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February 14, 2013 Updates

How are you getting ready for the dunk contest? Terrence Ross: I'm just practicing hard, just working the dunks I think I should be able to do at the contest. DeMar [DeRozan] is helping me, Rudy [Gay] is helping me a lot. DeMar is giving me some good advice on how to do some dunks and improve on my score while getting the crowd on my side. Who is the best dunker at the All Stars? Terrence Ross: I would say [Michael] Jordan and [Dominique] Wilkins, those two were the best. HoopsHype

February 7, 2013 Updates
January 18, 2013 Updates

To the one hundredth of one percent of humans who have experienced what it's like to bounce 40 inches-plus in the air with nothing but a pair high tops to get you there, jumping is an artistic expression. "It's an art form, it really is," Robinson says. "A guy like Gerald Green controls his hops and his jumps are for a purpose. Julius Erving had big hands. He was always moving the ball all around; he made it look like magic in the air. Then you have explosive dunkers who jump high and dunk hard like Dominique Wilkins. Me? I'm an energy jumper. My jumping ability is more like an explosive Dennis Rodman, and since I'm shorter, it looks crazy. I'm just a guy out there who's trying to show the world what I can do. Not too many 5-9 guys can dunk like I can." Yahoo! Sports

December 28, 2012 Updates

It's important to note that this New York Times feature isn't about famous people who died this year. It's regular people, with photos and remembrances submitted by their friends and family. And there, barely noticeable between a "devoted wife and mother" and an Egyptian immigrant doctor, is Dan Roundfield, the former NBA player who drowned in August trying to rescue his wife from rough seas. The brief note accompanying the photo was written by Dominique Wilkins, who played with Roundfield on the Hawks for two seasons. This wasn't commissioned by the Times—it was just Wilkins reaching out when he saw an opportunity to publicly honor his friend and teammate. Deadspin.com

November 9, 2012 Updates

The leader of the group – the massive, wide-bodied Mahorn – was in Sleep Train Arena, calling the game for Pistons radio, and he thought Robinson went over the edge. "That was dirty," Mahorn said Thursday when reached on his cellphone. "We all have mental lapses, but you don't take your frustration out in a way that will hurt somebody. I didn't have the physical gifts or the flight of a Dominique Wilkins. I used my body and my width to position. I would use my big (butt) to clear some room. "But we never tried to bust somebody in the mouth. You don't hit somebody in the face. You don't want to be that guy, because now everything he does is going to be looked at. The referees remember." Sacramento Bee

August 7, 2012 Updates

Roundfield was an established veteran when Dominique Wilkins, a likely Hall of Famer, entered the league in 1982. “Danny was the most honest and upfront person I knew and I’m very stunned at hearing the news of his death,” Wilkins said in a statement released by the organization. “Danny’s one of my closest friends and he was a tremendous influence on my NBA career, on and off the court. He taught me how to be a professional and took me under his wing. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, I will truly miss him.” FOXSportsSouth.com

January 25, 2012 Updates

The Atlanta Sports Council will recognize Hawks great Dominique Wilkins with its 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award. Wilkins will be honored as part of the award ceremony on Feb. 27 at the Fox Theatre. According to the Sports Council, the Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have made a positive impact on the sports world and their community throughout their career. Wilkins joins past Lifetime Achievement Award recipients Hank Aaron (2006), Vince Dooley (2007), Billy Payne (2008), Ted Turner (2009), Tom Cousins (2010) and Bobby Cox (2011). Wilkins currently serves in the Hawks front office and as an analyst for Fox Sports South telecasts. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

October 22, 2011 Updates

The man arrested following a fight with Dominique Wilkins says he didn't provoke or threaten the former Hawks star, who then punched him repeatedly with his fists as basketball fans watched. Wilkins then lied to security guards about the fight, saying that Rashan Michel assaulted him, according to a lawsuit filed in Friday in Fulton County state court. Michel was arrested that night, March 30, and charged with misdemeanor battery. That charge was later dropped. Wilkins was not charged. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A former NBA referee turned custom clothier, Michel says Wilkins owes him $12,000 for custom suits. And when he saw Wilkins near the floor of Philips Arena, Michel approached him about the unpaid debt, according to the lawsuit, which also names the Atlanta Spirit, owner of the Hawks, as a defendant. "Seeing Wilkins in the stands on this particular occasion, Plaintiff (Michel) seized upon the opportunity to ask Wilkins about whether he intended to pay the debt," the lawsuit states. "Embarrassed that Plaintiff had mentioned the debt, Wilkins began arguing with Plaintiff, shouting ‘I built this house!' and cursing Plaintiff for bringing up the matter in front of his peers." Atlanta Journal-Constitution

