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May 16, 2014 Updates
May 15, 2014 Updates

After the loss, Chris Paul took the blame after two key turnovers in the final minute and a foul on a Russell Westbrook three-point attempt that ultimately led to the game-winning points for the Thunder. "I did think that was a foul last night," said Rivers of the Westbrook attempt. "Chris kind of jumped up and turned his body to avoid it." Los Angeles Times

Fresh off a stunning collapse that pushed his Los Angeles Clippers within a game of season's end, still fuming over a controversial replay call he would later call “horrendous” and “series-defining,” Doc Rivers marched out of the locker room late Tuesday with fury in his eyes. He headed toward the interview room only to spot Oklahoma City Thunder chairman Clay Bennett walking past in the hallway, according to Yahoo Sports. Oklahoman

“Wow!” Rivers yelled at Bennett, according to the website. “Why can't we get the right replay?” Bennett, perhaps still stunned by his unlikely change in fortune, didn't say a word in response and just kept walking. Oklahoman

May 14, 2014 Updates

With no foul called on the floor, the officials could review only who touched the ball last. It seemed clear to Rivers and the Clippers that the ball went off Jackson but the ball was given to the Thunder. "It was our ball," Rivers said. "Everybody knows it was our ball. I think the bottom line is they thought it was a foul and they made up for it. Then, in my opinion, let's take away replay. Let's take away the replay system because that's our ball, we win the game and we got robbed because of that call. It's clear. "Everyone in the arena saw it. That's why everybody was shocked when they said Oklahoma City. That was our ball. Whether it was a foul or not and it was, but they didn't call it." ESPN.com

"Now we made our own mistakes," Rivers said. "We turned the ball over, we fouled on a 3-pointer, we did a lot of stuff to lose the game ourselves, but at the end of the day, we have a replay system that you're supposed to look at, and I don't want to hear that they didn't have that replay. That's a bunch of crap. That's what I heard. That's a bunch of crap, and you all know it." ESPN.com

"The same thing happened to us in the Golden State series where they tried to reverse the call," Rivers said. "They didn't even want to look at the replay because they knew it was a foul and they had to look at the replay and they had to go by what it said. And so they gave Golden State the ball, and the NBA later said that it should have been a foul on the call. The official on that play knew that he didn't see a foul but he had to be honest on the replay. That didn't happen here." ESPN.com

"The one thing I know about our officials, they don't do anything on purpose," Rivers said. "They don't cheat or anything like that. They made a horrendous call, but at the end of the day, we created the situation. We put them in the situation with the turnovers, bad fouls and non-fouls. We did a lot ourselves to not win the game." ESPN.com

May 13, 2014 Updates

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