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January 5, 2014 Updates

Pat Riley: What I'm so impressed with about Erik is that I feel I made the right choice in selecting him because he’s a young coach. He’s achievement oriented. He’s ambitious. He’s analytic. He’s technological. He’s an X-and-O master. He’s not as loud a motivator as I was, but he motivates in a different way. And the team respects him for that. So I don’t get in his way. We meet every day. We talk every day. I will make X-and-O suggestions and things like that. But I trust that what he’s set up for this team is a winning formula. That’s on both ends of the court, and also in the locker room. When it comes to the draft or free agency, or acquiring players via trade, anything that has to do with personnel, it’s myself and Erik and Andy Elisburg and Chet Kammerer and Micky Arison. If there isn’t a consensus, and there’s somebody that I really want, then I will probably get to make that decision. But I don’t think we’ve ever done anything here where we didn’t all agree it was the best move. IndexUniverse.com

[Head Coach] Erik Spoelstra is one of the new state-of-the-art technological coaches. He believes in these numbers. He uses them to set up the offense and defense, especially offensively, and who are the best players to complement LeBron and Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, our best assets. Numbers and analytics play a big part in true field goal percentage, or how we can space the floor. The numbers tell us that Shane Battier and Rashard Lewis play better when LeBron and Chris and Udonis Haslem are on the court. But there still is a gut instinct. The No. 1 thing you do in this league is to try to find the best talent. Then you need to get all of the players to sacrifice whatever they need to sacrifice for the team. Sacrifice has been a big part of our success. When we signed the “big three,” they gave up $51 million in total salary so we could bring in four or five other guys to help them win. IndexUniverse.com

Riley: We have been doing analytics for years. We just called it “statistical analyses” back in the ’60s and ’70s. We’ve always used numbers that we feel define the difference between winning and losing, success and failure. We have a database of numbers, not only individually but as a team, in which we track every single movement that one of our players makes out on the court. And we will definitely quantify it into a number. And the player will have that number. IndexUniverse.com

Riley: I believe in what’s called the “one-voice” management philosophy. There’s a single voice. And the single voice is a big circle. The middle of that circle has to do with your philosophy as an organization and your culture. So we have one voice. That voice is [team owner] Micky Arison. That is my voice. That is Erik Spoelstra’s voice. It’s the voice of the players. There’s a universal way that we do things. But it’s the same philosophy. We all want the same thing. But Erik becomes the spokesperson. IndexUniverse.com

December 5, 2013 Updates

Even if Rose doesn't make it back before next season, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said respect for the Bulls remains. "They'll be there," Spoelstra said. "That second- round series we had with them last year without Rose was as tough as any of our series. Even though it only went five games, it felt like it was a seven-game series." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, who is of Filipino descent, plans to visit the typhoon-ravaged Philippines next summer. “My aunts and uncles in and around Manila are safe and far away from the destruction,” Spoelstra said. “I’ve been in the area that took most of the damage when I’ve been on other visits. It wasn’t just the storm. There’s no infrastructure. There are shantytowns with living quarters having no foundation. It looks as though wide areas of the communities have just disappeared.” Palm Beach Post

November 13, 2013 Updates

So following Saturday's embarrassing home loss to the Boston Celtics that again exposed the Heat's horrible defensive effort to start the season, Miami's marquee players could have shrugged off Spoelstra's hell-raising, chastising session to open Monday's practice in preparation for Tuesday's game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Instead, Spoelstra's voice resonated louder than ever. “The best thing about Spo is he still gives it to us straight. He don't sugarcoat nothing, man,” James said. “If he feels like we're hot-dogging it or not giving our all, he's going to get on us. As a player, you respect that. And we take it.” ESPN.com

But for a night, the Heat were able to change the subject -- and the mood after some deep soul-searching on Monday. “That's been a long 48 hours in this building, but at least we were able to respond with a better game,” Spoelstra said. “I think our guys felt better looking each other in the eyes in the locker room tonight.” ESPN.com

November 12, 2013 Updates

But Spoelstra said last season's performance has no bearing on this season's challenge. The Heat spent the first week of training camp in the Bahamas focused exclusively on defensive drills and schemes. "Regardless of who you are, where you've been, what you've done, what you're doing, you constantly have to work at it," Spoelstra said Monday. "Not only physically. Sometimes it's mentally. It's your preparation. It's your attitude coming into the game. All of those things. We're not playing to our capabilities, so you have to jump right back on top of it." ESPN.com

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Friday, a typical day for most of us. A day wrought with terror in the Philippines as super typhoon Haiyan made landfall. The NBA has numerous ties to the Philippines. Many players have travelled there on goodwill trips. The NBA hosted a preseason exhibition game between two of its top teams — the Indiana Pacers and Houston Rockets — this October. Two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, who is the first Asian-American head coach among all four professional sports leagues in the United States, is half-Filipino. SheridanHoops

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On the eve of training camp, Spoelstra signed a four-year contract extension. The message was unmistakable: If James wants the stability that comes with continuity and trust, with elite ownership, executives and a coach, there's no reason for him to leave Miami. "They're more intertwined than they've ever been," says a league source closely connected to James and Spoelstra. "LeBron knows he plays for one of the elite coaches in the game, and that maybe wasn't the case when he got there." Yahoo! Sports

October 28, 2013 Updates

Tuesday night's championship-ring and banner-raising ceremonies at AmericanAirlines Arena will be anything but funereal. But for the Miami Heat to move past last season's second consecutive championship, their coach said Tuesday's pregame celebration has to bring closure. "That'll be the final burial for us of last year. And that's with absolute respect. But we've been starting to throw dirt on it, respectfully, that we have to let it go and we have to move on." Chicago Tribune

The NBA opens its season this week, and the information surrounding the game has never been as rich, detailed or impactful. It’s not like the Moneyball divide that split much of the baseball world; most in basketball have embraced detailed statistical analysis. “We use it. The Wizards use it. Everybody uses it to different extents,” Miami Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra said. Washington Post

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