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July 24, 2011 Updates

Los Angeles’ pro-am Drew League has played host to several NBA players over its years. But perhaps none have been bigger than LeBron James(notes), who made an appearance on Saturday. “Seeing him on that court in this community with those kids and the impact he made in that hour and a half of play, this was by far the best day we’ve had in the Drew League,” Drew League director Dino Smiley told Yahoo! Sports. Yahoo! Sports

With Davis coaching, James led Cheaters II to a close victory with 33 points. Once the game ended, the crowd rushed James to get autographs and pictures. After about five minutes, James’ entourage whisked him away to the locker room. James is scheduled to hold his basketball camp on Thursday in San Diego. “It was a great experience to just play with a guy like that,” said Casper Ware, a senior guard at Long Beach State who played on James’ team Saturday. “He was still passing even though he was LeBron. He just wanted me to play my game. He told me, ‘Don’t stand around and just throw me the ball. Play your game. I can get mine. Play your game and don’t change for me.’ “He was very cool and down to earth. You could talk to him like any other player.” Yahoo! Sports

James joined a long list of NBA players who have played in the Drew League, including Byron Scott, Michael Cooper, Lester Connor, Dennis Johnson, Paul Pierce, Andre Miller and Brandon Jennings. “I would say the biggest name without a doubt to play in the Drew is LeBron,” Smiley said. “But there is always a chance that [Kobe Bryant] could show up now because he might want to trump LeBron, especially in this city.” Yahoo! Sports

July 17, 2011 Updates

This summer, with the NBA in lockout mode and summer league games cancelled, Greene decided to spend his summer at home. The 23-year-old Baltimore native is one of the NBA regulars in the Goodman League, which plays indoors at Spingarn High School (in D.C.) on weekends, and outside at Barry Farms during the week. Saturday afternoon, Greene suited up for Lincoln Park, as they took on the undefeated Running Rebels. Greene scored 24 points and, along with leading scorer and Goodman League veteran Ojo Dele, who had 32, handed the Rebels their first loss of the season, 128-123. “We have a good league and good competition,” said Greene, who met league commissioner Miles Rawls when he was still in high school. “A lot of pros, a lot of overseas guys come back home and play. It’s a good way to stay in shape and try to have fun at the same time.” Washington Times

July 14, 2011 Updates

Smiley doesn’t tolerate bad behavior – by the fans or players. The rap music played during timeouts doesn’t include cussing, and it’s not surprising to see rival gang members cheering near each other. The P.A. announcer provides a running commentary and doesn’t shy from heckling the players. “Even though it’s in this neighborhood, it’s good, it’s safe,” Game said. “There are never no problems here. It’s always a family environment. It’s cool.” Yahoo! Sports

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