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July 31, 2012 Updates

Mavs GM Donnie Nelson and Magic GM Orlando GM Rob Hennigan visited last week about a Dwight Howard trade and "will probably talk again,'' Nelson tells FOXSportsSouthwest.com. Meanwhile, Dwight and the Magic seem done visiting. Does this move Dwight-to-Dallas closer to the front burner? Or is is simply a step towards Dallas becoming the favorite to sign the disgruntled superstar center next summer? FOXSports SouthWest

July 26, 2012 Updates
July 25, 2012 Updates

(Donnie) Nelson went on to say that: "Jason [Kidd] will be missed and he is appreciated beyond words. And at some point we're hoping to get that old number retired in the rafters.'' Nelson added that the Mavs also hope to retire Terry's jersey number one day. He gave kudos to a player who was known for hitting clutch baskets during his eight-year tenure with the Mavs. Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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July 20, 2012 Updates

But the pickups of one-year contracts in no way indicate that the Mavs will be flipping their roster year after year until they finally land that really big fish. At least that's what they're saying. "Our intent is we look first and foremost at the guys in our locker room," said general manager Donnie Nelson, referring to free agency. "I'd say the majority of the time we don't want change. "We want to have continuity, because I think that breeds success. We're not looking to flip shirts every chance we get." Fort Worth Star-Telegram

July 19, 2012 Updates

Nowitzki, 34, won't play forever. But he's also not nearing the end, especially if considering the status of a couple of his 7-foot MVP peers. Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett are both 36 and each recently signed three-year contracts taking them to the verge of 40. Why can't that be Nowitzki? "It's important not to assume anything," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. "I think with these two years we've got to do the same thing we did last year and that's keep his minutes reasonable, we've got to surround him with the right guys and put ourselves in a position to be successful. "If we do those things, he's going to want to continue to play. We're all involved with that. We know the challenges." Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"I don't foresee Dirk all of the sudden hitting some wall in the next year or two," Mavericks general manager Donnie Nelson said. "Our plan has always been to put ourselves in a positive position to win a championship. There's different ways of doing that. "With the amnesty situation, we've come away with a pretty darn good player [Brand] there. With free agency with Kaman and the creativity in some of our contracts, we feel we can be right there in the thick of it this year and, next year, we've got significant cap room to get a couple big guys." Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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July 17, 2012 Updates

The Mavericks' plan is for their latest acquisition, O.J. Mayo, is to start him at shooting guard. "That’s a Rick (Carlisle) decision, but that’s the way it’s penciled in, and he can swing back and forth between (point guard) and (shooting guard)," Mavs president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said during Tuesday's appearance on the "Ben & Skin Show." "Look, O.J. will do whatever it takes to win and he proved that in Memphis, whether it’s starting or coming off the bench." ESPN.com

So is there still room for West? President of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said Tuesday that there is. "We’d love to have Delonte back," Nelson said during an appearance on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's "Ben & Skin Show." "Look, we’re not done. We’re continuing to kind of build the roster and put ourselves in position to contend next year." West would first have to be agreeable to signing a deal for the Mavs' "room" exception of $2.5 million. ESPN.com

July 11, 2012 Updates
July 7, 2012 Updates

Donnie Nelson on the subject of the failed DeronQuest ... Donnie: "It was tough. We thought we had a good chance. ... It was a tough decision (for him) and a close call. I can’t tell you at the end of the day what the main reason was. Maybe it was the excitement of a new city or arena. "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Listen, that happens in sports, in business, in life. You've got to pick yourself back up and get back at it. Which we immediately started doing.' Scout.com

On the subject of Cuban's absence at The Pitch while he was instead in LA filming "Shark Talk ... Donnie: "(Cuban) couldn’t control the scheduling and he'd made a comment. But more than that, Deron requested a basketball conversation. Mark signs the checks and was all-in on this deal. It was unfortunate that it didn't work out but it (Cuban's absence) didn’t make a difference. It was mostly an Xs-and-Os meeting that Rick and I handled because those are the Scout.com

July 1, 2012 Updates

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