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March 24, 2012 Updates

Jazz guard Earl Watson said Friday if Sacramento forward DeMarcus Cousins wants to start something again with a Utah player, the Kings big man should pick him instead. "You can quote me on that," said Watson, prior to tipoff against Denver. The small but fiery veteran didn't play Thursday during the Jazz's 103-102 against Sacramento. But he proudly watched Utah guard Devin Harris stand up to Cousins, coldly eyeing the moody forward during an in-game confrontation and never giving ground. Salt Lake Tribune

During a day when the Miami Heat took a team photo wearing hoodies to show support for Trayvon Martin and New York forward Carmelo Anthony showed off an image of himself wearing a hooded sweatshirt, Watson changed his main Twitter image to a photo of him wearing a white hoodie. Watson on what provoked the change and his thoughts about Martin's controversial death: I've been following it as much as I could and I started to follow it on Facebook. If you don't catch the news and just ask a question [on Facebook], people answer. And I heard an audio tape — it was sad — of the shot and the shooting and being on the phone with the police. You could hear the kid in the background screaming for help. 'He's going to kill me, I'm about to die. Help, help.' You hear that one shot. [Pop.] And then it was silence. So I see it on Facebook, cause I guess the kid had on a hood or something and he had some Skittles and an iced tea. Salt Lake Tribune

Earl Watson: This is not even a controversial stance. It's a stance for human rights. It's a stance for civil rights. It's a stance for just love. A kid, 17 years old: that could be any kid. … The audio tape is what really gets you. The kid, hearing his last words. that kid is only 17 years old. I just remember when I was 17. You never what he could've become and it's just sad that nothing has been done. And it's more disappointing that laws can actually protect that. Here, we're all worrying about that Kony kid over in Africa — Kony 2012. And here we have a situation where it's not massive. But I don't think there's a difference between one person losing their life and a million. It's not fair and it's not right, so we have to stand up for what we believe here, first. Salt Lake Tribune

Earl Watson: Decision to wear the hoodie: The hoodie was just support for him and his family. It's tough, because there's me losing my little brother in a car accident when I was 17. Let alone that family losing their kid to a brainless, insensitive, act of violence. And the fact that the shooter could actually hear those words before he shot him that last time shows he didn't care. Salt Lake Tribune

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Veteran point guard Earl Watson is still in play for the Utah Jazz, agent Mark Bartelstein told The Salt Lake Tribune on Thursday. Bartelstein plans to talk with Jazz general manager Kevin O'Connor on Friday to determine how Watson fits into Utah's 2011-12 picture. "We've been having serious talks with the Jazz," Bartelstein said. "Kevin and I are going to talk again ... and I'm hoping we're going to work something out." Salt Lake Tribune

HoopsWorld reporter Alex Kennedy reported on Twitter that the free agent point guard is "leaning toward signing with the Atlanta Hawks." That sent fans engaged in a "BringBackEarl" Twitter campaign to reach for the panic button. Watson, who's taken to the social-media site lately, is trying to alleviate their worries. "I haven't decided yet," he told the Deseret News. "Can't negotiate till Friday." From his hometown of Kansas City, Watson also publicly tweeted, "I have not made any commitment to any team yet. ... Awaiting patiently." Deseret News

December 7, 2011 Updates

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