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May 29, 2015 Updates

Sam: I do have to defend the Bulls on this one as it has become sort of a smear campaign, that big lie thing that if you say a lie often enough people will believe it. The parting with Vinnie went badly and John Paxson did regret the events and apologized. As a result, he hasn’t had much interaction with Thibodeau. But the Bulls often have been more generous to their coaches than I would have been. Doug Collins and Jackson still remain close with Bulls management, Paxson and Collins still emailing almost weekly. Collins received championship jewelry from the team to thank him for his contributions even though he was fired two years before the first title. And despite Jerry Krause’s open courtship of Tim Floyd, Reinsdorf offered Jackson a multiyear deal at the league’s highest salary to begin a post-Jordan rebuilding. Jackson declined as he didn’t want to be involved in rebuilding. Tim Floyd quit and Reinsdorf paid him the full two years left on his contract. Scott Skiles told management he couldn’t coach the players anymore. They let him go, but they cancelled the offset in his contract so he could go to the Bucks and double dip with two salaries instead of the Bulls getting his Bucks salary. And though there was bitterness at Thibodeau’s discharge, no one in 20 years had hired Thibodeau to be head coach until the Bulls did. And then they gave him a generous contract extension and he’ll make $9 million the next two years. It doesn’t exactly suggest a pattern of coaching abuse. NBA.com

May 27, 2015 Updates

As of Wednesday, all remained quiet as far as the job status of Thibodeau. That doesn’t mean details of the frayed relationship between coach and front office haven’t stopped permeating throughout the league. While there had been reports of Bulls VP of basketball operations John Paxson trying to force-feed an offensive-minded presence on Thibodeau and his staff last summer, that so-called would-be assistant coach went nameless. According to a league source, however, it was former Bulls coach Doug Collins. Considering how close Collins and members of the Bulls front office have remained over the years, it would have been a recipe for disaster. The ultimate act of undermining. Luckily, Thibodeau resisted the idea, as his team went on and finished fourth in the Eastern Conference in offensive efficiency anyway. Chicago Sun-Times

April 26, 2015 Updates
March 18, 2015 Updates

Jack Haley had no business being in the NBA with no real skill that relates not only to basketball, but playing with the greatest players in the world. He had a set shot and couldn’t really jump, didn’t see the floor that well, handle the ball or even take his sweats off effectively. Doug Collins, who gave Haley his first NBA job with the Bulls in 1988, has a favorite story. “He’d always sit close to me,” Collins recalled Tuesday. Early in one game we didn’t have any energy. I said, ‘Jack, you want to play, get in there.’ He jumped up and we had those snap away pants back then. He pulled them off so fast to get in the game one of the snaps broke off. It hits me in my eye and now I couldn’t see like half the game. He’s saying, ‘Coach, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’ I was, ‘Jack, just get in. Go play.’ He was ready, always ready. He wanted to play so badly.” NBA.com

February 15, 2015 Updates

Doug Collins may have had to keep his composure on the sideline when he coached in the NBA, but like any parent, he has a tough time keeping his emotions in check during his child's games. Bleacher Report

January 16, 2015 Updates
December 31, 2014 Updates
November 2, 2014 Updates

Former 76ers coach and all-time great player Doug Collins is hoping general manager SamHinkie’s methods eventually produce a winner. “It’s a little painful for me right now to be a former Sixer, see the losses and all,” Collins said. “When I left I talked to [team owner] Josh Harris and I said regardless of what you’re going to do, stick with the plan. You can’t switch in midstream. If it gets painful, you’re going to have to ride through it. I felt they were going to blow the team up and start all over again. “Michael Carter-Williams was the Rookie of the Year. Nerlens Noel looks like he has a chance to be a high-energy, active defender, shot-blocker, rebounder. I don’t know if he’s ever going to be a big-time scorer. [Joel] Embiid, can he get healthy? The [Dario] Saric kid overseas, all the draft picks. There’s pain that goes with that and that’s why I said I have a lot of respect for [coach] Brett Brown. Boston Globe