August 30, 2011 Updates

The Grizz Girls are going international. The Memphis Grizzlies Dance Team will take to Hong Kong for NBA Madness 2011, where they’ll represent the Grizzlies and the league at the fifth annual event that aims to bring NBA excitement abroad. Along with basketball legend Dominique Wilkins, the Grizz Girls will participate in selected venues to interact with fans and bring a piece of NBA entertainment overseas. “This is the first opportunity the Grizz Girls have had to represent the NBA overseas, so I’m thrilled that our girls will be able to showcase abroad the talents that members of Grizz Nation are already very familiar with,” said Tamara Moore, Grizz Girls Choreographer. “Whether on Beale Street or in Hong Kong, the Grizz Girls will perform with a brand of dancing that is entertaining and distinctly Memphis.” NBA.com

April 3, 2011 Updates

So, who is this 6-foot-2 guy who allegedly attacked/confronted 6-foot-8 Dominique Wilkins at courtside after Wednesday’s Hawks-Magic game regarding a reputed unpaid $12,500 haberdashery bill . . . and not only got beat down (video of “assailant’s” left eye confirmed Nique can still go strong to his right) but charged with battery by Atlanta law enforcement? “It was only a matter of time before someone stomped a mud hole in Rashan’s butt and walked it dry,” essentially proclaimed a former refereeing partner. “He was talented and troubled in the same way Tim Donaghy was talented and troubled. Both exhibited similar flashing warning signals. The league ignored the tell -tale signs of one and discharged the other. New York Post

Nobody has ever bothered to explain Michel’s expulsion, not that anybody asked or cared. This incident required me to wonder. According to someone with a hand on the pulse of such league liquidations, Michel lived in the fast lane during his tour and frequently got pulled over. “Supposedly he had a drinking-and-driving problem and was put on probation, at least once,” the source said. “That’s what I heard at the time. You’re obliged to alert the league if you get caught up in something inappropriate. Evidently he failed to do that and that was all she wrote.” New York Post

“The Human Highlight Film has a history of not paying people,” one former player stated by e-mail. Another message: “I don’t know the details of this episode. All I can say is that when Nique left Greece (‘96), he owed everybody money. New York Post

April 1, 2011 Updates

The former NBA referee who confronted TV analyst and former Hawks star Dominique Wilkins over unpaid custom clothes owes money himself, court documents show. Rashan S. Michel was charged with misdemeanor assault after he fought with Wilkins, claiming he owes $12,500 for custom clothing. Michel has also sued Wilkins in Fulton County State Court. Court documents show Michael himself was sued in Fulton County Magistrate Court in 2010 for $15,000, including $12,000 in unpaid rent for commercial real estate space on Edgewood Avenue. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

March 31, 2011 Updates

A former NBA referee was charged with attacking Hall of Famer and Atlanta Hawks television analyst Dominique Wilkins in a dispute over a clothing bill. Carlos Campos, an Atlanta police spokesman, said 36-year-old Rashan S. Michel was released early Thursday on $1,000 cash bond after being charged with two counts of simple battery. MSNBC.com

Michael Cunningham: via TMZ.com video of Dominique Wilkins incident at Philips Arena http://bit.ly/gCNA6d Twitter

A man has been accused of attacking basketball legend Dominique Wilkins inside Philips Arena after the Atlanta Hawks defeated the Orlando Magic, 85-82, on Wednesday night. The Hawks issued a statement that read: "The Atlanta Hawks are aware of a postgame altercation involving a fan who allegedly attacked VP of Basketball (and) TV analyst Dominique Wilkins. The fan was promptly arrested and taken into custody by the Atlanta Police Department. At this time, the Hawks have no additional information or comment regarding this situation." Boston Herald

The man who allegedly attacked NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins after Wednesday night's game said Wilkins owed him money, Atlanta police said. Rashan S. Michel, 36, was arrested and charged with one count of simple battery following the incident, Officer K.Y. Jones with Atlanta police told the AJC. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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