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Evan Turner injured his right thumb in the first quarter of Wednesday's loss to the Hawks, and had it heavily bandaged with ice after the game. He told CSNNE.com that they would look at "pictures" of it in the morning, and determine how serious the injury is. CSNNE.com

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Players typically have hours, sometimes even days, to digest a trade before they are forced to play a game. The Celtics had more than 24 hours to adjust after the team traded Rajon Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks. On Friday, they barely had 24 minutes. “It was shocking because I think (CSNNE reporter Abby Chin) told me,” Evan Turner said after the game. “That’s never happened in my career, that somebody’s traded before the game.” NBA.com

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Boston Celtics: Evan Turner says he doesn't want Brad Stevens taking responsibility for Ls: "As men and as players, we need to be accountable." Twitter @celtics

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Celtics guard Evan Turner reached out to Kyle Korver – via an intermediary – after he blasted the Hawks guard defensive ability in a loss last week. Hawks center Elton Brand, who was a teammate of Turner in Philadelphia for several seasons, said he got a text message from Turner the day after he said Korver “couldn’t guard to save his life.” Turner made the comment after the Hawks erased a 23-point deficit in a 109-105 win over the Celtics Tuesday. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Brand confirmed the text message. He said Turner apologized for the comments and added they were taken out of context as he also praised Korver for making several big shots in the win. Korver finished with a team-high 24 points in the game, including six 3-pointers. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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The Celtics’ late-game collapses prompted the team to meet Monday while gathering for a film session. The meeting, according to some players, allowed some of the team leaders to voice their opinions and to offer ways to become more cohesive. “I think the biggest thing is obviously getting our leaders and our coach on track and the rest of us just fall in line,” Turner said. “It’s about the guys who are out there, who get the bulk of the minutes and what they see. It’s all about building and being on track. I think shootaround went great. Communication is a big deal. It’s a great step in the right direction. “I feel like only a few guys’ opinions matter, when it comes down to it. The biggest thing is the chiefs being happy. Once there’s too many chiefs, there’s more problems.” Boston Globe

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