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Keith Kreiter: Dwayne Davis will join Golden State in LV great situation- Dwayne has come so far-he's excited about taking this next step journey continues Twitter @Edge_Sports

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A product of a rough area in Philadelphia, Dwayne Davis’ life became even more challenging when he was a mere 13 years old. That’s when Davis’ mother, Lawanda Smallwood, died, succumbing to Lupus arthritis — a systemic autoimmune disorder. Davis’ world would never be the same. “When my mother died, I just crashed; I was devastated,” said Davis, who worked out for the Milwaukee Bucks Saturday. “With my dad never around, I didn’t know what was going to happen. “When you’re growing up and lose the only person you have as a mother and father, someone who you love ... I was angry. I was very, very, very, very angry. I was so frustrated and I didn’t know at that time how to talk to anybody. I didn’t have anyone to vent to, so I kept everything bottled in. “But I knew I had to grow up.” Racine Journal-Times

His anger-management issues even spilled over into the one area where he often found solace and peace: basketball. One of the premier prep players in the Philadelphia area, Davis came close to damaging his future in the sport during a game while playing for Strawberry Mansion High School. “My attitude had changed for the worse,” Davis said. “Everything was starting to go downhill. Mentally, I just wasn’t there. “I remember in high school — I don’t want to really bring this up — but I chased after a referee and it was because of what was going on in my life outside of basketball.” Racine Journal-Times

While Davis yearns and prays — he’s Islamic and prays daily — for an opportunity to play in the NBA, he has established some other goals. And the biggest one is providing assistance to those who find themselves in the same extremely trying situation that he was once in. “I hope to be a foster parent some day,” said Davis, who recently graduated with a degree in Family Practice. “I definitely want to do that. Coming from my community and my high school, which was just rated one of top 10 most dangerous high schools in America, and coming from my neighborhood, which was rated one of the top five most dangerous areas in America by CNN, I want to do something for them. Racine Journal-Times

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Dwayne Davis, the draft prospect out of Southern Miss, has scheduled workouts for six NBA teams and interests those organizations as a possible second round pick, a source told RealGM. Davis will work out for the Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee Bucks, Atlanta Hawks and a sixth team that could sign the 6-foot-5 guard if he falls out of this month’s draft. RealGM

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