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March 5, 2015 Updates

The major question mark with Mudiay's game revolves around his ability to make shots consistently from the perimeter -- and also run a team. Daniels, when we spoke with him earlier this season, wasn't concerned about Mudiay's ability to knock down shots from deep. "It's gotten better because he works at it," Daniels said. "He takes 200 shots after every practice and his shot is coming along. It's much further along than when he first got here a couple months ago. It takes time for most guys to develop that part of their game. There just aren't many Ray Allens and J.J. Redicks. It's going to come because his work ethic is crazy. He's relentless." ESPN.com

"It's pretty tough for a high school guy to come over there and play," one high-level NBA scout who made the trip to China at the start of Mudiay's season told ESPN.com. "He's playing against talented guys every night who were either elite college players or borderline NBA players. They're all at least four years older than he is. What was clear from those early games was that his confidence level is high. He doesn't back down. When he makes mistakes, he played through it and never seemed to get rattled." ESPN.com

March 4, 2015 Updates

"If we had him right now, we'd be ranked one, two or three in the country," Larry Brown said in a phone interview with ESPN.com. "And along with Russell and Okafor, he'd be the biggest name in college basketball right now. He'd have a brand right now. I tried to tell the family, but he had other people in his ears, and, ultimately, I supported his decision. The kid just wanted to play basketball, but he had a family to support." ESPN.com

"It's pretty tough for a high school guy to come over there and play," one high-level NBA scout who made the trip to China at the start of Mudiay's season told ESPN.com. "He's playing against talented guys every night who were either elite college players or borderline NBA players. They're all at least four years older than he is. What was clear from those early games was that his confidence level is high. He doesn't back down. When he makes mistakes, he played through it and never seemed to get rattled." ESPN.com

"His shot is OK. It's not broken," the scout continued. "He can hit shots from anywhere on the floor. It's more about shot selection. At times, he was forcing shots. "Defense was a big part of his success early in China," he added. "He could defend anyone. There's not a lot of defense in China -- which is something that stands out. You tell him to do something, he does it. On side and high pick-and-rolls he's good at forcing his offensive player down. He can keep a player to the side of the court and keep them over there without them turning. Coaches will love him on the pick-and-roll. He pursues and his hands are active. My only real knock on him defensively is that, at times, he's trying to leak out because he's so offensive oriented." ESPN.com

"I felt like he was looking to score too much," the same NBA scout said. "To be a NBA point guard, he has to become a better passer. In China, he's more of a shoot-first instead of a pass-first player. At times, I felt like he played out of control. He was forcing a lot of plays. Because of his strength and size he was able to score and have success because they don't play defense, but in the NBA, he's going to have to play smarter. You're going to have to live through his turnovers. You have to have a coach that's patient." ESPN.com

What Mudiay lacks in fundamentals, he makes up for with an innate sense of pace and timing that shouldn’t come so naturally for a player so raw. While he’s prone to mistakes, Mudiay has shown the ability to take advantage of changes in speed, something that took guys like Wall and Russell Westbrook years to accept. Maybe the most comforting play Mudiay made in Game 3 happened early in the fourth quarter. Near center court, Mudiay called for both of his bigs to come to the top of the 3-point line into a basic “horns” formation, for a double drag screen play. Mudiay dribbled right, Yi dove down into the paint with a defender on him, and Mudiay was instantly doubled. Zhou Peng, who set Mudiay’s screen, slipped left and had a wide-open driving lane. Mudiay found him immediately for a score and a foul. As far as style goes, Mudiay has all the tricks — the behind-the-back drives, the jackknifing reverse layups, the breakaway slams — but this was a taste of good, slow cooking. Grantland

March 3, 2015 Updates
March 1, 2015 Updates

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Guangdong Southern Tigers are down two games to the Beijing Ducks in a best-of-five semi-finals series. So in this must-win game three, they are making a change to bring back 19-year-old Emmanuel Mudiay. Mudiay played the first 10 games with Guangdong before going down with a knee injury, keeping him out for the remainder of the season. Former Detroit Pistons guard Will Bynum came in as his replacement and led the Southern Tigers to a perfect season not losing one-game with him at point-guard. Guangdong will drop American forward Jeff Adrien going with an all-American backcourt, Mudiay and Bynum. In his short CBA career, Mudiay averaged 17 points per game and six assists. Bynum was an instant success for Guangdong, he’s averaging 23 points and seven assists per contest. Basketball Buddha

