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March 6, 2015 Updates

There is a reason he opened the season as the consensus No. 1 and still holds the spot despite serious pressure from Ohio State guard D'Angelo Russell and Kentucky big man Karl-Anthony Towns, and maybe Emmanuel Mudiay, a point guard who signed with SMU but played in China instead. "His offensive ability on the box," one front-office veteran said of the appeal of Okafor. "I'm not a huge Okafor guy. But I think the general consensus is that he's the best player in college basketball." NBA.com

In Game 3, his official return, Mudiay put up 28 points, eight assists and eight rebounds. “I did a couple of his games early on and he looked like a high school player who didn’t look physically up to being in a professional league — he looked like a teenager,’’ Crispino told The Post at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis Wednesday before the Knicks were routed by the Pacers. “He showed flashes of being a good basketball player but nothing like he’d be a top-5 pick.’’ New York Post

National Basketball Players Association general counsel Gary Kohlman said "quite likely the union will be taking a radically different position" than the NBA on the age issue, which will almost certainly be a contentious point between the sides when they sit down. "If they were white and hockey players, they would be out there playing. If they were white and baseball players, they would be out there playing," Kohlman said. "Because most of them are actually African-American and are in a sport and precluded from doing it, they have to go into this absurd world of playing for one year. "That's just total complete hypocrisy." ESPN.com

March 5, 2015 Updates

Naismith Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown says Emmanuel Mudiay could be the next John Wall, and says numerous NBA teams have called him to discuss the Congolese-American point guard, including the Philadelphia 76ers. “I look at John Wall and the way he’s evolved and I feel comfortable that Emmanuel is a lot like that,” Brown told SNY.tv by phone on Wednesday. ZagsBlog.com

“I think when Deron Williams was healthy and young [they were similar],” Brown said. “He shot the ball better than Emmanuel but Emmanuel’s shot is not broken. If you’re conscientious, you can become a reasonable shooter if you’re shot’s not broken and his shot is not broken. But he doesn’t need to shoot to be effective because I think he’s pass-first. I think he’s a special defender and I think he’s an elite rebounder.” ZagsBlog.com

The Knicks, Lakers and 76ers are among the NBA’s worst teams, and Brown likes the idea of Mudiay landing in a big market like New York, Los Angeles or Philadelphia, all cities where he used to coach. “I want to help the kid and I look at the possibilities with L.A, the Knicks, with Philadelphia, there’s some unbelievable major markets with the chance to really make a difference,” Brown said. “I’m just hopeful that he’s around quality people because he’s an extraordinary kid in my mind and an unbelievable talent at a position you can’t put enough emphasis on.” ZagsBlog.com

Daniels said the most shocking aspect of Mudiay is his patience. "I'd never heard of him before," Daniels said. "I looked at a couple clips and the adjustment he has made has been unbelievable coming from high school. He has the size and ability to go by his man at any time, but he's let the offense come to him. He's setting up everyone else. He's on a veteran team, and he's making sure everyone else is happy." ESPN.com

The major question mark with Mudiay's game revolves around his ability to make shots consistently from the perimeter -- and also run a team. Daniels, when we spoke with him earlier this season, wasn't concerned about Mudiay's ability to knock down shots from deep. "It's gotten better because he works at it," Daniels said. "He takes 200 shots after every practice and his shot is coming along. It's much further along than when he first got here a couple months ago. It takes time for most guys to develop that part of their game. There just aren't many Ray Allens and J.J. Redicks. It's going to come because his work ethic is crazy. He's relentless." ESPN.com

"It's pretty tough for a high school guy to come over there and play," one high-level NBA scout who made the trip to China at the start of Mudiay's season told ESPN.com. "He's playing against talented guys every night who were either elite college players or borderline NBA players. They're all at least four years older than he is. What was clear from those early games was that his confidence level is high. He doesn't back down. When he makes mistakes, he played through it and never seemed to get rattled." ESPN.com

A veteran NBA scout and a longtime NBA executive told me they have Kaminsky ranked 11th and 12th, respectively, on their draft boards. Dekker, meanwhile, was projected as a fringe lottery selection by several NBA personnel entering the season. They had closely monitored the 6-9 Dekker on the summer camp circuit and were wowed with his all-around skill set. Racine Journal-Times

Hayes is only a sophomore and the general perception was that he was a lock to remain at Wisconsin for at least another season. But some NBA personnel claim Hayes has quietly conducted some exploratory work about possibly entering the June draft. Racine Journal-Times

"I got a lot of good feedback about being drafted in the second round," Henderson said. "Then I got in trouble that summer and then it seemed like that was the end of [the NBA interest]. There was really nothing after that. I have to live with that." Yahoo! Sports

March 4, 2015 Updates

"If we had him right now, we'd be ranked one, two or three in the country," Larry Brown said in a phone interview with ESPN.com. "And along with Russell and Okafor, he'd be the biggest name in college basketball right now. He'd have a brand right now. I tried to tell the family, but he had other people in his ears, and, ultimately, I supported his decision. The kid just wanted to play basketball, but he had a family to support." ESPN.com

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