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January 11, 2015 Updates

Doc Rivers said he would be open to coaching his son, who has averaged 6.8 points and 2.5 assists this season for the Pelicans. "I think a year ago I probably wouldn't," Rivers said of being his son's coach, "but I think I would for sure. I think this team could handle that. He's a downhill guard, which is something we need, so I certainly would." Los Angeles Times

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“My heart goes out to his family,” Rivers said. “He was a good man, and he celebrated sports. I love people who celebrate the game instead of trying to dissect and tear it down. He’s a celebrator of sports, and he’ll be missed.” Rivers called Scott “one tough dude,” and someone who “brought a hipness and a coolness to ESPN.” “I’ve had a lot of moments with Stuart, and most of them are sitting around joking about stuff that we can’t talk about, but I just loved his humor,” Rivers said. “He was so comfortable in his own skin, and to me, that’s what I will remember about him. He brought a style to ESPN. To me, it’s been imitated. When that happens, that means that you’re pretty much on top.” NBA.com

January 3, 2015 Updates

The Clippers returned to their practice facility Friday for the first time in nearly a month and seemed eager to get to work, if they remembered how. “It’s going to be good to compete, to get after each other a little bit,” Chris Paul said, adding that practices are good for the guys who don’t see a lot of minutes. “It’s good for them, to get up and down and sharpen things up.” Orange County Register

January 2, 2015 Updates

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