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April 2, 2014 Updates

Jerebko experienced two largely disappointing seasons under Frank after starting 73 games as a rookie. Yet with the season almost over, the Pistons (27-47) are going to miss the playoffs for the fifth straight year and Jerebko is pondering his future as he has a player option for the final year of his contract. "I don't know," Jerebko said Tuesday. "Eight more games. Eight more games." Booth Newspapers

April 1, 2014 Updates
March 31, 2014 Updates

Minutes later, he followed with a photo of Siva, flashing the "L" and holding red shoes. But his shirt was blue, a piece of 2012 national championship gear from the season Siva's U of L team fell to UK in the Final Four. That was a year after Harrellson wrapped up his career with the Wildcats. Still, it's obvious both former players care quite a bit about their schools. "Yea I lost a bet," Siva said. "Gotta man up.. Always throwing my L's up." Louisville Courier-Journal

While the Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks are still trying to catch the Atlanta Hawks for the eighth and final playoff spot — with the Cavs pulling to 2½ games of the Hawks without All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving — the Pistons are owners of the eighth-worst record in the NBA. “It’s tough. It’s really tough. It definitely hurts after how we played last night,” said Pistons forward Greg Monroe, who scored 20 points and 10 rebounds in the streak-breaking 123-98 loss to the 76ers in Philly on Saturday night. “To play like that two nights in a row is something I’d say I’m disappointed in. Yeah. I mean, there was no effort tonight. Absolutely no effort.” Detroit News

March 30, 2014 Updates

Detroit's president of basketball operations and Hall of Famer player declined to be interviewed Friday night before the Bad Boys were celebrated. Dumars did not address the crowd when the 1989 NBA champions were honored at halftime of a game against the Miami Heat. His job seems to be in jeopardy with the franchise likely to miss the playoffs for a fifth straight year. NBA.com

March 29, 2014 Updates

John Loyer, the Pistons' interim coach, generally had protected and praised his players, even as this 26-46 season has crumbled away. The Pistons are 5-17 since Loyer took over for the fired Maurice Cheeks. This time, there was no half-full glass to ponder. "Not to come out with any energy and play the way we're capable of in the second half is mind-boggling to me, because we haven't done that," Loyer said. "I told our guys, for whatever games I've coached, 20-plus games, I though every single night -- other than a stretch here or there, but every team has a stretch here or there -- we've laid it on the line. Tonight, we didn't lay it on the line. And to me, that's embarrassing." Booth Newspapers

March 28, 2014 Updates

But unlike Hoiberg, who's a bit new to this scuttlebutt and respectfully let out a "no comment" Thursday about anything regarding the NBA, Izzo's more than willing to discuss where he's at practically by the minute. You don't see many coaches, in any sport, speak as freely on the record about their current job status or possible future situations the way Izzo does. It almost makes you halt with how frank he can be. Izzo told CBSSports.com that he has always felt much more comfortable not hiding things. He can't fight everything off now anyway. He said even when he's forthcoming, people still doubt him. "When there is a situation, I've been lucky enough to have an AD and a president that, if I want to explore it, they let me," Izzo said. "I just get tired of people telling me -- I don't mind if somebody speculates; that's OK, that's your job -- but when you tell me, 'I know this guy's talked to you.' I haven't talked to anybody. I want to make sure people know that." CBSSports.com

"I've never met Tom Gores, never talked to him," Izzo said. "People give me the, 'I know you've talked to him. You're just not telling me.' No I didn't. And I've been pretty honest all the way about all these jobs. Except Cleveland, I shut my mouth because we had it with the media that year and they said, 'You shouldn't be so honest,' so I didn't. I didn't deny, I just didn't answer." CBSSports.com

March 27, 2014 Updates

Gores admitted that criticism from fans is "sometimes hard to hear," but said he's determined to "stay the course" with a plan aimed at winning. "We're going back to championship days," Gores said. "There's only one choice for us, that's it. We're going back there. Is hard to hear sometimes? Sure. I want the community to be proud, and that's where we're headed. It's just a matter of time." Booth Newspapers

One more time, Tom Izzo said Wednesday, neither he nor his people have been contacted by the Pistons or any other NBA team. But, he said on “The Dan Patrick Show,” he has some theories on how these rumors get started. “I don’t even have an agent and my wife has not been contacted,” Izzo said. “I think it’s some guy sitting behind a computer that is one of my favorite human beings on the planet, which are those social media geeks which are sitting at a computer and just making up stories, and everybody says, ‘Well, you know their owner and he’s a Michigan State guy. ...’ “I’ve never met Tom Gores, I’ve never talked to Tom Gores. I think somebody, maybe it’s Michigan fans are putting that out.” Detroit Free Press

March 26, 2014 Updates

The Detroit Pistons will become the third Detroit major-league franchise with a minor-league affiliate in the Grand Rapids area when an NBA Development League team moves there next season, sources confirmed to MLive. An agreement has been reached for undisclosed local owners to purchase the Springfield (Mass.) Armor and relocate the team to Michigan's second-largest metropolitan area for the 2014-15 season, according to NBA, NBDL and local sources. Booth Newspapers

March 25, 2014 Updates
March 24, 2014 Updates

With Dumars in the final year of his contract, and John Loyer coaching with an interim label, Gores said their status will be addressed sooner rather than later. The Pistons face the prospect of perhaps having hunt for a general manager and head coach within weeks of the draft. “Oh yeah after the season, we’ll address it right away,” Gores said. “We have to let the season play out. We won’t wait around. I had one goal for us, to be competitive. Detroit needs for us to be a champion.” Detroit News

March 21, 2014 Updates

One of the most vicious hits in Pistons history didn’t come from the Bad Boys. It came from Jazz forward Karl Malone, who elbowed Isiah Thomas in the face during a 1991 game in Salt Lake City. And two decades later, Thomas remains bitter. “I think it was the dirtiest play I have experienced in the game of basketball in my life,” Thomas said of the play, which happened on a Pistons pick-and-roll with Malone rotating to cover the middle. “I don’t think I’ve seen anything as vicious and as intentional to a player. I still don’t understand it.” Thomas needed 47 stitches. His head swelled up, and even though he returned to play seven minutes, he was hospitalized and missed two games. “My head; it was just ugly,” Thomas said. “When I got home my wife started crying. There was so much swelling on my head.” Detroit News

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The Bad Boys beat the stars from Larry Brown's 2004 team at the top of the ranking.

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