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While there has been a steady growth of international players in the NBA, Popovich believes the next step could be the integration of international coaches to the NBA. “Absolutely,” said Popovich on the thought of international coaches making the jump to the NBA. “There are coaches overseas that are as good or better than we who are the coaches here.” RealGM

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“The NBA and Europe are like different worlds – nothing is the same – but I like this style better than the style in Europe,” Shved said. “I’m really happy to be here. I’ve been playing more because we’ve had so many injuries, but I’m happy that the coaches believe in me. I want to do my best on both ends. We’ve been playing well over the last few games and we don’t want that to stop.” HoopsWorld

“For sure, he’s made everything easier,” Shved said of having Kirilenko has his teammate. “We’ve played together for a long time – last summer with CSKA Moscow and then all summer on the Russian team. We understand each other. I know what he likes to do, when he likes to cut and where he likes his passes. He knows the same with me. We play well together, but we need to play better with the whole team. We need to do what’s best for the team.” HoopsWorld

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Speaking Tuesday at Beyond Sport United, a gathering of global team, league and industry executives at Yankee Stadium that focuses on social responsibility. Stern said NBA expansion to Europe is probably at least a decade away and that it likely would make sense to add several clubs there at once. "I think for us the thing that would make the most sense would be a division in Europe at the time that it comes," he said. "I don't see that for another decade at least. Not one team." MSNBC.com

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During camp with the Blazers, Morrison sounded reluctant about the idea of going back overseas if things didn't work out in Portland, but he has apparently softened that position. Morrison tested the foreign waters during the NBA lockout in 2011 with stints in Serbia and Turkey and shot better than 50% from the field and 40% from beyond the arc in both countries. The 28-year-old former Gonzaga star then returned to the United States and was a standout at the Vegas Summer League, averaging 20 points a game for the L.A. Clippers and routinely promtping MVP chants from fans. But his battle back to the league hit another road block when the Blazers let him go at the end of camp. "(At this point), Adam is open to whatever is the best move for his career, but he belongs in the NBA and that's his goal," Ames said. "If we don't have anything (from Europe) over the next few weeks, Adam will consider the D-League for call-up opportunities." Sportando

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Regardless of how uncomfortable the idea made fans who believe 30 teams was enough — and regardless of how inconceivable it might be to have a team in a time zone six hours ahead of the Eastern US — Stern was going to add the London Abbeys to the NBA. But that idea seems to have fizzled along with the international economy and the lack of NBA-worthy venues overseas. What Stern realized is that many of the arenas that house Euroleague teams are not up to NBA standards. Boston Globe

“I don’t think having a single team in Europe is practical,” Stern said last week in Milan before watching the Celtics take on Emporio Armani Milano. “I never have. “What I’ve said is if we’re going to have an NBA presence here in terms of the league, it should be five teams. It’s safe to say that there aren’t enough buildings, there aren’t adequate TV arrangements, we don’t have owners, and I’m not sure we could charge the prices that would be necessary. I don’t think our fans are that avid yet. “But every year it gets better. Every year we have more fans. They tune into our games more. We now have an arena in London and one in Berlin that could probably house an NBA team. There is a planned renovation for Bercy in Paris that will be some years off.” Boston Globe

Stern said part of the problem is that European cities, where soccer rules day and night, are not financially prepared to build arenas to house anything more than an exhibition game. “In one of my recent visits here, there was a discussion about both an arena in Rome that construction ceased upon, and the possibility that there would be a new arena in Milano in connection with the world expo, but that’s not happening, either,” he said. “So right now, it’s the same two buildings, with the prospect of construction in France that will start in 2014. So, realistically, there is no short-term way that we could, I think, profitably consider that. “So the mode for us is to work with the federations, work with FIBA, work with the leagues, and work with the Euroleague, which we’re doing right now.” Boston Globe

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Although playing basketball in Europe seems like an exotic and most likely enjoyable endeavor, Morrison made it clear as to why he left. It wasn’t homesickness or the different culture, it was more about the day-to-day life of a professional basketball player that made him want to return stateside and give the NBA another shot. “A lot of people don’t know that in Europe you might not get paid, you practice twice a day, they treat you like you’re an eighteen year-old kid,” Morrison said. “After a while you’re just like ‘alright, this is not for me, I’m too old for this,’” said Morrison, channeling Danny Glover’s character from the “Lethal Weapon” series. NBA.com

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Dirk Nowitzki heard the news that the Dallas Mavericks will play two preseason games in Europe next October, one in Berlin in his native Germany and another in Barcelona, but sounded as if he might not actually believe it until owner Mark Cuban personally tells him so. The Mavericks and the league have not yet made it official and dates are not set, but a source has confirmed the trip. Nowitzki, who has long hoped for the team to be included in the NBA's international preseason schedule, has been left disappointed because Cuban has always declined the league's overtures to play overseas. "If that's really the case, I think it's awesome. I think it's been long overdue," Nowitzki said. "A couple years ago there was a game in Kolnarena [in Cologne, Germany] where Phoenix played Philly and everyone was like, 'Where are the Mavs at?' So it's been disappointing to see all these teams go over there and play and we were never a part of it. I think it's going to be great." ESPN.com

"I asked him, why are we never a part of it?," said Nowitzki, now in his 14th NBA season. "He said he doesn't like the travel and he loses a preseason game, basically. Those were his reasons and I understood." But now Cuban doesn't have the option to decline. The league changed the rules and so Nowitzki will finally play a game, albeit a preseason one, in a Mavs uniform in front of family and friends on his home soil. "Obviously, the travel always sucks, especially if you're only over there for a week and it usually takes a couple of days to adjust and the next thing you know you're leaving again," Nowitzki said. "But I think it's going to be an experience for all the guys to see something new and get out of the hotel some and see a different country. Berlin is a fun city. Barcelona, to me, is one of the best cities in Europe, so if that's going to happen then I think it's going to be a great trip." Said Cuban: "I could pass on the trip. I just wanted to do it for Dirk." ESPN.com

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