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The remarks were probably "ill advised," Jazz coach Quin Snyder said. Still, the coach appreciated his player's passion. "I like that Enes is being emotional and aggressive and playing that way," the coach said. "I think it was said in that kind of spirit of exuberance. But I think we all know the reality is [Golden State] is a terrific team, and what Klay Thompson did the other night was remarkable, and Andrew Bogut may be the best center in the league — to set the record straight." Salt Lake Tribune

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There was a point in Tuesday’s game at New Orleans when Rudy Gobert and Enes Kanter were yapping at each other while walking off the court for a timeout. Quin Snyder met them at midcourt and had a quick chat, while team captain Gordon Hayward huddled with his two teammates from behind. The Jazz coach wasn’t trying to put out a team fire. Deseret News

Snyder absolutely loved what was going on between the two players, even if it seemed that they were bickering. “That was great. I was so glad to see them. I don’t care if they yell at each other. I like the communication,” Snyder said. “Once you start talking to each other like that, now you’ve got a chance to grow and to stretch. It’s when they don’t say anything that I get concerned.” Deseret News

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On the other hand, Kanter was not laughing about getting a technical and certainly not for being fined $25,000 by the NBA on Tuesday afternoon. Kanter issued a two-part apology on Twitter: “1) I sincerely apologies 1st from Sacramento fans and the @NBA for last night's incident,” he wrote. “2) Never intend or aim to throw anyone it was just out of frustration and fully take responsibility and never occur again.” Deseret News

The Jazz were on their way to losing their ninth game in a row, something they never did last year, something they haven’t done in nearly a decade, and Enes Kanter was unhappy about it. Late in the third quarter, Kanter was called for a traveling violation and the Jazz big man responded by spiking the ball to the ground and then throwing his mouthpiece into the crowd. Salt Lake Tribune

Kanter wouldn’t elaborate further on the source of his frustration. But, as we’ve mentioned, the Jazz have now lost nine games in a row and those losses weigh heavily on Kanter. "Really heavy," he said. "We just have to get a win. … This is the ninth one. We just cannot get used to losing, you know what I mean. We just have to break that bad luck, or whatever it is, and get a win." Salt Lake Tribune

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