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April 30, 2015 Updates

Turner may have benefitted in particular from his interaction with Celtics assistant Jay Larranaga, considered by most to be future head coach material in the NBA. Larranaga is the latest coach to tackle the enigma of Turner’s jump shot. “He just helped me as a player, growing and preparing. He’s a good coach and a good mentor,” said Turner. “Everything is preparation. My catch and shoot still has a ways to go. But we talk about the overall game. Shooting is just one part.” Boston Herald

April 27, 2015 Updates

Gary Washburn: Evan Turner didn't think Olynyk's foul was intentional, "He's a horrible box-out guy in practice. Can't box out to save his life." #Celtics Twitter @GwashburnGlobe

April 26, 2015 Updates
April 22, 2015 Updates

Boston climbed back from a 14-point second half deficit in the fourth quarter, closing the gap to five points with just under five minutes remaining in the contest. At that point, a pair of questionable foul calls against Avery Bradley on back-to-back Cavs possessions drew Turner’s ire. “I mean, you know, not to knock on [LeBron and Kyrie],” Turner told reporters in Cleveland after Game 2. “They are great players, but Avery [Bradley] is a known defender...To call a foul [when Irving is shooting] behind the backboard in that type of possession, it should never be called. It wasn’t a playable shot. It wasn’t a makeable shot. “That was the craziest call, and then at the end of the game, you call a travel on the ground [when] that was the same [type of defense Bradley was playing] the whole time? That was the only tough part about today. That didn’t make any sense.” Boston Globe

April 20, 2015 Updates
April 18, 2015 Updates

This year's Celtics will start the postseason in a similar spot. They are listed as a a 19-1 underdog to win their first-round matchup with the Cleveland Cavaliers. “We have nothing to lose, really," Turner said at practice Friday. "We’re playing with house money. It’s going to be hype. There’s going to be two great environments involved. You go to Cleveland, their fans are crazy, then you come back to Boston, and their fans are even crazier. So, it’s going to be fun.” Boston Globe

April 2, 2015 Updates
March 16, 2015 Updates
March 14, 2015 Updates
February 20, 2015 Updates
January 15, 2015 Updates

Evan Turner injured his right thumb in the first quarter of Wednesday's loss to the Hawks, and had it heavily bandaged with ice after the game. He told CSNNE.com that they would look at "pictures" of it in the morning, and determine how serious the injury is. CSNNE.com

January 12, 2015 Updates
January 10, 2015 Updates

Players typically have hours, sometimes even days, to digest a trade before they are forced to play a game. The Celtics had more than 24 hours to adjust after the team traded Rajon Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks. On Friday, they barely had 24 minutes. “It was shocking because I think (CSNNE reporter Abby Chin) told me,” Evan Turner said after the game. “That’s never happened in my career, that somebody’s traded before the game.” NBA.com

January 5, 2015 Updates
December 31, 2014 Updates

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