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January 6, 2015 Updates

Q: Can you imagine leaving this group? I guess that must hit you that you wouldn’t want to, all things being equal. Draymond Green: Exactly. And who knows what the future holds? So I’m going to enjoy this team because it’s so fun to play with these guys, so fun. Obviously winning helps that; it’s a great coaching staff, great organization. Just live in this moment and enjoy this year. All that stuff will take care of itself. You know, if I sit and worry about it July 1st isn’t coming any faster than it’s coming, anyway. I’ll just enjoy playing with this team–it’s so fun being out there, practice, whatever. It’s hard to sit and think about your contract because you’re having so much fun, you get lost in these moments. I lose myself in these moments because it’s so fun, it’s so enjoyable, it’s a great atmosphere. To think about my contract, I’d be doing myself a disservice. San Jose Mercury-News

December 26, 2014 Updates

Golden State forward Draymond Green, unhappy with a 100-86 loss to the Clippers on Thursday night, said the Warriors "were too nice" and should have keyed more on the teams' oft-contentious rivalry. "I don't know what the cause of it was, maybe everybody was a little too jolly, Christmas spirit," said Green, who had 10 points and 10 rebounds in 34 minutes. "But it was too nice. It was boring." ESPN.com

December 22, 2014 Updates
December 19, 2014 Updates

And then there is Green’s ears perking up when something is said about him that he doesn’t particularly like. For instance, Avery Johnson on SportsCenter after the Warriors lost at Memphis had words that Green remembers. “Funny guy,” Green said of Johnson. “Funny guy. Jalen Rose is a funny guy, too. “It’s funny to me. They just keep lighting that fuel and adding more fuel to the fire.” Rose, who played at Michigan and rival school of Green’s alma mater Michigan State, said earlier this month while largely praising Green that, “Draymond Green I don’t think he would be in the league if he wasn’t in the right place at the right time and get developed.” Contra Costa Times

December 16, 2014 Updates

Pelicans forward Dante Cunningham said he spoke to NBA officials and said the league is investigating two separate second-quarter incidents involving him in Sunday’s game against Golden State. Both Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green were struck in their face inadvertently by Cunningham on two separate plays. Barnes suffered a nasal fracture, a chipped tooth and had a mouth laceration that required stitches. He did not return after he left the game holding a towel to his mouth with 10:29 remaining in the second quarter. Green suffered a bloody nose after catching Cunningham’s elbow just before halftime. However, he returned to play in the second half to help spark the Warriors to a 128-122 overtime victory that extended their winning streak to 16 consecutive games. New Orleans Times-Picayune

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December 3, 2014 Updates
November 29, 2014 Updates
November 26, 2014 Updates

“Who better than him…at the point guard spot,” Green said. “I don’t know someone that’s better than him, so I definitely think he’s taken over that top spot at the point guard spot. Obviously, with winning comes accolades, so we keep continuing to win, all that stuff will take care of itself.” “He’ll be an All-Star. He’ll be all that stuff. You continue to win games, and those wins add up, it’ll be hard to deny him the MVP.” Contra Costa Times

November 20, 2014 Updates
November 18, 2014 Updates

League sources estimated that Draymond Green, a restricted free agent next summer, is in line for a hefty raise from the $915,000 he's making this season. With eight-figure deals already guaranteed for next season to five players—Stephen Curry, Andrew Bogut, David Lee, Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson—the prudence of putting Green in the same neighborhood would be questionable, if not prohibitive. Bleacher Report

"You could make the argument that his value is somewhat like Taj Gibson's is to the Bulls right now," one NBA talent scout said. "He is seen as a part of the Warriors' main core. His value is very similar to that of Tayshaun Prince on Detroit's championship team. He will end up getting approximately $8 million per year in free agency based on similar comparables." Bleacher Report

Green is aware he's made himself an important part of the Warriors, and he has a windfall coming. "It'd be a lie to say I don't think about it," he said. "But I don't try to do anything different. If I did, everything is going to go wrong because I would be focusing on the wrong thing. I'd be stressed all year. Stress equals bad performances, which then would equal no contract. I really love it here. It's all I know about this league. As far as the money working out, if they want me to stay here, I know there's a way to keep me here." Bleacher Report

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