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December 14, 2014 Updates

The Mavs remain winless against the West’s best after Saturday afternoon’s 105-98 loss to the Golden State Warriors, a game in which the Mavs had to rally to make the final score appear respectable. That makes the Mavs 0-6 against the other teams among the top eight in the West standings and 17-2 against everybody else. “We’re right there, but we haven’t beaten the good teams,” power forward Dirk Nowitzki said. “We’ve got to turn that around pretty quick. 'Right there' is just not good enough.” ESPN.com

December 13, 2014 Updates

“We shoot together after practice and he kills me, which [ticks] me off,” Nowitzki said. So on Friday, Harris and Nowitzki were at it again on one end of the practice court at AAC. Harris, by the way, said he takes great delight in dipping into Nowitzki’s rather deep pockets in their friendly-wager shooting games. “He’s kind of a tightwad,” Harris said. “He doesn’t like giving it up, so I definitely enjoy taking it. I beat him a lot. He’s a guy who likes to talk a lot. I don’t like to talk a lot. I just like to beat him excessively.” Dallas Morning News

December 7, 2014 Updates

Nowitzki? He has a somewhat different view. “I still don’t think we would have been in position to repeat,” Nowitzki said. “That was a lot of games; I was struggling. That’s when my knee started to act up, and I missed some games. Training camp for some of our old guys was just too short. “I don’t know if we’d have had it. And there was a stretch of six games in eight days, and I don’t think that would have set us up perfectly for a deep playoff run, but who knows?” Dallas Morning News

December 4, 2014 Updates

Nowitzki said of the foul: “They had the game won and they foul Monta on the dribble up which in my 17 years is one of the dumber fouls I’ve ever seen … I saw coach (Tom) Thibodeau and he was just shaking his head.” That quote ended up getting repeated and replayed throughout Wednesday. Nowitzki said before the Milwaukee game that he regretted throwing Hinrich, who he considers a friend, under the bus. “Yeah, it got overblown a little bit,” he said. “You know, Kirk is actually my guy. We went to dinners before. I didn’t really mean to put him on the spot like that. It was an unfortunate play. We’ve all been part of unfortunate situations. I don’t know if Thibs wanted them to foul, but it was just way too late. Dallas Morning News

“They had a chance to foul Monta when he dribbled two or three times up the floor. The situation was just a bad one, but it was fortunate for us. But I didn’t mean to put my man Kirk on the spot like that, because he’s a good dude. He’s a hard-nosed player. He made two 3s right before that actually to put them in position to win, so I have nothing but respect for Kirk Hinrich. I didn’t mean to really get it out like that.” Dallas Morning News

December 3, 2014 Updates
December 2, 2014 Updates

Forward Dirk Nowitzki, who has matched wits against Gasol both in the United States and abroad, knows the 14-year veteran is back at the top of his game again following back-to-back injury-riddled seasons with the Lakers. "He’s obviously a smart player,’’ Nowitzki said. "I think he fits with them great. "He’s very, very unselfish.’’ Fort Worth Star-Telegram

November 29, 2014 Updates
November 26, 2014 Updates
November 21, 2014 Updates

Cuban tells Goldberg he talks to his players during games: "I've said things to rookies. I'm like, 'Get your ass in the game'" And: "What the (expletive) are you doin' talking about this (expletive) where we're playin'?" Says Dirk Nowitzki: "He'll say, 'Hey Dirk,' I think this guy, you know, he's goin' to the right on you. He's playing the left.' He gives us little tips." Nowitzki, by the way, has no tips for TV star Cuban. He says he has never watched Shark Tank. "He thinks he's a rock star and an entertainer, which he's not," Nowitzki says with a laugh. Dallas Morning News

November 18, 2014 Updates
November 17, 2014 Updates
November 11, 2014 Updates

Olajuwon finished his illustrious 18-year career in 2002 with 26,946 points. Nowitzki, now in his 17th season, has 26,930 points. That’s a lot of baskets for a player who couldn’t find one that dreadful day in Seattle, and who was basically unheard of before he was chosen out of Germany with the ninth overall pick in the 1998 NBA Draft. “What I like about Dirk is he came in without a lot of expectations, besides [then-Mavs coach Don Nelson] putting the pressure on him to be the Rookie of the Year,” Finley said. “But he worked himself up to superstar status. “A lot of these guys come in from college and already are, quote unquote, put in a superstar category without doing anything. Dirk did it the hard way. He worked himself up and now he’s one of the best ever to play the game.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram

November 8, 2014 Updates

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