February 21, 2015 Updates

McHale said McDaniels, 22, obviously needs seasoning. "As with most young guys he is not a finished product," McHale said. "He is a guy we will see what he does and see what he needs to work on and will develop a program for him, and we will try to see if we can make him the best basketball player he can be." Also in Dallas, former Sixers coach and current SMU coach Larry Brown indicated that the Sixers have taken a strong liking to Emmanuel Mudiay. The 6-foot-5 point guard, 18, had committed to SMU before deciding to play in China. Philadelphia Inquirer

February 19, 2015 Updates
February 10, 2015 Updates

Whether Russell ends up as the No. 2 pick or not, he’s certainly in the mix in the top five, where the Knicks will likely end up picking. “He is going to be a Top-5 pick,” one veteran NBA scout told SNY.tv. “I still think today that [Karl-Anthony] Towns, [Kristaps] Porzingis and [Emmanuel] Mudiay are ahead of him in most NBA personnel Mock Drafts. He has risen higher than any player since the start of the college season. “He’s a very skilled player who can play both the 1 and the 2. He and Mudiay are the two best perimeter players in this year’s draft.” The Knicks Blog

January 25, 2015 Updates

A second NBA executive said Kentucky’s versatile 6-foot-11 forward Karl-Anthony Towns of Piscataway, N.J., and Dallas point guard Emmanuel Mudiay, who opted to play overseas in China rather at SMU, are other possibilities, depending on who lands the first pick. Ohio State dynamic freshman guard D’Angelo Russell is a possible sleeper, as well. “It’s not 100 percent,” another NBA scout maintained. “There’s definitely other options. It depends on the need of a team. [Okafor will] definitely be in every single talk for the No. 1 pick.” New York Post

January 21, 2015 Updates

A former league executive gave an insightful reason why international players—and perhaps examples such as Brandon Jennings and Emmanuel Mudiay—are better served playing overseas than in the D-League: The high cost of traveling invariably prompts owners to send their higher-echelon executives to see those players, while scouts and lower-rung executives are more apt to get the Santa Cruz itinerary. Who the top decision-maker has seen live, or most often, can tip the scales when it comes to pre-draft skull sessions. Bleacher Report

January 16, 2015 Updates

After a practice session, the Chinese media had a chance to interview Mudiay. [Scroll down to view]. “I’m still here; I want to stay as long as possible. I still hope to be here when we win the championship. ..The final decisions will be made by the team and the coach. I really like China, if I didn’t like it I think I’d be home a long time ago. My family and I are all here and we like it here, I will be here supporting my team and want to stay until the end… I’m still not fully recovered and have been out for a while now, but thank god that I’ve recovered well and will be evaluating the injury each day… There is no time schedule on when I will be back on the court. I am patiently recovering. My trainer gave me a good rehab plan and will not rush to get back into competition, since I’m not 100% yet… I will be cheering on my teammates and supporting my team.” (Translated Text/ this interview was not broadcasted, but was in a written article) NBADraft.net

January 9, 2015 Updates

We're all still waiting to see if Mudiay will play another game in China. He has been out since late November nursing an ankle injury. That injury, sources say, is healed. However, former NBA guard Will Bynum has taken his place in the rotation and is playing well. That could be the explanation, though many of the NBA scouts I've spoken with believe he has decided to shut it down for the season. However, a source close to Mudiay told me they do anticipate that Mudiay will return to the court. The question is when. ESPN.com

January 7, 2015 Updates

Emmanuel Mudiay will remain with Guangdong for the season, collecting his entire salary, according to an interview with Chinese media. Mudiay missed last games due to an injury but he recently was back at practice. Sportando

January 6, 2015 Updates

The majority of people in the basketball world assumed Emmanuel Mudiay's playing days in China where long over. Everyone expected him to go back home, rehab and get ready for pre draft workouts. However the latest update has him practicing with the team and it looks like he will be ready to return to action soon. The question remains if the Guangdong Tigers will use their last import player switch to bring back Mudiay, as the CBA rule only allows 2 import player changes for the regular season, and the first was used on WIll Bynum following Mudiay's ankle injury. An additional one is granted if the team makes the playoffs. NBADraft.net

The team has 10 games left on their regular season schedule, running until February 2nd. The CBA playoffs will then begin. It will be interesting to see what happens, but the chances of a Mudiay return has definitely increased as many around the team are speculating that he will be back on the floor NBADraft.net

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