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October 29, 2010 Updates
October 14, 2010 Updates

What was your relationship with Gilbert like when you were here in D.C.? Etan Thomas: I had a good relationship with him. Me and Gilbert would talk about politics, he would ask me questions, we had a great relationship. I always tell people that, and they say, “wait, Gilbert talks about politics?” and I say yeah, he asked me questions all the time. I remember the night of the [Presidential] election, he called me like three different times and was like, “explain to me this Electoral vote, I don’t understand this” and I’d break it down to him and he’d say, “that’s stupid” and I’d say I hear you, but that’s what it is. So we had great conversations. Truth About It

So why do you think he shows the media one thing, and his teammates another? Etan Thomas: That I can’t tell you. I can’t just tell you what my personal experience is with him. I have a lot of respect for him. I have respect for that fact that he’s battled back from his knee injury, how hard he works, I respect that, I want him to do well, and I wish him well. I think he’s going to do well. I know he has a chip on his shoulder, and that’s fine, that’s no problem, I just want him to do well. Truth About It

September 21, 2010 Updates
September 14, 2010 Updates

Etan Thomas: Every day, (Durant) is one of the first people on the court as well as one of the last people to leave. Even after dropping 30 points night in and night out, he is never satisfied. That alone means that although he is nearly impossible to guard as a 6-foot-9 two guard, he is going to get better. He works in the weight room so he is going to get stronger. He plays good defense now and can cover so much ground with his length. Again, he is going to get better there too. And even though he possesses all of these gifts, and this incredible work ethic, he remains humble. He takes criticism. Encourages his teammates. Is gracious with fans and media. And is a leader by example. HoopsHype

Etan Thomas: Kevin Durant, combined with Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook, will form a Big Three that is just as good if not better than any Big Three in the league. Green, in my opinion, is underappreciated and is an integral part of the Thunder success. He doesn’t complain about shots, or touches, or lack of accolades or praise. He just goes out there and does his job. He is too quick for most power forwards and too strong for most small forwards. HoopsHype

Etan Thomas: Westbrook, who was criticized for leaving UCLA early, has turned into one of the premier point guards in the league. He’s lightning quick, explosive, can pick up full court, works hard and also remains humble. He worked with assistant coach Maurice Cheeks every day, and took criticism very well. Coach Cheeks didn’t sugar coat anything with him. They all fall in line with Kevin Durant remaining humble and if they stay grounded (which I believe they will) sky’s the limit HoopsHype

Etan Thomas: The fans are amazing. Like nothing, I have ever seen before. We had great fans in DC, don’t get me wrong. But the Oklahoma City fans gave the entire team a standing ovation for about 20 minutes after the playoff loss to the Lakers. I never heard anyone boo us no matter how bad we played. They were with us win lose or draw. In good times and bad times, it was really similar to a college atmosphere. I felt like I was back at Syracuse, although the Carrier Dome is one of a kind. The team fed off of that energy and it gave us a boost out there. The guys talked about it all the time and appreciated the support. I think a lot of times, the fans can make a bad situation worse by the way they react. HoopsHype

Etan Thomas: But the way that Sam Presti runs the Oklahoma City Thunder pays off in dividends. He is honest, straight-forward, holds everyone to a certain standard of discipline, and keeps his word. Any player can tell you that this isn’t always the case with GMs. After the season, Sam Presti told me that he appreciated how professionally I treated a tough situation and would speak highly of me to other GMs. Throughout this free agency period, GM after GM, coach after coach informed me that he did indeed give me a ringing endorsement. Honestly, when Presti told me he would do that for me, I took those words with a grain of salt. HoopsHype

Etan Thomas: Nothing against him or any other GM, but GMs say a lot of things and sometimes (I won’t say most of the time) the things they say aren’t exactly… Hmmm… How can I say this… The truth. Any player will attest to this. They’ll look you in your eyes and tell you that you are in their plans and a part of their future, then as you are driving home you’ll hear on the radio that they are looking to trade you. Ask any player how many GMs swore to them when they were coming out in the draft that they wouldn’t go past their draft number, and if they were on the board when their draft number came up they would surely, without a doubt pick them. And as they watched their name pass team after team that made them the same promise, they experienced their “Welcome to the NBA ” moment. Ask how many players have been approached by a team when their contract is up and convinced to take a small deal now just until they can get under the salary cap, or “Free up some money when X player’s contract comes off the books” or “We just can’t pay you right now, but be patient and we will take care of you next year, we promise”, only to see those empty promises fall by the waste side when the time came for them to keep their word. HoopsHype

September 3, 2010 Updates

The Atlanta Hawks have signed free agent center Etan Thomas, according to Executive Vice President/General Manager Rick Sund. Per team policy, terms were not disclosed. “We’re excited to add a player of Etan’s caliber to our roster,” said Hawks head coach Larry Drew. “He provides additional veteran leadership, physicality and toughness to our club, especially on the glass and the defensive side of the ball. We also add another versatile and multi-positional player to our frontcourt.” NBA.com

September 2, 2010 Updates
August 31, 2010 Updates

The Hawks are expected to sign free agent center Etan Thomas within the next few days. The one-year deal would be worth the ninth-year vet’s minimum of $1.2 million, though the league would reimburse the Hawks for any amount above $854,389. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

August 29, 2010 Updates
August 28, 2010 Updates

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