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April 20, 2013 Updates

Going to tender qualifying offer to Eric Maynor? Neil Olshey: It's more strategic than complex. Eric has a very significant cap hold. We really like Eric. We made the moves because we want him to be a part of our future but there are realities to how strategically we can maximize the amount of room we have, the mini-mid level that we have and the draft pick. Who knows? Our roster may look far different come July 1 which can affect what we do as well. Eric, Andy Miller, everybody knows we are going to maximize every tool that we have knowing that we are taking into consideration that we want Eric back with us. Blazers Edge

April 18, 2013 Updates
April 4, 2013 Updates

The Trail Blazers are set to have anywhere from $11.8 - $13.1 million in cap room to work with. If the qualifying offer is issued, would Maynor sign his name on the dotted line? Or does he believe he can get more out on the open market? “I got seven games left,” Maynor said. “When the summer comes, that's when I'll start talking about it more. I'm not really dealing with it right now. That's my agent talking to Neil, talking to other teams. I'm just concentrating on basketball and taking it from there.” CSNNW.com

March 24, 2013 Updates

Early reviews suggest that the Blazers and Maynor are a good match. But it seems unlikely the team would mortgage so much of their offseason spending power on a backup point guard. It seems more likely the Blazers will allow Maynor to become an unrestricted free agent and pursue him with the rest of the NBA. It’s the same move the Blazers did last offseason with JJ Hickson and he ended up returning. Maynor said he likes his new teammates and acknowledged — just as any player in his position would — that he would be happy if the team extended a qualifying offer. But he’s not thinking about any of that yet. Oregonian

March 16, 2013 Updates

A big factor in Lillard’s drop in turnovers has been the Blazers’ trade-deadline acquisition of Eric Maynor, who has become Lillard’s primary backup and has also frequently played alongside him. "It helps a lot," Lillard said recently. "I'm not exerting as much energy offensively or defensively, because he's taking that pressure off of me. … The defense can't just set up and get ready for me because I don't have the ball all the time coming up the court.” Oregonian

March 11, 2013 Updates

The Trail Blazers will have a big decision to make leading up to this summer and whether they plan to tender Maynor a $3.35 million qualifying offer that would make him a restricted free agent this offseason, giving the franchise the right to match any offer he receives out on the market. If the Trail Blazers opt not to issue the qualifying offer, Maynor would become an unrestricted free agent. Although Maynor has only been part of the organization for a little over two weeks, he says it would be great if the Trail Blazers tendered him. “That would be great for me,” he said. “There's a bunch of cool dudes that work hard and want to get better. I'm used to that and those are the type of guys I want to be around. This is the type of team that I want to be on.” CSNNW.com

March 7, 2013 Updates

Eric Maynor could stick? Neil Olshey: That was not a deal done in a vacuum just to get us over the next 25 games. Eric is being evaluated just like everybody else on the roster. What was intriguing about Eric is that he was a restricted free agent and we do have the ability to keep him long-term. He's represented by an agent who we have a good relationship with, who also represents Jared Jeffries and J.J. Hickson and had Jamal Crawford. For me in Los Angeles, he represented Kenyon Martin and Chauncey Billups. We're going to work together with Andy [Miller] to make sure that this is the right spot for Eric and he works into our roster composition and our culture going forward. Blazers Edge

Have you decided who is staying and who is going in the offseason? Neil Olshey: We have for the most part. It's certainly nothing that we're going to make public. There are certain guys that the organization had made commitments to prior to our arrival, both Terry and myself, that we were going to give an opportunity to compete, see how they fit into Terry's system of coaching offensively and defensively. How they fit into our team and culture going forward. That's another positive that's come out of this season. Where there were many question marks on some guys who may or may not have gotten an opportunity to play, others have gotten opportunities to play, we've gotten a feel for who they are and how they would fit into our program going forward. Blazers Edge

February 24, 2013 Updates

In essence, Maynor got in on the ground floor as the Thunder were beginning a run, now in its fourth season, in which they would become one of the NBA’s elite teams. So there was a bittersweet aspect of Maynor joining the Trail Blazers, who acquired him Thursday in a trade-deadline deal involving a trade exception and the draft rights to a Greek player. “It was tough, but it’s a business,” said Maynor, who spoke to Portland reporters for the first time after the Blazers’ practice. “You talk to all those guys when you leave, and it was like we started something special over there, and some stuff comes to an end. But I’m excited to be in Portland now.” Oregonian

Maynor can become a restricted free agent this summer, if Portland opts to sign him to a $3.35 million offer sheet. In announcing the trade Thursday, Blazers general manager Neil Olshey said he wants to see how Maynor fits in before he decides on that, but said it is possible the Blazers could try to keep Maynor as a long-term piece “I think I’m going to cross that (bridge) later,” Maynor said. “I think just concentrate on the rest of this season. Hopefully, maybe we can get something done.” Oregonian

February 22, 2013 Updates

Q: What can you tell fans about the trade exception that you got in the Eric Maynor trade? A: Well obviously Eric is someone that we think very highly of, and I think he’s going to be a very productive player in the NBA for years to come. But we also recognize that he was going to have opportunities at the end of the season as a free agent, and we had to figure out the best way to maximize that situation given that he wasn’t playing on a consistent basis with us. The trade exception essentially gives us flexibility in terms of roster building, again, to try to make additions to our core group without infringing on that group. It’s going to give us flexibilities during the draft and also as we head into free agency. We’ll try to be as creative as possible, but we’re also going to be very disciplined with it. Oklahoman

February 21, 2013 Updates

The Portland Trail Blazers and Oklahoma City Thunder have agreed to a deal that would land Eric Maynor in Portland in exchange for the draft rights of Giorgio Printezis, Yahoo! Sports reported. The Trail Blazers have 15 guaranteed contracts and in order to make room on the roster for Maynor, CSNNW.com has learned that Ronnie Price will be the player waived. CSNNW.com

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