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November 21, 2012 Updates

Ed Davis responds to Ramon Sessions' "this is a game we should get comment." Only mildly bothered: "I don’t pay attention to it. He should feel that way. That’s how every team should feel. Every game should be won, especially when you’re at home," Davis said, before getting a little more serious. "We’ll see if he can back it up. We’ll see. Sulia

November 4, 2012 Updates

It was teammate Austin Rivers‘ inadvertent elbow that clipped Davis in the side of the head, putting him out of what became an 88-86 loss. But it was the NBA’s precautionary concussions policy that prevented Davis from flying with the team to his hometown — his only scheduled appearance of 2012-13 in Chicago — and will sideline him until he satisfies the requirements of physical testing and a neurological exam. Now, please know that Williams was mindful of the NBA’s fining power when he spoke with reporters before the game. But as he spoke, he revved up a little and he didn’t mince words. “When you’re dealing with the brain, I guess what’s happening in football has affected everybody,” the Hornets coach said. “You treat everybody like they have on white gloves and pink drawers. It’s getting old. But it’s just the way the league is now.” NBA.com

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April 15, 2012 Updates

Casey sees an opportunity for him to make bigger strides this summer. He says he is going to insist Davis not only play on the Raptors summer league team in Las Vegas but expects he will be the focal point of it with Valanciunas likely tied up with his national team duties for Lithuania. “This summer is doing to be big for him,” Casey said. “He has to get his body where it’s stronger, physically mature because a lot of his (trouble) right now is strength-based and getting knocked off his mark. If he can get a good base and get his strength, he can make a move. The problem he has right now is when he goes up against a strong guy like a (Kevin) Garnett who knows how to push and shove and get him off his leverage point. That’s where he has to learn, and the only way to learn that is to get strong enough so you can take those blows and still make your move.” Toronto Sun

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July 28, 2011 Updates

They already targeted their center... Solomon Alabi... he killed it in their min-camp in June and he really started to come around. I talked with some people at the Raptors camp, and they said hands down Solomon was the best player there. Dwyane Casey really likes him and he will get a real chance. Not saying they won't look to bring in bigs, but they think they have a possible starter in Solo and with Bargs and Ed Davis able to play the 5 spot, they may not have the gap you think they do. HoopsWorld

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April 14, 2011 Updates

Eric Smith: Ed Davis said he'd like to see Jay Triano & his staff back next year. Add he hasn't thought much (yet) about the potential lockout Twitter

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March 26, 2011 Updates

Ed Davis on a lockout possibly lasting a year: “Man, I don’t know. A whole year? That’s a long time. That’s a long time. If it’s guaranteed for a year, I’ll talk to my agent about something. Hopefully it’s just a couple months or something.” National Post

January 9, 2011 Updates

Former Duke University basketball players Brian Davis and Christian Laettner were going to oversee a half-billion dollar real estate venture around FedExForum and turn the Grizzlies into NBA champions. That was their bravado in the fall of 2006. Today, Davis and Laettner can hardly pay their bills. And to think that there is a segment of local fans who fret over multibillionaire Michael Heisley's owning the Grizzlies. Things could have definitely been worse. Last month, a federal judge in Maryland ordered Davis and Laettner to pay NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman nearly $3.8 million and give him ownership stakes in their projects in downtown Durham, N.C., Baltimore and Atlanta. Memphis Commercial Appeal

December 3, 2010 Updates

(Ed) Davis averaged 10 points and five rebounds a game in his two games before his quick call-up. ``One, I never want to go back down there again,'' Davis said. ``It's a struggle down there. It's rough. I had a five-, six-hour bus ride to Fort Wayne. It's really a struggle. You get in the mindset that you just really want to work hard and not go back down there.'' canada.com

November 29, 2010 Updates

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