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September 5, 2013 Updates

His passport now has stamps from Finland, Greece, Spain and Slovenia, places he might never have otherwise passed through. Regretfully, too often he admits, the travel schedule has closely resembled that of the NBA: bus to hotel, hotel to arena, arena to airport, flight to next destination -- with little chance to catch a breath in between. "The other day, someone asked me, 'What's Europe like?' I said, 'There are some incredible hotels and gyms and arenas,'" he says. "You don't get a whole lot of time to spend out there, but when you can, you take those walks. You go down the street, you find a cobblestoned path somewhere. Or you find a little corner that has a new nuance, something you've not seen before. That hour can rejuvenate you. And all the people I've talked to told me not only would I enjoy the experience, but I'd get to help other people too, and that's certainly been true." ESPN.com

August 29, 2013 Updates
August 28, 2013 Updates

In news that's good for the Knicks, but not so good for Slovenia, point guard Beno Udrih has opted not to play in the EuroBasket tournament next month, the Slovenian team announced on Monday. ESPN.com

August 27, 2013 Updates
August 25, 2013 Updates

Q. You finished your first year in the NBA and lots of European players have played in the NBA with mixed results. Talk about your experience, what you learned in the NBA this last year and how are you applying it this summer and preparing for the next season. Mirza Teletovic: It's tough for all the European players during the first year in the NBA, especially if you don't get a lot of playing time, you can't get confidence, you can't really get into rythm. I couldn't catch five, six games in a row. I was always one game out... You're missing the confidence, you're missing your game... so I think for me it's important to come back here to Europe and still have lot of minutes to play here, and have other things and lots of practice. YouTube

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August 15, 2013 Updates

Now the squad has been heartened by the news that their most important player, Marcin Gortat, is to join Poland on Sunday in Belgium, where they are facing Israel, the hosts and Italy in a warm- up tournament for the EuroBasket in Slovenia. The 2.11m pivot had been with Poland in July but travelled to the United States earlier this month so doctors could examine the metatarsal injury that he suffered in March while playing for the Phoenix Suns. FIBA.com

Andrea Bargnani is unlikely to play Eurobasket in Slovenia with Italian National Team, according to Il Corriere dello Sport. Il Mago caught pneumonia, is undergoing an antibiotics treatment and will be re-evaluated after August 20. Sportando

August 14, 2013 Updates

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