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April 22, 2012 Updates
April 20, 2012 Updates

Curry didn't disagree it could be difficult returning to Miami after playing so little. "Obviously, it'd be tough," Curry said. "Although I haven't played and they told me I would play, it hasn't shaken my confidence at all. They're real hands-on here. Coach Spo talks to me about it and tells me what's on his mind, and I tell him what's on my mind. As long as that line of communication is open, I got to take them as men of their words. I have no complaints. Of course, I would love to play. Everybody would love to play." FOXSports Florida

April 16, 2012 Updates

Last week, it was reported that Kellogg, 30, has been charged with beating the 10-year-old son she had with Curry with a belt. After her son told a teacher that he’d gotten a “whipping,” the school contacted the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and the boy was allowed to go home. Kellogg took him to Silver Cross Hospital on the advice of a DCFS investigator. “I took him there just being cooperative with the DCFS” Kellogg said. “I discipline my son with love, but because a celebrity is involved everybody is trying to make this incident bigger than it is.” Southtown Star

February 14, 2012 Updates

Eddy Curry is still shocked about the death of Whitney Houston and sends his condolences to the family of the late R&B singer. NBA.com

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January 27, 2012 Updates

So why this new physique with the Heat and not previously with the Knicks from Eddy Curry? "Just a lot of working out, just totally recommitted myself this year." Sulia

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January 25, 2012 Updates

He's 29. He's 7 feet. He averaged 19.6 points five years ago as Chicago's franchise center and lost his way in sloth, and apparently the buffet line, starting a few years ago with the New York Knicks. Now he's playing limited minutes for the Heat just as the fate of scheduling has the Knicks coming to town on Friday and Chicago on Sunday. At season's start, he said he was circling this Knicks game. With it on the horizon, he simply shrugs and says, "I'm not really thinking about them. All I'm thinking about is doing what's right and being thankful for this opportunity. [The Heat] has given me a chance, and I want to make that chance work." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

January 22, 2012 Updates

So much freedom. So much temptation. It was a long lockout. There were days Eddy Curry felt hungry and tired, and the NBA seemed so very far away. What’s one handful of candy? What’s one missed workout when no one is really working or watching? Curry thought about going to the club, thought about going to McDonald’s, thought about sleeping in late. “But I was getting a call or email or text every other day,” he says. “When it wasn’t D-Wade, it was LeBron.” Miami Herald

Curry remembers the first time he ever saw LeBron play, and this is how he describes his reaction: My God! This is crazy! Curry was in the NBA at the time, mind you, a first-round pick and a member of the Chicago Bulls. LeBron was but a junior in high school. They were introduced by a mutual friend afterward — “Eddy, this is going to be your cousin from now on” was the introduction — and a friendship immediately blossomed. Miami Herald

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January 19, 2012 Updates

Curry has been sidelined for more than two years with weight and conditioning problems that, at their worst, pushed the 6-foot-10 center to close to 400 pounds. Now with the Miami Heat and weighing a “svelte” 295, Curry could make his long-awaited return to the court as soon as Thursday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers. “It was humbling, I guess, sitting back not playing, wanting to be there for one reason or another and not being able to be out there,” Curry said recently. “I look at it as a second chance and an opportunity to right this ship.” Yahoo! Sports

January 18, 2012 Updates

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