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In an interview released to Jot Down, Ettore Messina talked about his future, still between NBA and Europe. Messina spent the season in NBA with the Lakers as special assistant coach of Mike Brown. "Mitch Kupchak called me telling me: 'I've heard just great things on you and I've seen you at work. We would love to have you back with us next season'. It was a big pleasure for me. But I haven't decided yet. I have good offers from Europe and United States. I am evaluating all the proposals. When I signed in the NBA, I thought that my name would be forgotten, but this is not the case. I have never had so many offers as this season" said Ettore Messina. Sportando

June 3, 2012 Updates

Ettore Messina, where next? After claiming to posses the desire to coach again, the 52-year-old Italian native who spent the past season consulting Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers, is pursuing European coaching positions. After David Blatt re-signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv and Zeljko Obradovic said he's probably staying with Panathinaikos, Euroleague powerhouses CSKA Moscow and Fenerbahce Ulker are still in search of a sideline leader. Sportando

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Brown said he expects all of his assistant coaches to return for next season. He also said he expects one or more to receive interest from other teams. Ettore Messina spent his first season in the NBA on Brown's staff after coaching for many seasons in Europe, including with the Italian national team and the Spanish club team Real Madrid. Brown said he has a place on the Lakers' bench as long as he wants it. Los Angeles Daily News

"I have to talk to Mike and Mitch (Kupchak, the Lakers' general manager)," said Messina, who has an option on his contract for next season. "I would (like to be an NBA head coach), but it is something that's out of my control. "The good thing is I have the security to go back to Europe to coach. That's my security blanket." Brown said he wouldn't be surprised if Messina, John Kuester, Chuck Person and Quin Snyder receive offers elsewhere. Kuester coached the Detroit Pistons for two ill-fated seasons before being fired and joining Brown's staff. Los Angeles Daily News

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Ettore Messina denies any agreement with Fenerbahce Ulker. In fact, if Messina decided to return to Europe his first option would be CSKA Moscow. TuBasket.com

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Ettore Messina: I have to admit that before coming over here I, like many fellow Europeans, wrongly believed that we were much better shooters as compared to NBA guys. The truth is shooting percentages here are mostly the result of outstanding athleticism and savvy of the defenders. Otherwise, if you give an average player an open shot, he’ll hit it with the same consistency as your European guy. Sports.ru

Ettore Messina: Finally, there’s no avoiding the fact that we’re going through a special season in terms of importance of every single game. You know this common European perception that regular season NBA games sometimes lack intensity with players sleepwalking through the first two or three quarters? Well, you don’t see anything like that in a 66-game season. Every game is important. Every loss can affect your chances of making playoffs or getting a high enough seed for a long postseason run. And with the Lakers having a new head coach, new staff and new system, there’s no time for complacency. Everybody realizes we need to have a good season. I haven’t seen a single game so far where the intensity level wasn’t at its max from minute one, and one can assume it’ll only get tougher and more intense as we approach the end of the regular season and the start of the play-offs. Sports.ru

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After earning a status as one of the most successful coaches of the last 15 years in Europe, Ettore Messina was hired this summer by the Los Angeles Lakers as an assistant coach. Messina is known for his charismatic and irrepressible attitude on the bench but has also the gift of self-irony outside the court. A few days ago, he spoke about leadership in a conference on sport business and digressed on the first challenges of his new life as a Laker. “The other day I was on the phone with the Lakers staff, asking advice on where I should get a house,” said Messina. “I was told some people prefer living close to the practice facilities; others, like Kobe, live further away. Sometimes, in order not to challenge the incredible L.A. traffic, Kobe even comes to practice by helicopter. “At that point I thought: ‘This guy makes $25 million and comes to practice by helicopter – What am I supposed to say to him? “Down with that ass, bend your knees”?’” Ball In Europe

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