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Gordon could be part of a sign-and-trade to bring Evans to New Orleans. His high salary – he signed a $58 million deal over four seasons last summer – and knee/ankle injury woes would make him tough to deal, but the Pelicans entertained the possibility this offseason, sources said. The Kings also drafted a shooting guard in Kansas’ Ben McLemore with the seventh overall pick. While Gordon and point guard Greivis Vasquez could be candidates for a sign-and-trade, Gordon doesn’t expect that to be the case for him. “I wouldn’t say I’m 100 percent, but I do feel comfortable I am coming back,” Gordon said. “I think there is a good to great chance I will be back.” Yahoo! Sports

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Jason Calmes: The Pelicans have shut down some inquiries for Eric Gordon. Are they committed to him? Deal in place? Waiting for increased value? - 42 Twitter @BourbonStShots

Pelicans are scheduled to meet with Sacramento Kings restricted free agent shooting guard Tyreke Evans just after 11 p.m. Sunday, when teams can officially start negotiating with free agents, league sources confirmed. Although not confirmed, the Pelicans could be looking to work out a sign-and-trade deal with the Kings to possibly move point guard Greivis Vasquez or starting shooting guard Eric Gordon. New Orleans Times-Picayune

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Andrew Perna: #Pelicans are making Eric Gordon "very available," according to source. Demps wouldn't promise he'd be back after season. Twitter @Andrew_Perna

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The Pelicans announced this past Friday that Gordon underwent a successful arthroscopic procedure to remove particles of scar tissue in his left ankle to alleviate pain. The procedure was performed by Dr. Richard Ferkel at the Southern California Orthopaedic Institute (SCOI) in Los Angeles. "My ankle bothered me everyday, even on days when I wasn't active," Gordon said in an email response after he was contacted on Tuesday. "I had a minor procedure done, because I have been dealing with bone spurs since the all-star break. I wanted to get the surgery done now so I can go into training camp at 100 percent healthy and be in top shape." New Orleans Times-Picayune

For his recovery from ankle surgery, Gordon said he plans to do most of his rehabilitation work in Los Angeles, although the Pelicans are expected to start volunteer workouts at the Alario Center in the next week or so. Gordon said his surgery doesn’t changes any of his summer plans, though Coach Monty Williams emphasized resting so he could fully heal before training camp opens next fall. New Orleans Times-Picayune

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The New Orleans Pelicans announced today that guard Eric Gordon underwent a successful arthroscopic procedure yesterday in his left ankle to alleviate pain caused by particles of scar tissue. The procedure was performed by Dr. Richard Ferkel of the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic in Los Angeles, CA. Gordon is currently recovering from the procedure and will begin rehabilitation immediately while returning to basketball activities later in the summer. NBA.com

April 22, 2013 Updates

During an end of season news conference Monday at the New Orleans Arena, Demps said if a deal arises with Gordon or any other player the Pelicans will have to look at it after finishing with a 27-55 record and missing the playoffs for the second consecutive season. New Orleans Times-Picayune

"To say if I anticipate him being back – I don’t know if that’s something I can answer right now, or him not to be back,’’ Demps said. "We’re going to sit down and evaluate every situation and opportunity. "But for a guy to come back from injury like that, I thought he had some ups and some downs, but I still think his future is bright as an NBA player.’’ New Orleans Times-Picayune

April 9, 2013 Updates

`` He’s a dynamic guard, that’s why I push him,’’ said Williams, who plans to start Gordon for the second consecutive since the incident on Tuesday night when the Hornets play the Lakers at the Staples Center. ``I’m not going to allow him to settle for where he is in his career right now. He’s got to get better. If he gets better, he should be an All-Star someday.’’ Gordon admitted the conflict was a heat of the moment situation that shouldn't be blown out of proportion. ``It got very heated in the moment, but I’m not letting none of that get to me,’’ Gordon said. ``I’m just out here, still trying to play.’’ New Orleans Times-Picayune

April 8, 2013 Updates

Gordon’s situation is a little different – he is not happy in New Orleans and hasn’t kept that a big secret. The franchise matched his contract for two reasons – primarily, you don’t get ahead in the NBA letting star level players walk without compensation and secondarily there was a hope Gordon would come around to what the Hornets are building and buy in, especially with all the uncertainties now out of the way. HoopsWorld

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