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Rick Majerus' solitary season on an NBA bench in 1986-87 was spent as a Milwaukee Bucks assistant to head coach Don Nelson and sidekick to then-Bucks assistant Del Harris. Nelson and Harris quickly became two of Majerus' closest friends in the game. The longtime college basketball coach's passing Saturday was thus felt deeply in Dallas, where the Nelson-and-Harris tag team remains firmly entrenched after they reunited with the Mavericks from 2000 through 2007 alongside current Mavs president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson. ESPN.com

Said Harris on Sunday: "Rick will be known by his friends and those players who followed him closely by one short sentence: He cared. "Regardless of how demanding he was, Rick proved his love for friends and players past and present in a myriad of ways. I have recorded and saved voicemails he has sent me and my son Dominic has saved encouraging letters Rick sent him from years past. Obviously I could go on and on. "He had tons of friends (in the game). He was totally dedicated to his family, particularly caring for his mother after his father died. He called me the brother he never had and I suspect he used that expression a lot." ESPN.com

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For the Dallas Mavericks, the ability to get Derek Fisher at this stage of the season has been a godsend. "I think we were fortunate that he was available, and the timing was right,'' said Donnie Nelson. the Mavs' president of basketall operations. "He adds leadership, he adds big playmaking ability in crunch time, and certainly three-point clutch shooting. "And he’s perfect with the Mavericks that are in that locker room. He’s going to fit in really well with our guys.'' Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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The Mavericks didn’t pick up Dominique Jones’ fourth-year on his rookie scale contract, which means he’ll be an unrestricted free agent after this season. But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t return to the Mavericks. The Mavericks might elect to re-sign him after the season. “We are in position to keep all our young guys, and veterans too, for that matter, regardless of contract status,’’ president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said. “Our flexibility affords us that luxury.’’ Dallas Morning News

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Rick Carlisle is in his fifth year as your coach, and won a title in 2011. Is he still the right man for this franchise moving forward? Donnie Nelson: Rick is one of those guys that whether it's a veteran team or whether it's a team with a lot of new faces like we have now, I think he's one of those rare guys that's equally effective in both of those areas. You have some guys come in that are specialists that can rebuild, you have some guys that are good with the kind of in-between teams, you've got some guys that come in and are specialists and take this championship team and get the most out of them. I think Rick really runs the gamut.. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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In 1985, his third summer with the team, Nelson ended up in Eastern Europe, facing off against Lithuanian star Sarunas Marciulionis, who scored 40 points against him. Nelson was amazed at what he saw, and it was through his intercession that Marciulionis eventually signed with the Golden State Warriors, becoming the first Soviet NBA player. "I'm an inquisitive guy," Nelson said. "I like people. I'm good at relationships, and people like me. So it was fascinating just to me, the different cultures, different ways of living, different belief systems whether it's religious or political." Fox Sports North

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And then there's the character that is new Mavs center Chris Kaman, a former teammate on Dirk's German national team even though the red-blooded American -- who has tweeted pictures of his guns, his Texas-sized pickup and a new pair of cowboy boots -- was born in blue-collar Wyoming, Mich. "Chris has definitely hit me up for all my hunting contacts," Mavs president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said last week. "He wants to bag a white-tail deer and go hog hunting. So, I'm working on that." ESPN.com

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“We’ve never had a low-post presence like Chris Kaman since I’ve been here, certainly; a guy that we can throw the ball into and you don’t have to throw the ball to Dirk every other possession,” Nelson explained. “You know, our backcourt is young and it’s athletic. I think we’ll be able to get after folks defensively a little bit more. So, I’m really looking forward to it. … Obviously, you take a guy like Elton Brand, with his kind of integrity and presence, and he can go inside, he can go outside; he gives our frontline some versatility. You know, O.J. Mayo, here’s a guy that can play a little bit of 2, a little 1. So, I think we’re more athletic. I think defensively we’ve got the propensity and the bodies to be a little bit better. We’re not veteran, so we’re gonna have to attack in a different way, but I think we’re a little bit more youthful and athletic and dynamic, and I think that’s a good thing. NBA.com

“You know, the one thing that stands out is we don’t have veterans like we did. When you lose a guy like Jason Kidd and JET [Terry] in the backcourt, those are decision-making positions. We’re gonna have to do it in a different way. I think we do have the ability with our new guys to get in the paint and collapse some defenses. We all know what Roddy [Beaubois] and Delonte [West] can do, and to have Collison come in there, those are three young point guards that can get toe-to-toe with folks, pick them up fullcourt and they can get in the paint and make things happen. Jason Kidd and JET, those were two of the great Mavericks that ever put on a uniform in the history of our franchise, so I don’t think those are shoes that are easily filled. But I think these guys are gonna put their stamp on it and do it their own way.” NBA.com

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“I have the utmost respect for Eddie,” commented Legends Owner Donnie Nelson. “The work ethic he exhibited as a player, and his knowledge of the NBA game will serve him well in his role as Head Coach of the Legends. Whether coaching a rookie, or an NBA veteran, Coach Najera will have valuable insight for all of our players. I am equally excited to begin working with Eddie in a front office capacity with the Mavericks as he learns the management side of the game. I am proud to be able to call Eddie an ownership partner with the Legends.” HoopsWorld

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Nelson said the job of hiring a new top assistant would fall primarily to head coach Rick Carlisle. “Certainly, this is something that has been a possibility for a while, and Rick is fully aware of that and fully prepared. I’m sure he has a list of people he will contact or already has contacted.” Nelson said. “That being said, we have not all sat in a room together and discussed this, so that’s probably the next step.” Dallas Morning News

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