June 4, 2014 Updates
May 22, 2014 Updates

That wait never ended, though. In the 2012 offseason, the Sixers announced Rod Thorn would leave after the ’12-’13 season. As a list of potential candidates to replace him surfaced, one name was notably absent: Levien’s. The reason, a source with knowledge of the situation said, was that respected veteran coach Doug Collins, like Petrie, had soured on Levien. Collins’ influence had grown within the organization in the months after the sale, and told the ownership group that he would not work with Levien if he was put into a decision-making role. “It was a ‘him or me,’ kind of thing,” the source said. Sporting News

April 14, 2014 Updates

Last season saw 13 coaching changes and eight front office hires. There won’t be nearly as many open front office jobs, but it looks like three or four opportunities could surface. Last week we took a look at some of those jobs and worked through a list of possible candidates. Like most lists, the feedback from around the league offered up several more names to consider, so here is the second wave of ‘likely to get interviewed’ front office candidates. Doug Collins: As bad as it went for Collins in his final days with Philadelphia, there is still a sense that he has some fans among NBA owners looking for a “face-of-the-franchise” guy. It’s possible that Collins gets his name associated with some of the front office jobs that come up, but there is doubt in NBA circles that Collins would be back with a team so quickly. When it comes to known candidates Collins is that, but its seems unlikely that he is hired this year, but he does seem like someone that’s going to get linked to jobs based on feedback from others around the league. Basketball Insiders

March 19, 2014 Updates

And who might Jackson appoint to be his own leader of men? Much speculation has focused on former Suns GM and TNT analyst Steve Kerr, who played for Jackson in Chicago. But Kerr has never coached before and has not given colleagues in his new field any strong signals that he's itching to leave the broadcast table -- especially for the pressure cooker of MSG. Then again, Winter said, "When you see these commentators, even Doug Collins, you think they're happy doing what they're doing. And the next thing you know, they're back in the meat grinder." CBSSports.com

March 6, 2014 Updates

Doug Collins, former NBA player and ex-coach of the Chicago Bulls, has moved to the outskirts of Chicago into a place in Glenview for $798,490, according to several news sources. Chicago Real Estate Daily reported that Collins purchased the place sometime in August 2013. The residence is a 2,493-square-foot, single-family home with three bedrooms, three full and one half bathrooms. Realty Today

January 29, 2014 Updates

Doug Collins, who was Jordan’s coach from 1986-87 through 1988-89, is in San Antonio to broadcast the Bulls/Spurs game. He marveled at Durant’s scoring as well, agreeing it’s problematic to stop Durant’s shot. Just like it was against Jordan, though Jordan was probably a half foot shorter. “But with Michael,” Collins laughed, “there were times I wanted to get him to score less and he still averaged more than 30.” Collins pointed to Jordan’s run of 10 triple doubles in 11 games toward the end of the 1988-89 season. The Bulls had been slumping, losers of three straight and four of six in a season in which they would make their first run to the conference finals in 14 years. Bulls.com

January 23, 2014 Updates

“A lot of the new ownership, it’s hedge fund managers and guys who are very, very involved now with their teams,” Collins said. “A lot of these guys, it may be hard for them to talk personnel in certain ways, but the one thing that they can talk is numbers. … "I am big on analytics being a huge part of it, teams are smart to use analytics, but at the same time, to me, there is the eye test, there is the heart test, there is that test every single day when you are with players in practice, developing a trust and a truth with one another about how you want to win basketball games. It is in flux right now, but the beauty is, let’s see how it all turns out.” Sporting News

January 13, 2014 Updates

"I've been in this for 40 years or whatever, and general managers always fall in love with the NBA draft. Coaches try to win games, and for general managers it's a nice five-year deal that allows them to fall in love with the draft and build. It's easy to tear something down, but then you've got to try and rebuild it," Collins vented after Bill Simmons got him worked up over the 2014 NBA draft looking like fool's gold. Yahoo! Sports

December 14, 2013 Updates
November 18, 2013 Updates

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