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James, the Chicago Bulls' Pau Gasol (527,582) and the New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony (456,186) pace the Eastern Conference's frontcourt players. The Washington Wizards' John Wall (564,977) is the East's leading vote-getter in the backcourt, followed by the Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade (507,326). Curry is joined in the Western Conference backcourt by the Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant (862,568). The West frontcourt is led, in order, by Davis, the Los Angeles Clippers' Blake Griffin (490,786) and the Memphis Grizzlies' Marc Gasol (476,660). NBA.com

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Wade helped the Heat last summer by taking a $11 million paycut to $31 million over this season and next, hoping it would help the Heat add talent around him if James left. But this season so far has been a mess, and Wade said: “I’m not really focused on waiting until 2016. I don’t know what that means. That’s their organization. They do what they want from that standpoint. I’m not involved in that. I’m a player. Whatever decision they make from a 2016 standpoint is on them. The only thing I can control is the decisions I make and what I do. Miami Herald

“Whoever is here, whatever we decide to do, you just want to be competitive. That’s all I ask for myself and for our guys. “Nobody knows what’s going to happen in 2016; 2016, to me, is so far away and I hope people aren’t waiting on it thinking we’re going to land this quote, unquote Big Fish because it might not happen for you. No one knows if Riley is going to wait until 2016. It’s all speculation.” Miami Herald

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Even though the conversation wasn’t completely clear, several bloggers and websites quoted James saying, “Like I said, if we (the Cavs) aren’t better this year, we’re gonna reunite again and do some bigger and better things, alright? You already know.” After the Heat’s loss to the Indiana Pacers Wednesday, Wade cleared up the misunderstanding. He recalled their conversation being about life after basketball. “It had nothing to do with [reuniting],” Wade said. “It was about bigger and better things later.” South Florida Sun-Sentinel

LeBron James dismissed an internet video making the rounds Wednesday that seemed to show him and Dwyane Wade talking about a reunion. The video, which James also watched, was difficult to hear clearly. But James seemed to say something about reuniting with Wade. When asked about it Wednesday, he said it had nothing to do with basketball. "If I was going to tell him that, I’d tell him that the night before. I’m not stupid. I know I didn’t go to college, but I’m not stupid," James said. "I wouldn’t say that on Christmas with 100 cameras around. I would’ve told him the night before at his house. It had nothing to do with leaving here and reuniting with him. ... Just talking on other things more than just basketball." Akron Beacon Journal

Having a roster spot occupied by a hybrid player-de facto assistant coach is nothing new for the Heat. That was Juwan Howard’s role on the Heat’s two most recent NBA champions. What’s new this year is who’s occupying the slightly modified role: Dwyane Wade. “I don’t think he necessarily knew how much he would have to lead and be connected,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “This is a different team. He has to be the next level of leadership, to be another assistant coach. He has that experience, that impact with his voice. He’s been great in embracing that. It’s the most leadership that’s required of him since he’s been here.” Miami Herald

“[They’ve] given me the go ahead to be another coach, stop practice when I feel the need to, step up and say certain things,” Wade said. “I did it a lot early in the season. “Once Chris [Bosh] went out, I had to focus on basketball, so I got away from it. But after the Philly game [last Tuesday], I got right back into being a little more of a coach.” Miami Herald

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Wade scored 24 of his game-high 31 points in the first half and outplayed his good friend when it mattered. James, in his first game in Miami this season, had a team-high 30 points and added four rebounds and eight assists, but he was 10-for-18 from the free throw line, missing a chance to help the Cavaliers steal a road game. "Coming into the league, I haven't really had a rival opponent, and the closest thing I had to that was the years we had when we were going against each other when he was in Cleveland the first time," Wade said. "All four years (together in Miami) were amazing, and we won't take anything away from that. It was good to see him on the other side of the coin too because he is going to bring out the best in you." USA Today Sports

LeBron James: Day 1 until it's all said and Done! @dwyanewade #Brother #TreyBall #GoesBeyondHoopsYouClowns… instagram.com/p/xDjhCFiTM4/ Twitter @KingJames

Ethan J. Skolnick: LeBron has been hinting at future endeavors w/ Wade. Now Wade does on IG. No idea what, other than it's not about DW ever playing in CLE. Twitter @EthanJSkolnick

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