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Marco Belinelli said at SkySport that he is considering to play in Europe during the NBA lockout. The Italian guard spent last season with New Orleans Hornets averaging 10.4ppg in the regular season and 9.7 during the playoff series against Los Angeles Lakers. "The situation in NBA is so negative that I am considering all my options even if it is too early to talk about. I got proposals from Italy" said the guard born in San Giovanni in Persiceto. Sportando

November 22, 2011 Updates

But when the ejection video started making the rounds back in his hometown of Spokane, Wash., it was as if a missing person's case had finally been solved. In the eyes of those who know him best, the comeback that mattered most was already complete. "We were just tickled pink that he found his passion again," his father said of the thoughts that crossed his mind while watching on his computer from home. "It made my heart feel good to see him out there on the court like that again." Said Don MacLean, the all-time leading scorer at UCLA who has trained Morrison since the summer leading into the draft: "It looked like the guy I met two weeks after his college season ended -- kicking ass and taking names and talking s--- and all that stuff that made him so good." Added his agent, Mark Bartelstein: "It was almost like an exorcism, like something had been taken out of his soul. To watch him play with that chip on his shoulder, with that fervor, and angry like he played at Gonzaga, it's just great to see it. It's like the guy is back." SI.com

The locals are loving this, loving him. But no one is loving this as much as Morrison. "It was such an adrenaline rush and an emotional high to be out there on the court again," Morrison said. "Everybody who has done something in their life that they've had a passion for or done for a long time, and then all of a sudden it's not there anymore, and then it comes back to you in such a rush [can relate]. "I would've run through a brick wall that night for anything. Goose bumps. Sweating. That whole day, I've never been so focused. It was a friendly game, and I was thinking, 'All right, I'm going nuts tonight. I don't care what happens. I was ready to fight, to do anything, just to play." SI.com

He embraced life as a stay-at-home dad, enjoying his kids, ages 3½ and five months. He thought about finishing his college degree or perhaps beginning a coaching career, but never moved forward with those plans. The man who used to only operate in fifth gear was officially in neutral. "It was a mental break," Morrison said of that time, "just inhaling and exhaling and being with the family." What he didn't do was play basketball. "I didn't touch a ball, didn't want to watch basketball, didn't really want to be associated with it," he said. "I wanted to be forgotten as far as the public spotlight. "To be honest with you, I just said, 'I don't know if I really want to play anymore.' That was the bottom line. It wasn't the fact that I didn't like basketball. I was just fed up with people taking shots at me for the way my career went." SI.com

His biggest supporters, meanwhile, have been convinced all over again that he could eventually be an impactful player in the NBA. MacLean, who trains Bartelstein's clients in L.A., sees him as a potent sixth man if that time ever comes. "He's the guy who comes in [off the bench] and is the second-leading scorer on your team," MacLean said. "He's the kind of guy where the minute he comes in, the game is geared toward him. ...You get him shots, and he makes them. And he makes tough shots. With his will and confidence -- if he brings it back to the league -- I have no doubt he can be that guy." SI.com

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After two months of traveling, playing tennis, soaking in every pitch of the Texas Rangers' playoff run and generally recharging, Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki has a basketball in his hands again. The reigning NBA Finals MVP recently returned to Germany to resume his customary workout routine with longtime shot doctor Holger Geschwindner and told ESPN.com on Saturday that he's going to find a team in Europe "soon" with the NBA lockout well into its fifth month without a settlement. "It's going to take me a few weeks to get in basketball shape," Nowitzki said, "but then I'm ready. I can't stand not playing." ESPN.com

November 17, 2011 Updates

Dallas Mavericks' German power forward Dirk Nowitzki, MVP in the Mavericks' NBA finals triumph in June, is not ruling out the possibility of a move to Europe if the current NBA lock-out continues. "This week we are going back to work, Dirk has not touched the ball since the European Championship at the end of September," declared Nowitzki's personal coach Holger Geschwindner, who also said the player was "ruling nothing out, even if he has no concrete ideas" about a switch to Europe. "At the moment, Dirk is out of shape. We are going to work hard over the nex two weeks," added Geschwindner. "If he goes anywhere, he will be going there for the whole season." google.com

Ricky Rubio will decide in 15 days if he returns to Europe. Rubio keeps practicing in Los Angeles and has set a deadline in order to make a decision about his possible return to FIBA basketball. Right now, he has no offer to go back. Ricky practices five hours a day, including two shooting sessions, a game and physical drills with other NBA players like Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce. ACB.com

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France-based Basket Europe has a brief writeup (and video highlights; but so does BallinEurope; see below the break) on locked out New Jersey Net Deron Williams’ latest success here on the Continent, describing D-Will as “en mode All Star.” Beşiktaş Milangaz cruised past Armia in game two of FIBA Eurochallenge play as Williams was good for 31 points, including 5-of-9 shooting on threes, and six assists in the 103- 82 win. Nets fans might also note that their theoretical player Sundiata Gaines turned in a nice eight-assist, three-steal performance for Armia. Ball In Europe

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