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Ailene Voisin: I am hearing that longtime NBA veteran referee Dick Bavetta is retiring. Not official yet though, according to NBA sources. Bavetta is 74. Twitter @ailene_voisin

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Longtime NBA referee Dick Bavetta eclipsed former Major League Baseball player Cal Ripken’s ironman streak, working his 2,633rd straight regular-season game on Wednesday night when the Brooklyn Nets faced the New York Knicks. The league paid tribute to Bavetta before the game with a commemorative plaque and a basketball given to him by NBA president of basketball operations Rod Thorn. The 74-year-old Bavetta started working NBA games in 1975. In addition to 82 regular-season games per season, Bavetta has officiated 270 playoff games, 27 NBA Finals games and three All-Star Games. His resume includes the 1992 Summer Olympics. Basketball Insiders

“Well, it means that I am here and alive and happy,” Bavetta said, according to ESPN. “And it doesn’t end here as they say. After tonight, there is another game. That is what we (do). I am just blessed that the ironman streak has been broken here (at Madison Square Garden), I couldn’t ask for something any better. “I can’t think of any reason unless it’s an act of God with weather problems and things like that, but I’ve been blessed by the good Lord above with good health. So that has enabled me to stay healthy over the years and I think it’s symbolic of our profession.” Basketball Insiders

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NBA referee Dick Bavetta worked his 2,633rd consecutive game assignment Wednesday, an ironman streak even longer than the one baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. compiled. Bavetta worked the game between the Knicks and Nets at Madison Square Garden, where he began his career in 1975, extending a streak during which he has never missed an assignment. He chalked up his streak to good health, a dedication he said all officials shared, and a fear of inconveniencing someone else if he had to take a day off. "I tell you I don't think about it, in a sense that I guess it's a work ethic that I got from my mom and dad, and it's always been my way of thinking, that you get a fair day's wage for a fair day's work," Bavetta said before the game. And I can't think of any reason unless it's an act of God with weather problems and things like that, but I've been blessed by the good Lord above with good health, so that has enabled me to stay healthy over the years, and I think it's symbolic of our profession." Oklahoman

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Phil Jackson doesn't tweet very often, but when he does and about something very specific to the game of basketball, we take notice. Phil Jackson: Dick Bavetta has been around long enuf to know that clasp Harden put on Trevor-offensive foul…okay i’ll SMH. CSNWashington.com

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Because the NBA oddly avoids acknowledging anything affirmative regarding its referees, but takes the time at times to spotlight slip-ups, allow me to applaud Dick Bavetta for the following inconceivable achievement: Last night in Orlando, the 72-year-old (his birthday’s Dec. 10) whistleblower worked his 2,500th consecutive regular-season game. Ruminate on that statistic for a second. And now consider this unimaginable appendage: Bavetta hasn’t missed an assignment, excluding 300 in the playoffs (28 straight years) and another 300 exhibitions, since he joined the league in 1975 — and hasn’t once gone postal. We’re talking no sick days to mar his immaculate attendance record. No personal problems requiring a visit to the chaplain. No absence because of snowy flights or death-defying car rides. No “Bob Barker’s spayed and neutered dogs ate my homework.” Thirty-seven years, 27 Finals appearances. New York Post

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Dick Bavetta, who turns 71 in December, is returning for his 36th season despite persistent rumblings that the league is pushing him to retire. Bavetta has officiated an N.B.A.-record 2,434 games and has never missed an assignment. But he has slipped in the referee rankings over the past few years. New York Times

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