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June 21, 2011 Updates

The Golden State Warriors would like to help them out with that by offering a trade, according to a tweet from John Gambadoro of 620 KTAR in Phoenix. Suns and Warriors have discussed trade scenarios in which Robin Lopez goes to Golden State and 11th pick plus (Ekpe) Udoh ends up with Phoenix NBCSports.com

June 19, 2011 Updates
June 18, 2011 Updates

If the new Warriors regime hasn’t been exciting enough already, Jonathan Givony of Draftexpress.com reports that the Warriors have offered Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins and Ekpe Udoh for Dwight Howard. Givony adds that it is “unlikely that’ll get it done,” which I interpret as the Warriors package is pretty worthless. If the Magic are in rebuilding mode, being strapped with two long-term deals in Ellis and Biedrins, a combo that has not won many games together, is hardly the way to go. And Udoh clearly has not and probably will never project as the next in line of great Orlando Magic centers. SB Nation

April 10, 2011 Updates

Udoh happily wears his Dora the Explorer backpack - part of rookie hazing - everywhere. He eagerly gathers food from favorite establishments for the experienced players whenever asked, and he has started to find his way around the Bay Area without his car's navigation system. "At first, it was hard, because I still had my cast on and I was trying to find my way," said Udoh, who has family and friends come to his Oakland hills home in four-day increments to help with the transition. "Now, it's easier, because this has become home. Everything is coming along, and I'm looking for a huge offseason." San Francisco Chronicle

March 3, 2011 Updates

At some point prior to the team’s pre-game meeting, which happens before they take to the court to tip-off, coach Keith Smart had a one-on- one conversation with his starting center Andris Biedrins. In the talk, he told Biedrins he was starting rookie big man Ekpe Udoh at center. Biedrins, who has been struggling mightily lately, would come off the bench. Guess how Biedrins’ reacted. BIEDRINS: “Before the game, I just really cursed out the coach, first of all. I almost didn’t go on the court. Then guys were saying ‘c’mon, c’ mon. It would look bad for our team. So I went out there.” Contra Costa Times

January 21, 2011 Updates

Lacob suggested he'd like to see coach Keith Smart give rookie Ekpe Udoh more minutes and institute a steadier substitution pattern. "There are times that I do not understand it," Lacob said of Smart's playing rotation. "He's a very cerebral guy. There's a method to his madness to this point, I think. There are times I don't quite get it, and I think he's still trying to work the kinks out, trying to understand what he has." San Jose Mercury-News

January 5, 2011 Updates

Still, the Warriors sit at only 13-21 on the season. Injuries have played a part of that – Curry, Lee, and Andris Biedrins have all missed games – but it's also because Riley recognizes there is still work to be done. "I do feel like we are one really good player away from being able to compete for the playoffs now. I like Ekpe Udoh as a rookie and I think he's going to become a good player, but he needs experience. He missed almost two months of the season and never had anything in summer league and never had training camp, so we don't quite know what we have there but we like what we see." HoopsWorld

December 10, 2010 Updates

Rookie forward Ekpe Udoh will make his NBA debut tonight against Miami, a month earlier than expected after surgery on his left wrist. "I'm ready to go," Udoh said Thursday. "Yes, sir. I've been working hard. If I get the opportunity, if my name is called, I'm going to give it my all." Oakland Tribune

December 8, 2010 Updates
December 1, 2010 Updates

Brandan Wright's chronically cranky back notwithstanding, things continue to look up on the Warriors' front line. Not only is David Lee back from injury, but it also appears first-round draft pick Ekpe Udoh may be joining Lee soon. After a re-examination of Udoh's surgically repaired left wrist Monday, the 6-foot-10 power forward was cleared to increase his activity level, which will consist of portions of practice, including some live action and competitive drills. "I'm excited, it's a blessing," said Udoh before Tuesday's game against San Antonio. "I'm looking forward to just being able to go up against some bodies. I can run up and down today, but now I can really get in the jungle." San Jose Mercury-News

November 5, 2010 Updates

Ekpe Udoh has been cleared to increase his basketball activity and will travel with the team on its upcoming five-game roadie, the Warriors announced Thursday. After meeting with Dr. William Green, Udoh's surgically repaired wrist has been deemed healthy enough to allow nearly everything -- shooting, dunking, dribbling -- except catching passes. He didn't give a timeline for his return, but you've got to start thinking the No. 6 overall pick will be back sooner than the worst-case-scenario, which was after the All-Star break. "It feels great," Udoh said of his wrist. "The only thing is getting strength to return to the arm. My legs have gotten real strong, so now I've got to work on my upper body." San Francisco Chronicle

September 18, 2010 Updates

The frustration was practically tangible when he got the news soon after coming to the Bay Area. He will not, curiously, discuss the origin of the injury. He will only say that he was "really down" the time and is doing better emotionally now since he gets to spend time around his new teammates. The Warriors camp opens on Sept. 27th and he will can still have a successful 2010-11, truncated as it may be. "I want to get back January, February," Udoh said. And then? "I'm going to shoot out. I'm going to everywhere when I get that chance. Practice, whatever. You're gonna miss the game. When I get out there, I'm just going to be an animal." NBA.com

But, if the schedule holds and Udoh makes it back somewhere close to the All-Star break, he can still log meaningful minutes; the season isn't washed out now. He can still play with one of the other power forwards, particularly given Lee's experience as a center with the Knicks and the Warriors propensity for smallball. "I know I'm going to be back," Udoh said. "It wasn't a career-ending injury. When I come and work out, I've got to put in work as if I'm playing in the first game... Coming in extra. Coming in early, leaving late. Just because I'm injured doesn't mean I've got to be disconnected from the team." NBA.com

August 30, 2010 Updates

But it will be a while before he’s back on the court. Udoh had surgery to repair a torn ligament in his left wrist in July and is expected to miss about six months. That means he could make his professional debut sometime after the calendar turns to 2011. “I haven’t started rehabbing yet. I’m just working out, focusing on my core and trying to get stronger,” he said. “It was tough at first once it happened. But I realized, this is going to happen in my career. I’ve just got to take it and get better.” FOXSports SouthWest

Developing a stronger core is something he feels will pay big dividends once he does return to the court later this year. “I won’t be back until January or February. The biggest adjustment will be the speed of the game and the physicality,” Udoh said. “I’m working on that now with my core and my lower legs. Those are the two things I’ve got to work on to be able to adapt to the NBA.” FOXSports SouthWest

July 14, 2010 Updates

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