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July 23, 2014 Updates

“We were talking again today about (how) much different it felt back then,” Casspi said. “Dwight (Howard) all the time talked about coming to visit me in Israel. J.T. (Jason Thompson) came over and had a great time. Then, two years ago, Yavne started getting hit a lot. Now we are in the middle of this, and it’s so hard to see, it’s heartbreaking. Kids dying in their parents’ arms? I think of the people in Gaza … they think Jewish people are monsters with three heads. But Hamas is using humans as shields and building tunnels under people’s houses. What do we do?” Sacramento Bee

July 18, 2014 Updates
July 15, 2014 Updates

Amid growing speculation that the Rockets made Chandler Parsons a restricted free agent in an agreement with agent Dan Fegan when Dwight Howard, also a Fegan client, signed with the Rockets, Parsons said he knew of no such deal. “I’m my own player. Dwight’s his own player,” Parsons said. “I guess it might work like that in the NBA, but I don’t know if there’s side deals like that in the NBA. It was nothing like that with me. It was about them wanting to have the matching rights. They didn’t want me to be an unrestricted free agent.” Houston Chronicle

July 8, 2014 Updates

The Rockets’ pitch to Bosh centered on his defense and how he would mesh with Howard on that end, per a source familiar with the matter. Houston reassured Bosh that he is an underrated defender — that all the loudmouths who deride him as “soft” conveniently miss him chasing pick-and-rolls 30 feet from the hoop, creating turnovers with his long arms, and fighting hard in the post. Grantland

July 7, 2014 Updates
July 2, 2014 Updates

Mark Berman: Dwight Howard on meeting with Carmelo: "just told him whatever decision he makes is going to be for him. Ask God 2give u the right insight take your time and make your decision. Whatever he decides is going to be the right decision for him. Regardless of what happens he's a great person. He would be a great guy for our team." Twitter @MarkBermanFox26

Rockets stars Dwight Howard and James Harden are going to attend the Rockets’ meeting with Anthony, sources told ESPN.com’s Marc Stein. Howard, according to sources, is eager to pitch Anthony on the Rockets. Sources say Howard was trying to track down Anthony’s cell phone number to contact him directly to make a pitch over the phone. It is unclear if the two connected, but Howard is believed to be enamored with the idea of playing alongside Anthony. “He really wants to sell him on Houston,” a source with knowledge of Howard’s thinking said. “He wants Carmelo there badly.” ESPN.com

July 1, 2014 Updates
June 18, 2014 Updates

The Houston Rockets big man who left the Los Angeles Lakers behind to join James Harden & Co. discussed the forthcoming free agency period with USA TODAY Sports this week, saying he would love to play with fellow All-Stars like LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony but that he has no plans to lead the recruiting effort. His focus is on leading his young Rockets team, and perhaps even taking the sort of stern approach that would belie his infamously-goofy style. USA Today Sports

Dwight Howard: "I don't know what (Anthony) is going to do, but he wants to win. So he's going to be looking for a place to go where he can win. He's made enough money. He's done everything. I think he just wants to win right now. That's his only goal. I've always been a Melo fan. One thing he said in an interview a long time ago, I think my first or second year in the league, I remember him saying that if he could play with one guy in the league he would play with Dwight Howard, so you never know. You never know what could happen. Right now, I don't know, but for Melo's sake I just hope he goes somewhere where he feels like he has a chance to win and be successful for the next four or five years of his career. USA Today Sports

So look back a bit for me. It's been almost a year since you left L.A. and headed for Texas. How do you reflect on that decision now? A: "I made the best decision for me. Looking at this organization, where we're trying to go, I think all of us are pretty much on the same page. Each day I'm talking to the people up top, trying to figure out ways to try and get better. The coaching staff, from our trainer, in the weight room the guys are working on our bodies every day just trying to figure out how to get better. That's been our focus. "After the playoffs this year, we saw a lot of things in ourselves that we needed to change. Since then, I've just been on a mission to do whatever I can to lead this team. Every day, I'm there at 8 am in the weight room with these guys … Running on the track with them, going to the boxing gym with them, just trying to provide leadership. I've been in the league a long time, and even though I played a lot of (meaningful) basketball, this void is still in me. The void of not winning a championship. I want it extremely bad, and I want these guys to have that same kind of motivation and attitude that I have. I think my decision was great. I think it has forced me to really grow up as a man, as a basketball player, a teammate, father, everything. I think this is great for me." USA Today Sports

June 17, 2014 Updates

"A great man once told me that this is my plane, I fly it where I want to fly it, I'll land it where I want to land it. I built it, and it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. If I want people on that plane, I'll put them on there. If not, this is my plane. For 'Melo and all of these other free agents, this is their plane. This is their time to fly wherever they want to fly. They can't let anybody or anything get in the way of doing what's best for them," Dwight Howard said. USA Today Sports

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