be successful. He's the coach and the head of the operations so the players can no longer go around the head coach as they have for the past 10-12 years in that franchise," Laimbeer told Foster. "That in itself is a positive. He brings a new fresh air of competitiveness. There's some rebuilding to do with the fan base, no question about that, but he's a grinder and he'll get through it." Detroit Free Press

October 24, 2014 Updates
October 23, 2014 Updates

Vincent Goodwill: Jennings is out with a sore Achilles. Limited use for Monroe. Augustin, Martin, Singler, Smith and Drummond starters. #Pistons Twitter @vgoodwill

Vincent Ellis: Dinwiddie (knee) will be limited to 15-20 min. Won't see much of Monroe tonight as SVG preparing for his 2-game suspension to start season Twitter @Vincent_Ellis56

Stan Van Gundy took a question about the Detroit Pistons' vote on NBA draft lottery reform and turned it into a compelling lobby against maximum individual salaries for NBA players, which he deemed anti-competitive for elite players and teams alike. "They don't say to Bruce Springsteen, 'You can only get 25 percent of the proceeds and 75 percent's got to go to the E Street Band.' I mean, that's not the way it works," Van Gundy said Wednesday. Booth Newspapers

"If it were more of a free-market system, I think things would change," Van Gundy said. "I think you'd see greater parity in the league -- especially having the (salary) cap and no individual max." Booth Newspapers



The Bad Boys beat the stars from Larry Brown's 2004 team at the top of the ranking.


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