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December 10, 2013 Updates
December 9, 2013 Updates

Masai Ujiri is not judging head coach Dwane Casey on the end results of Toronto’s games. He knows the previous edition of the team and the post-Rudy Gay version are not world beaters by any stretch. So Casey, in the final year of his three-year contract, apparently won’t have to go full bore after victories at all costs like most coaches looking for an extension do. “If we were grading on wins and losses, I’d be talking differently here. That’s not what we’re doing here. I think our grade is on growth, how we grow as a team, how we grow as an organization, how we build, how our young players are getting better, how we handle our situations, how we communicate,” Ujiri said Monday. Toronto Sun

December 8, 2013 Updates
December 2, 2013 Updates

Casey believes the first step in this process is changing a tendency too many of his players have. They get the ball in their hands and their first instinct is to put it on the floor. “What is happening now is every time someone catches it they dribble one, two, three times,” Casey said. “Now I pass to him and he dribbles it one, two, three. Now not only are you fighting the other colour jerseys, but also the shot clock. We have to get that rhythm and timing and chemistry together where we are making quick decisions with the basketball and not just catching and holding, but catching and shooting, passing or attacking.” Toronto Sun

November 26, 2013 Updates

Casey blames all of the injuries and the change of scenery for Garnett and Pierce for Brooklyn’s early stumbles. “Believe me, Brooklyn’s going to be OK. They’re going to bounce back. I don’t see anything that has anything to do with coaching. It’s just injuries right now, guys learning to play with each other, it’s only 13 games into the season,” Casey said after practice Monday. I just hope they don’t get it together (Tuesday). They’re a dangerous team, they have veterans who have won multiple championships so you can’t sneeze at that. Everyone’s overreacting and coaching is the easiest target you can throw stuff at. It’s not coaching, Jason will be OK.” Toronto Sun

November 22, 2013 Updates

The other team in that hunt would be the Raptors, who just scored a much-needed road win in Philadelphia and play the Wizards on Friday night. The feeling among rival executives is that Raptors president Masai Ujiri will be quick to the trigger on a coaching change if things go south for Dwane Casey -- a move that would allow Ujiri, the reigning executive of the year, to begin putting his stamp on things. But clearly that time isn't now; at 4-7, the Raptors remarkably find themselves in first place in the Atlantic Division. CBSSports.com

November 21, 2013 Updates

Before playing at home for just the sixth time in his NBA career, eight-year veteran Kyle Lowry had his teammates over for dinner on Tuesday night. Lowry’s mother and wife cooked the food and a barber was even on hand to give out haircuts to those in need. A week earlier, the Raptors dined at the Memphis home of Rudy Gay. Head coach Dwane Casey said the gatherings are good for the team. “Any time you get guys together off the court, build that camaraderie, it’s pretty good,” Casey said. “He did it up right. Everybody had a great time.” Toronto Sun

November 17, 2013 Updates

This season's schedule doesn't let up until mid-January, meaning the record might not be pretty by then. But the 2013-14 Raptors already have four wins in 10 contests and Casey believes this season's squad will be fine. "It's a different feel because of what we went through last year," Casey said Saturday morning after the Raptors went through a practice in preparation for a visit by the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday. "We've kicked away a couple of games that we should have had, (but) I don't feel the mental letdown from those two games (like what constantly happened last year), we've bounced right back," he said. Toronto Sun

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October 28, 2013 Updates

Suggestions — joking, perhaps — that the Raptors’ season went in the toilet when the team’s mascot suffered a season-ending Achilles tendon tear are providing the fodder Casey needs to rile up his team. The latest came in the New York Times, which lumped Toronto in with a handful of teams with no hope for the coming season, saying the injury to the mascot was an “omen.” The coach did not take it well. “That’s total disrespect,” Casey said Sunday afternoon. “We’ve got to have a chip on our shoulders, I’ve got a chip on my shoulder. If you don’t, you shouldn’t be in uniform because when people disrespect you like that and say the season went when the mascot went down, what does that say about us? It doesn’t say a lot. Toronto Star

October 11, 2013 Updates

Andrea Bargnani was back in Toronto Thursday, and while Raptors coach Dwane Casey wasn’t there to greet him, he had a suggestion for the new Knick forward. “He should probably put on ear plugs,” Casey joked with reporters, anticipating plenty of Toronto boo birds at Friday’s game. “They can boo (Bargnani) all they want to now,” Casey said. “Fans are going to do what they’re going to do.” New York Daily News

The Raptor was lost for the season after tearing his Achilles in Halifax last week. He has since undergone surgery. “That was devastating, my daughter was still upset about that,” said Raptors head coach Dwane Casey on Thursday. “He was supposed to go by her school this week. He’s one of the best in the league and it’s devastating when you lose a guy like that who is a heart and soul, the spirit of the team. He’ll be back. He’s just down and out a little right now. “We’re going to miss our Raptor. He’s a big part of us.” Toronto Sun

October 10, 2013 Updates

The Chicken is gone for the year. He blew out his Achilles in Halifax. You could make a pretty good argument that the Chicken (a.k.a. The Raptor) is this franchise’s standout performer. He’s a Canadian all-star. A 19-year veteran. Doesn’t have off years. Appreciates our TV selection. There have been nights — oh God, so many nights — when the only reason to stick around past the third quarter was to see the Inflatable Raptor ‘eat’ security guards on the sideline. We’re not sure what he’s paid. We’re sure it’s not enough. “My daughter cried,” coach Dwane Casey said of the news. Toronto Star

October 7, 2013 Updates

At the end of the year, at least partly out of self-preservation, Colangelo chained himself to Casey … and was promptly fired (or re-assigned, if you prefer the vague language of press releases). New Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment president and CEO Tim Leiweke brought in Masai Ujiri from Denver to replace Colangelo, and it seemed likely Ujiri would hire his own coach. “Anytime you have change like that, it’s always unsettling,” Casey said in a one-on-one interview on Wednesday evening. “I wasn’t the only one in the organization in that situation. It was unsettling.” National Post

September 3, 2013 Updates
August 22, 2013 Updates

Kyle Lowry, arguably the Raptors’ most important cog, is in the final year of his contract and at times has butted headed with head coach Dwane Casey. Lowry has been training relentlessly this summer and has said repeatedly that his squad is in the playoff next year. Fortunately for him, there isn’t much on the Raptors roster to challenge his spot at starter. If Lowry and Casey can get on the same page things could go pretty well for both. If both has a contentious season, as they did much of last year, then one or both could be gone by mid-season. HoopsWorld

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