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October 28, 2012 Updates

Eric Maynor’s status. Sam Presti: “We’ve had positive dialogue with Eric and he’s a guy that means a lot to this ball club. We value him. He’s continually gaining more confidence coming back from injury and looks fantastic. Whether or not we’ll ultimately do anything with him and in terms of extension is not a reflection of his wanting to be here or our wanting to keep him in the program. I think that it just may be better for us to see how things develop throughout the season for him, as well. I think he has to see that as well but I think everybody knows that Eric’s a guy that I think.. I’d like to have first dibs on him when he’s done because I think he’ll be a great coach. That’s far down the line but he’s got a great basketball mind. He’s got a great demeanor. He’s a great communicator and I really do think that he appreciates being with this organization and that goes a long way here.” HoopsWorld

October 24, 2012 Updates
October 8, 2012 Updates

With James Harden’s contract situation going on, what happens to Maynor? And do you feel that one will sign, or both, or neither? If Harden signs, Maynor is gone. If Harden doesn't sign, Maynor has a great shot at staying. But even then it depends on his price tag. The Thunder isn't going to overpay for Maynor when Reggie Jackson is waiting in the wings. Oklahoman

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August 4, 2012 Updates

A number of big names from the poker world have turned up for the Card Player Poker Tour Choctaw main event, including Scotty Nguyen, Dennis Phillips, and T.J. Cloutier. But perhaps the biggest star in the room is Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Eric Maynor, who came out for the weekend to play this event. Card Player

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July 22, 2012 Updates

Recently he traveled to Orlando, Florida, to partake in workouts with the team as they participated in the NBA Summer League. When we caught up with Maynor, the obvious question regarding his recovery was posed first. “The knee’s doing real good,” Maynor shared with HOOPSWORLD. “I’m getting better day by day. That’s why I’m out here just working out, just trying to get healthy.” HoopsWorld

Maynor has progressed to the point that he’s now engaged in on-court workouts. He should be back in the saddle fully healthy by the time the Thunder’s training camp starts. “No set date,” Maynor cautioned, undoubtedly adhering to the team’s privacy policy. “I’m (going to) just keep working every day and hopefully everything (will) be fine.” HoopsWorld

July 12, 2012 Updates
June 26, 2012 Updates

Maynor, who sustained a torn ACL just nine games into the season against Houston on Jan. 7, also assured the injury will not force him to play catch-up once next season starts. “I'm not going to be behind, I'll tell you that,” Maynor said. “I'm working hard this summer. I've been working hard since I got hurt.” Oklahoman

June 25, 2012 Updates

Andrew Nicholson is a hot name right now as teams in the late lottery are considering him and there's an excellent chance that he will land somewhere in the teens on draft night. There are a number of teams attempting to move up for him, and it's unlikely that he would fall past Orlando at 19 or Denver at 20. We hear OKC is one team that could be looking to add a mid-first rounder to grab him, with Eric Maynor as possible trade bait. NBADraft.net

June 23, 2012 Updates

Royce Young: Eric Maynor says he wants to stay with the Thunder (he's eligible for an extension this summer). Twitter

Royce Young: Maynor said he would love to be a starter, but said he believes in "sacrifice" and would rather win. Twitter

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May 13, 2012 Updates

Eleven days after suffering the injury, Maynor had surgery. Though the surgical procedure was a success, these were the worst of times for Maynor. "The first couple weeks were real tough on me," Maynor said. "Just sitting at the house every day, not doing anything after I got done with rehab. It was the worst. I was sitting at the house, watching games, screaming at the TV, just wanting everybody to do good, especially with the second unit. You could tell stuff wasn't flowing like usual with the second unit." Oklahoman

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